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September 08, 2009


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Aaawww that is so beautiful. I know I am commenting on a very old post lol, but I am going back through the archives thoroughly enjoying all the colours that the Attic brings.

Here in Australia we used to call those "Father Christmases".


I only managed to pop back and catch up on one more post today and what a delightful post :o) Your little lady is so so Sweet.
When I was little I used to think of them as fairies and my mother made me believe crane flies were angels, she tols us this because we used to camp out a lot and she didn't want us to get scared when they flutterd inside the roof of the tent at night. I still have a fondness of crane flies.
You are such a Sweet mum too, such a Lovely relationship You have with Your little ones :o)


Can u make a wish for me too?


I can remember chasing, what I called, fairies as a child and my children did the same. It's magical how these rituals pass from mother to child and they in turn will pass them on to their children.


Get out!!! What a sweet, sweet comment from a little one! They are the true poets, aren't they?


just popped back to warn you that in my new post i have awarded you the 'honest scrap award'! i don't really understand these award things, but figured that pointing out blogs that i like can't be bad. (so please feel free to ignore it if you like)


That is precious, a memory you will have forever. I've been catching those all over the garden, they seem to particularly like my tomato plants, but I've no idea what they are called.


That is such a sweet story, children always suprise you dont they. Make a book and write down magic moments like these, otherwise you'll forget them. We called them fairies when we were little.


Kisses for a sweet 'Réntrée'..


We called the grandfathers whiskers when I was little... We blew on them and made wishes :)

Your daughter is very precious :)


ohh thats such a lovely wish! my sister and me used to call them fairies,is your wish a crochet yarn type wish? fliss xx


I am so much waiting to know you to revial your secret;-)


Hi Lucy, what a gorgeous story, I have known them to be called both Santa Clauses and Fairies, either way we still used to wish on them as children, although I haven't seen one in a long time now, maybe they don't grow around where I live now...? I can't wait to see your new project and hear your wish. It is already Thursday here and I am eagerly waiting for your next blog!!


In the States it's a childhood treat to find a dandelion that has gone white and feathery, ready to seed, and to blow on it and make a wish. I have never heard of sugar-stealers or catching them to make wishes!

But that is probably one of the most lovely things to hear come from a child's mouth. I would just melt into a puddle if I heard that!!

Linda and Posy

:)Hi Lucy - thanks very much for sharing all these wonderful things. Its really great reading about you and your very wonderful family. Enjoy and savor each moment. Thanks, Linda and Posy.


Quite by chance, one of these followed me into the shower yesterday - a day when I very much wanted my secret wish to come true. I wished hard (eyes scrunched OF COURSE) and blew it out of the window in case anyone else needed a wish. Obviously can't tell you what I wished for, but I hope very much it comes true.

You Little Lady sounds like a total cutie.


Charming beyond words!
Thank you for sharing something so magical with us... And tell your little one from me that it is my experience that Flowers only speak when spoken to first, with love and respect through their beautiful colours and aromas!


Hi Lucy
We called them sugar-stealers too!
(I found you blog through Ravelry earlier this year, I think you inspired me to start to crochet again!)
Best wishes!

French Knots

We used to call them sugars when we were little - not sure why, but we always made wishes.
What a sweet wish, hope it comes true if she wishes it often enough.


that is extremely cute!!!

Christine Warren

I don't think my comment made it on - so sorry if this is a double post.
That was very cute. Here in my part of the US we called them "Wish Fuzzies" and also made a wish on them.


oh, your daughter's wish is just beautiful! really does take me back to childhood where i would love the same kind of things (not that i wouldn't now!) we used to call them fairies too, but i thought they were dandelion seed heads (?)


bless, a girl after my own heart --- we called them fairies also


What a sweet little girl you have. We used to call them a "Santa Clause" when we made our wish! I must look out for one and make a wish too!


In New Zealand, we called them fairies and made wishes, too. I've never heard of the name sugar-stealers, or Father-Christmases (how odd that I've never heard an Australian name for them). What a beautiful wish Little Lady made!

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