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September 17, 2009


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Quotes About Happiness

Not just wooly happiness but wooly wonders. Very cute.


Such inspiring projects... You are very talented


Wonderful job!


I LOVE the Happy bags :o) and the bright cushion covers and buttons are so jolly.
I think that tutorial might come in handy one day too :o)


LOVE love love love LOOOvE EVERYTHING!!




It would be most kind of you with a Tutorial on those lovley Pillows. I enjoyed your patterns very much.
Kind Regards.

Jannine Samons

Hey Lucy,

What a great idea for the backing of the cushions, can't wait to see the finished products. I have taken up a new hobby ... dress making. It was my sons matric dance (that is the dance they have when they are finally finished with their school career) and was horrified at the prices of the ball gowns (little sister got invited by brothers buddy)so I decided it was time for a new chalenge!! BUT one thing is forsure.... I will never give up my chrocheting!!! You inspire me all the time Lucy THANK YOU

Jannine (South Africa)


So glad you are going to post a tutorial on how to turn a jumper into a backing.I've looked at previous posts but have been unable to see how to attach front to back.I can't wait to turn my cushion front into a proper 3d cushion rather than the arm cover for the sofa it has become.I feared it was going to be another 'never to be finished project'! Thanks in advance for your help ,and again for all your inspirational photos.

Elena, Moscow

A tutorial comes in handy. I've had a jumper prepared to turn into a cushion for months! =)Can't wait.

Anne H

Thank you for your lovely colourful posts - find myself looking to see if you've added anything most days! Particularly feel the connection with the lovely North of England and also the colourful creativity - back to my knitting now (can't stop now - your blog inspired my to start again......)


Hi Lucy, love the bags and tutorial would be lovely as I have jus sstarted my second ripple cushion cover but have not worked up enough courage to back the first one I made. My lovely husband is home today and I was just telling him that you are expecting he said who and I siad Lucy from Attic24, he misheard and said no wonder she's expecting if shes 'at it 24'. So maybe a bit more crocheting in future would prevent certain bloomings. Ha ha, I love your little knit and natter oh how I wish there was one in my town, maybe I should staart one. Take care of yourself


snap ~ my blog is about just that today


i love your works!!!!

louise @ Thirtyfive Flowers

I was in John Lewis in Oxford Street on Weds and there was a knit and natter group in the restaurant there, it looked so wonderful all ages and types, just knitting ,chatting and laughing. They gave me itchy fingers so I had to head off to the fabric dept! whoops how did that end up in my bag?
Louise x

dotty daisies

OOH sight of those buttons makes me weak at the knees! I admit i am obsessed !

karen smith

another nice bright and cheerful post today hunni. I'm glad you had a lovely time at your knit and natter. It's nice to get back into the swing of things after the summer holiday's isn't it.
Those cushions are gonna look fab have you got anywhere specific in mind to put them?
I can't wait to take a look at your tutorial.
take care

Emma - Dotty Mays

Lovely colours Lucy. In fact I'm detecting a lot of pink in your photos lately ... any connection to the bump I wonder?


although ive only just recently discovered your blog i have to say again how lovely it all is and how it inspires me.Im a novice to crotchet and im trying in vain to master your ripple pattern just somehow it doesnt look like yours when ive finished.Im not giving up though i will get it right.Again want to say what a joy it is to read your blogs. :)


As soon as I read your post I'm all fired up to get crafting, though my crochet it hopeless. Its only 8.30 am, maybe a bit too early but I can't wait, your bag and cushions are just gorgeous.

Petit Filoux

Oooh can't wait to see your tutorial!! and what you do with all those lovely buttons! xx


Hi Lucy,
Nice choice of woolly jumper, such a lovely colour. I did a search for laura brittain textiles and she popped straight up and you where underneath her.

Miss Butterfly

You bags as colorful as you are !
Will love a tutorial to make cushion with a jumper at the back ...Your tutorials are just so crystal clear that I managed to crochet 100 "Summer Garden Grannies" and never held a crochet beforehand !!!

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

Oooh....I want some Wooly-Buttony-HaPpiNeSs!!! Would love to see your tutorial for backing the pillow with some felted goodness. We live in Maine, USA, and I can usually find lots of nice wool sweaters in our local thrift shops (it's so cold...lots of wool sweaters). So much so, actually, that I've stopped going because I only have so much storage, lol!

Erica K

Wow, you got a real deal on that sweater! I made your bag this past week, but it went all wrong, going to do it over...


Aaaagh - just saw bad typo - so sorry to clutter your comments but can't leave without saying that I really do know it is 'hear', I promise!

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