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September 18, 2009


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Do you have a pattern for that pillow with grannysquares and flowers? Or is it just flowers attached to finished granny squares?


Sounds perfect Lucy :o) the pictures are perfect too. xxx


I so enjoy your blogging.
I used to put flowers in my bathroom, but now where we live we have no window, and no where to place even a little vase.
Your books look very interesting, and a person after my own heart liking Cath Kidson things, they add such colour.

hill upon hill

Wow, I missed a few posts and have just read!!
Firstly congratulations. That is wonderful. 3 children is wonderful (we now have 4). Makes you a mini crowd. I was determined to enjoy the baby stage with our no. 3 as I thought it was our last baby!

I enjoyed cuddling a new nephew one day old last Wednesday (he is no. 9 in his family!!!)

Your older 2 will love their new sibling.

On a tangent, I noted that one of your books was by Alicia Paulson. Did you know that she had a blog?

I am even more impressed that you were a happy train, continuing your family walk whilst pregnant. Chocolate is handy.

It must be cold already for you to have a fire?

The Curious Cat

Loooks like a wonderful weekend! See you have the fire going - is it that cold already where you are? xxx

Rachel/Hilda May

Hope the weekend was as good as you planned
p.s your blog is so colourful and welcoming

Rachel/Hilda May

Hope it was a good weekend like you planned
p.s your blog is so colourful and welcoming


hi lucy
thanks for another wonderful read!
as a novice crocheter can you recommend any good books? the two i've borowed from the library have turned out to be US and i'd rather start with UK ones.look after yourself
gill xx


That attic view is to die for! What I wouldn't give to see something like that every day...


So lovely to see you nesting Lucy. I am rippling at last, thanks to you, and loving it x


hope youve all had a lovely weekend luce, youll need to tell us about that apple crumble! x


Hello there, just to introduce myself - I am Jasmine.
Just found your blog & its lovely & very much from the heart.
I will enjoy coming back



I still hadn't gotten around to congratulating you on your most recent exciting news! You are the epitome of "enjoying the little things" in life, and so its very exciting that you will soon have a new "little thing" to enjoy/love/adore.

Just thought you should know, your blog makes me want to pick up and move my life to Britain. I live in Canada, (Newfoundland to be exact ... which bears some resemblances to Britain, but is just not quite the same thing), and reading your blog makes me long for the utter beauty of it all over there!

You also inspire me to create my own beautiful crochet projects with my own beautiful yarn. I popped into a wool shop here yesterday and nearly had a coronary. It was my first time there, but all the delicious merino and silk wools were just too much! Browsing and touching my way through the store was amazing, and you and your wonderful, colourful skeins of wool were definitely on my mind! I picked up some wool, and now I'm waiting for my own perfect project to come along :)

Take care, and, again, I am so happy for you and your family!


Will kill in exchange for attic view.



Lucy, you must see this:


Congratulations on the baby!

Meagan S.

I was a baby that came 5 1/2 years after my sister came along and did I mention that she wasn't planned! My oldest siblings are 15 & 16 years older than me. My Mom was 37 when she had me and we are very close. She always tells me that I kept her young. I am so happy for you with the news of a baby on the way. I know it well be such a blessing.


Your weekend sounds wonderful and such a world apart from mine... we are experiencing 30c even though its only the beginnings of spring and I am in the midst of packing and selling my household stuff. Very stressful! I want a holiday at your house :) Enjoy the baby kicks - blissful memories!


I love your baby blanket! I've been perusing your blog for a few days and all of your blankets are so fantastic. They've inspired me to pick up the hook again and try to make an afghan and hopefully get farther than a few rows. :-)

I was wondering though, what kind of pattern are you're using for the baby blanket? From the pictures it looks like 2 rows of one color, 1 row of another, 2 rows... etc


So cozy! I love your view. I'm excited about your baby!


Just got back from my walk and getting ready to make a cup of tea. Wanted you to know you are on my mind today, for some reason! I have this picture of you sitting by the fire, crocheting and eating chocolate. xoxoxoxoxox


I love to visit your blog! I always feel so cheered and inspired after!

Georgina Fisher

I've just logged onto your blog after neglecting you for a few weeks, we're just back from our honeymoon :)
We found out we are also expecting at the beginning of June, after planning to leave it a couple of years when we will both be 30. To say it was a shock for me would be the understatement of the year, possibly my life!!! It was nice to read your blog and see i'm not the only one who has that reaction :)
We had our scan on Monday and were 13 weeks exactly, i suppose i can allow myself to accept it properly now and actually begin to imagine what it will be like - i almost didn't believe it until i saw the baby jumping around on the scan images.
I've used your blog as inspiration to create some lovely little blankets for friends babies, and i was planning to make mine a really brightly coloured ripple too - so it was a lovely surprise to see you doing that also.
Hope you are feeling less tired now, have a lovely week. George


nothing like baby kicks to make your day..
enjoy your weekend..


Have a lovely weekend and week dear Lucy!
I am going to my little country house for a week and there I haven't Internet.
Look forward to your news!



I saw this and thought of you:
Bet you would have made a better one though!

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