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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 09, 2009


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Esther Bray

Please can you tell me where is the crotchet pattern for the baby granny square blanket.

Shara Cameron

Hi Lucy, I love your blog, I am a recent convert to crochet after years of knitting. I am having a lovely time planning my first granny squares blanket. In this post you mention writing a tutorial for basic granny squares, just wondering if I can find this anywhere? I really like these squares. I am crocheting summer garden squares at the moment to make into an ipad bag. Shara

Susan Cannizzaro

I just love your work and colors, they are so beautiful.. I have bookmarked your site. You are so crafty.
You showed an afghan that I just love. The granny ripple afghan.
Do you have the pattern for it? I would love to have it If I could please.
Thanks so much for showing your lovely work.

Arda from Canada

HI Lucy,

Thanks for teaching me to crochet!! You've given me the courage to buy lots of yarn (starting with cotton) and make a granny square blanket for my 6 yr old daughter (my boys are jealous). I'm making the one with the summer garden square, but I really love the new one you're working on. Have you posted the pattern to that one yet? I love the way you go step by step, and I can really follow them. Sometimes the crochet books just assume you know the lingo, and its frustrating. Thanks again, and looking forward to that pattern (if you get the chance).


Hi Lucy
Me encanta tu blog
está lleno de vida y de calma.


I think bump 24 may in fact be the luckiest baby-to-be in the world...!!


happy, happy birthday (I'm in my 40 now!). Thanks for your blog, it was sooo inspiring that I took back my hooks from my closet and started a blanket (25 squares done by now!) I love your tutorials and hope to see more soon!


Hi Lucy
have a look at the Anthropologie site under homewares and see the crocheted blanket - it's so you yet your colours are more vibrant - sort of Babette meets Attic 24! xxx


Hi Lucy
I love visiting you because you always have colors that make me smile. I am like you in that I get very excited over little things too, like 2 bluebirdsa at our birdbath today just having a great time splashing in the water. I just sat and watched them for the longest time.
Hugs, Rhondi


thought you might like a little something colorful for your desktop =]


little pink room

Amazing. So, when are you going to have a crochet book out?! Your crochet is simply lovely, I bet there are thousands out there that don't read blogs that would absolutely love your designs. A x


Hi Lucy

I've just completed reading all the blogs you wrote till today and I have to say YOU ARE AMAZING... A genius with words!!! and you've inspired me sooo much with your point of view of little things....

I'm not a native of England [though am a British citizen now]. I’m from India where we get sun and hot weather 365 days. when I came to Bolton in 2001 February I was shocked by the cold and wet weather and wasn’t happy at all. 8yrs on and I still wasn’t happy with the weather situation in this country untill a couple of weeks ago...the change is due to you. I found your blog and you showed me how to appreciate the sunny and dry days we get here rather than moan about the wet and cold days. as I said I live in Bolton and I too can see a bit of hill[Bury I think] thru my window. so now a days I wake up and try to see what the view's like :-)

My hubby's not an outdoor sort of person. he prefers to sit on the sofa with his laptop [he works in IT] but now a days I try to drag him out to enjoy the views and I try to find something to be glad from it all.. THANKS A WHOLE BUNCH for inspiring me so. My son's so going to benefit from it I’m sure.

Do keep doing what you do best [colorful crochet, weather comments, flower pictures....]. Everyday I come to work and first thing I do is check your blog site. I only check my emails and works after I’ve been to your site :-) I get my whole days inspiration and happy feeling by just being to your place.

I’ve been wanting to try crocheting for a long time now. I’ve done some cross stitching & quilting. I've tried knitting and failed miserably. next up is crocheting. again you have inspired me...[I think I’ve used the word inspire at least 4 times by now..].

I mean it from the bottom of my heart that YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION.

Also congratulations on your Bump24.

Thanks a lot.

The Curious Cat

ooo tutorial? Exciting - what sort of needles, yarn do we need? I'm so clueless!

I think it is lovely that you get such pleasure out of the small things in life -it is wonderful! xxx


I have just discovered your blog and it makes me smile. Love all the colour and joy that you bring. Also excited to have discovered you as I am itching to learn crochet and you are an inspiration to get going. Thank you for sharing so much colour


Your blog is very nice and fun!


wonderful colors I love Debbie Bliss

Wendy Wager

Greetings on your special day and I hope it is especially lovely and your family make a big fuss of you. x


I wish I had a yarn stash like yours! Your colors always make me smile. I'm also jealous, your bump is smaller than mine, I feel like a whale!


I am sooo excited about your granny tutorial as I have been trying to do it for so long and just can't seem to get the hang of it and seems everyone gets it except me!!!! I would be over the moon if I could make grannies :)thank you


Wow!! I just found your blog via Donna Flower and I just love your use of colour. I am a crochet novice but your blog is so inspiring I want to try more now!


Beautiful yarn and beautiful colours!


I love looking at your blog, it is so full of colour and beautiful hand made treasures.I think I had better get out my hook and learn how to crochet. Would you have the pattern for a rug that starts in the corner and you kmake it like a diamond shape? Can you point me in the right direction to find the pattern. Many thanks


Lovely to drop in here for a colour fix! The blanket is looking beautiful!

Beth Elmore

Love, love, love the colors! Granny squares are my favorite crochet pattern and when I found your blog, that is what caught my eye first. I taught myself to crochet last year and I made a granny square blanket. I was heart-broken when the squares began to fall apart. I had even crocheted the squares together. It came apart everywhere that I changed colors. EVERYWHERE!! I was so upset. I don't have anyone to ask this--am I supposed to tie knots? Tight knots? I've looked on the internet for a tutorial on changing colors, but they aren't specific. To me it looks like a simple slip stitch, which is what I did. I haven't attempted another granny square since my huge failure, so any help you could give me would be great.


Hello I am Keri's dauter Hunter. She always tell me to come to your blog that it is always so pretty!! Now I know what she is talking about!LOL:o) I hope you have time to read my comment but if you don't I under stand. ( Plus you have alot of comments!LOL)


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