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October 09, 2009


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The Garden Bell - Kate

Wow... I'm gone one week and you've already found another winner with your beautiful stash of yarn. The reds are pure delight like a bunch of apples just picked from the trees, the greens remind me of all the beautiful trees and those blues are the colors of the water in the lake.

Ok, so I just got back from Door County and you should know your blog was one a ran to after a week without basically anything but talk radio up in the woods......

Nothing better than returning to civilization and some beautiful eye candy yarn from Lucy... It's looking great...

773 pictures to go through.... ickes.. I'm in trouble...

Keep us posted on how you like this yarn...

Big Hugs,
Kate - The Garden Bell


Hi Lucy I love your new yarn and the blanket too! And as I take ( weird ?) pictures of sky and sunsets, clouds , dew on grass and autumn leaves and my kids groaaaan I can say: but Lucy in attic 24 would do this too!Thank you for sharing these little joys with us.
One little joy I thought I'd mention is: found a LOVELY book for you! Is not what you usually have and you can get it from the library first to see if it suits ....It's called Crochet for babies ( oh I may have misremembered..it's quite new) by Sue Whiting and it has adorable jumpers as well as a puppy pram string that's just sooo cute! I'm making them as toys for the X-mas box children to cheer them up as well as a hat,mittens and a scarf each.( the shoebox of gifts Christmas scheme: do you know it?)
Anyway this book was my little pleasure this week. My BIG HUGE pleasure was the Knitting and Stitching show in London: will you be going to Harrogate? It's mega inspiring for the textile fanatics amongst us! And there is some crochet too!
And of all things I was doing little granny squares on the coach to London! 3 colours per square, 3 rows in DK( but 4 colours so I play a lot) cotton for a bag, to be joined by a contrast grid as I can't decide quick enough what goes where so I'm not joining as I go : it's more relaxing to just play with no decisions of the final outcome!
Fancy that! I go from ripple to granny and you do too....All the best and I'll visit again soon. X smk


so here they are those yarns, lol... i almost forgotten about it, quite alot of happenings at attic for the past few months ya.

im glad u choose to do on doubles. as always, the colors mixture was great. just loves it!


I really love the cushion cover in the picture of your armchair - the one with the tiny squares. It looks like it was knitted, not crocheted.

I'd really like to try to make something similar. Can you point me in the right direction? Did you use a pattern?



It's lovely! The colours work nicely together! It will be a colourful baby! :)



Love all the colors & turn a little green seeing al that yarn goodness! My next blanket will be a granny square too & I'll use wool instead of cotton 'cause it just looks divine!! :)


Colour and nature are fantastically exciting, and I love the way your excitement comes through in your blog. I also love the example you give about writing your blog, where you illustrate how the act of thinking and reflecting on what we do feeds back into it so positively.


I really like your work and best i you color combination.Its really very nice.I appreciate you.You have done a great job.Thank you very much for sharing this with us.


Hello Lucy, from sunny Crete.
Still trying to catch up after wedding and internet collapse!!
Many, many congratulations regarding baby news.
I will definitely be needing baby blacket patterns as daughter and son in law are hoping to concieve asap!!
I'm searching internet for sales in baby Debbie Bliss as we speak..
Take care

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Oh Lucy, music to my ears perhaps at last I will be able to learn to crochet a Granny Square! If you succeed where others have failed I shall be eternally grateful and may even have to paint something for you! Wow, what a carrot!
The new blanket looks great, I do like the colours A LOT!
Have a lovely weekend,
Sarah x


Hi Lucy. Love all the yarn but what has really caught my eye today is your chequerboard cushion. Is that crocheted as well, or knitted? I'm afraid my crochet skills are pretty poor, though I do try - just can never get the tension right - so fingers crossed that you did it from a knitting pattern. Do please let me know. Sue x

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Oh, it really looks so good! Love the grannies. And what a bargain your yarn was (remembered it when I read it). I seem never to have that luck...

Yesterday, before I read your post (I probably would have done just like your new grannies if I read it before...), I started on a blanket with your hex's. Have wondered what to do with my yarn, and now finally decided to do a hex blanket. It's not really so addictive as doing grannies, but they turn out so nice, that I can't stop :)

Have a wonderful weekend Luce, and take care!!!
Anna xxx

Ger O'Leary

I was wondering what had happened to that babycashmerino yarn! Ok so now I have to get me some and start my own blanket. Thanks Lucy. Btw belated many congrats on the baba news

Fruitful Fusion

Absolutely gorgeous!

marigold jam

Lovely Lucy! Thought of you yesterday as I was at the Knitting and Stitching Exhibition at Alexandra Palace and saw a super throw made using the little motifs that you used for your scarf. It looked lovely and light and lacy draped over a Lloyd Loom chair. Didn't have my camera though. I am inspired to try making some of them now - did you ever do a tutorial I wonder? Must search your blog.

That baby is going to have the most beautiful blankets!



Oooh, as I do really love your granny squares, I still must say that I can't wait for the day you do a babette!! :-)

Brenda England

I too have been inspired to pick up a crochet hook and make granny squares. I haven't done this for years. I am using Red Heart- soft touch in an Amish quilt style, purples, blues, dark green, so on in a black border. Half is done and joined and looks like a quilt. I joined my squares by sewing them together with a yarn needle and yarn. Is there another way to do it by crocheting that I don't know about, Master!
Love your colours for the baby blanket, so fresh.
Brenda in Canada


ahh just love the colours just gorgeous, am making my first blanket A RIPPLE thanks so much for the easy instructions for a novice crocheter - hugs

Amy Caroline

You are totally not alone. I am having to wipe the drool off my keyboard after looking at all the glorious yarn of yours.
I just finished a large granny square blanket for a lady I know who is expecting and am loving it. Thinking of making another for another friend of mine who is expecting!!


Ooohhh... I love love love it! Those colours are wonderful, and Debbie Bliss yarn is scrumptious. I'm ever on the hunt for it on sale!


Be still my beating heart! It's like looking at sweets in a sweetie shop when I was a child! Yum! yum!

Peng Peng

yay i was right about the baby blankie as the new project!! *pat self on the back*

colours are lovely and mellow and sweet like candyland.

can't wait for the tutorial.

I wouldn't dare embark on a project like this. i'm too messy and i won't know how to hide the threads.

see you next week. good weekend lucy. xx.

Hooked in Hove

For me it had always been books - you know that new book feel and smell? But yes, yes I get the yarn thing now too that I'm a hooker (ooh-er). I'm off to theknitting and stitching show at Ally Pally tomorrow to get my fix! Bump24 will be so lucky to have your colourful creations hooked with such love.


its lovely already...I just get so giddy with new yarn...love the colors..

Halfway Crafter

Yup, there is simply nothing as exciting as having all those lovely colours lined up, ready to start!

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