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September 08, 2009


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Sarah - Jane down the lane

They're called fairies! Or that's what we called them when we were ickle!

She is quite right of course, the flowers love a good old natter in the breeze when we are absent!

What a beautiful little soul!
Love Sarah x

Patricia Barbosa

First: I love your blog. Congratulations.
Second: In Portugal we used to call them "small Witch", or something like that. The translation is dificult. In Portuguese we say that they are "Bruxinhas".
Sorry for the bad English. :(

Clare Taylor

Ah so sweet. Those little moments make motherhood so special and cancel out the 30 minute tantrum the child may have had earlier on in the day, well it did for me anyway.
Looking forward to seeing your wishes come true.


Me again. You know, I think your blog is so beautiful and such a wonderful diary. Have you considered printing each year in to a book? It would be a great gift to yourself and the Little People to look back at in a few years time. There are businesses online like Blurb and Lulu that turns blogs in to books, and I'm sure many others as well. Just a thought. Love your work. :)


I don't yet have my own little people but long for the day they will show up, despite worrying about the world we live in today. Hearing your Little Lady's innocent and magical wish gives me such hope that it IS indeed still possible to raise children that believe. Good work Lucy! And thank you.


We get them here in Australia still with white fluff on the sticky parts. We called them "Father Christmas" and made wishes with them too


Enjoy---this is a great time in life---I now have a grandaughter and do the same things----its wonderful to see there gorgeous expressions----as if no one in the world knows about the fairies---yes we have them also in Australia and enjoy the same stories Australia


I grew up calling those seed whisps 'Father Christmases'. Catch one and wish for what you wanted at Christmas time.



ooo i remember those, we used to call them father-christmases. again, odd name and im not sure why

Lisa C.

Lovely story! When I was a little girl, we used to chase after them. In my part of the U.S., we called them "money-grabbers". I have no idea why!

Sarah Lou

That is so sweet! I miss magical days of innocence.
We have always called them santa clauses, thats all Ive heard over here name wise, (but i just might know a lot of strange people). I think the idea is that your wishes go straight to santa?!? We always used to fight over who got to make a wish.


Like Kate, in Australia we called them Santa Clauses and made a wish. Thank you for sharing such a precious moment with your little lady.


ahh bless that's a gorgeous and imaginative thing to wish for isn't it. Last summer my little boy who seems to be growing up so fast was playing football with his friends and mid game stopped to catch a fairy and make a wish - it made my heart sing to see that although he's getting older and more independent some things are still so innocent and childlike within him.

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings - will be back to find out your news then.


We called them Santa Clauses! And always made a wish.

Amy Lu

Your daughter needs the book "The Flower Festival" by Elsa Beskow.


Peng Peng

the magical and wonderful world of children ... keeps you alive doesn't it when the day seems to get harder and harder... i don't have any children but am wishing that it won't be too long before i can experience motherhood for the first time... :)


Oh how cute of your daughter!

I have never seen those little fairy-sugary whatever, before! They are beautiful!



How incredibly sweet! A moment to treasure.
Lisa x


"The act of catching them as they float by on the wind and making a Secret Wish" is a custom also to us...One of their name is (in an approximate translation)Little Luck.
About the Little Lady's secret:it's your daughter undoubtedly....
What a tremendous joy for a mum to be proud of her child...


Love this! What a delightful wish to make:)


We called these fairies as children and my mum said they were her mum come from heaven to visit, so they turned into nannies. Now my mum is gone, we call them Dandies after her!

Kelly Bassett

ENOUGH TEASING ALREADY!!!!! Will you at least tell us what kind of yarn you are using for your new wonderful project?????????!!!!!!!!!!:)-
Thank you!!!


Awwww! Might try that tatic to get my children to tell me their wishes...

I can guess what your wish was, and I wish that for you too! xxx


how wonderful - very whimsical. I used to wish that too - wouldn't it be a marvellous talent if you could ? x


oh what a lovely wish!
we always called them sugar stealers (and still do!) Mum said it was because they would float into the house (you know back in the day when we had sun in the summer) and land in the sugar bowl and then float off again with little grains attached to it - not sure how true this is but i was about 7 when she told me that!
Lesley x

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