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September 01, 2009


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The 'certain slant of light' glowing through your attic window is quite beautiful, as is that armful of yarn you are holding. I am delighted you are back and will be posting your happy, sunny, positive and glowing with that 'certain slant of Lucy' twist on life that I have come to dearly love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


good to have you back i do miss my daily visit to your blog when you are away


What a lovely post Lucyloo. I love your early morning photos. I adore the gentle change of light at this time of year, and have to say I am yearning for Autumn! I just love it so desperately, I can't wait for it to arrive. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with all that lovely yarn. Loobyloo x


Hi Lucy! I wish I had bought the Ideal Homes calender too. I opened up the 'bossy' calender and was also so uninspired to see a brown upholstered chair looking at me! Just to warn you that the following couple of months don't look that great in the 'bossy' calender either! x


your bring the lightning september in my heart...
i like the atuum....

and the foggy, sunny bright light of these days, before winter days are coming


Kate - The Garden Bell

As you would say... Yipeeeee... We are all so glad to have you back. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve with all that fun new yarn. It looks a little heavier than your last, so I'm sure you have something exciting planned. Keep us posted.

Now, about all that sea glass. I'm not usually the jealous type, but I'm turning green with envy. Very cool. What I fun time must have been had combing the beaches for all those treasures.

Well, time to get back to rippling... Have a pleasant day.


Wow! All that gorgeous sea glass! Can't wait to hear and see more!

Longing for that cold snap you wrote about...still in the 90s here. Grr...

Marian M-S

I too have to join the chorus of people happy to have you back! The only good thing about you taking off for several days was that I had chance to read all your past entries since I just found your blog. I tried some of your recipes (cheese crumbles, banana bread, tarts, huge successes all of them!), and I am really wanting to learn to crochet :-). But the more I read, the more I was looking forward to hearing about your next project and your trip! Love, love, love this colorful corner of the web!

Meagan S.

Lucy it's so good to have you back. Your pictures of the morning sun are breathtakingly beautiful. I just did a post on the beautiful light of the morning hours...we were on the same page with that topic. Glad your holiday was so good and look forward to your post about it.



Welcome back! What pretty colors...the flowers, the glass and the yarn...cna't wait to see what that will become.


Hi Lucy,

WOW--I just stumbled onto your blog and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photography, your flowers, your colorful colors and all your INSPIRATION!!! WOW!!! You & your blog just totally made my Tuesday morning...Can't wait to start crocheting again. My grandma taught me when I was 5 years old (35 years ago) and I'm a quilter and knitter and I've been thinking/missing my grandma a lot lately...I'm gonna pull out some of my old crochet afgans and look into getting knew yarns to play with.

THANK YOU!!! ;-)
~ Kathy (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)

Betty Anne

As you are hearing so often today -- Welcome Back!!! I am one of those who have been checking your blog daily and was beginning to wonder if something had happened to you, because it seemed like you had been gone forever : ) Your pictures are beautiful as always and reading your blog gives me that "feel good' feeling inside. Thank you for being you and for sharing you through your blog. Blessings.


Hello Lucy. Have missed you.

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Hello hello, I just linked to you through a page on a page on a page! You know how it goes, tee hee. I have been admiring your Dorset pics, I have just returned from a lovely weekend in DORset/Devon. It is interesting to see similar things through someone elses eyes. Hop over and have a look at my pics if you have a minute!
:D Sarah


So glad you're back, we missed you! Hope you had a refreshing holiday! Cheers!

Jo Drywood

Hi again Lucy,
Thanks so much for getting back to me! Your wonderful way of looking at "stubby bits" has totally changed the way I feel about them! Thank you. I've just started a little business making crochet tea sets, bowls of soup, cakes, anything really and wondered if you felt the same about "stubby bits" on this sort of thing? I take a lot of care on my work but those darned bits are the bane of my life! Love your new yarn, by the way! Love jo xxxx

Naomi Rainford

wooo! so glad your back! when i saw your post in my reader it cheered me up immediately (having one of those grotty days), yes summer is fading away winter is slowing creeping up on us, i am not a fan of winter i get rather down, i love summer and the long days. while you have been away i started making a little squares cushion which you can see on my blog just scroll down a little artystitches.blogspot.com i love working on this thank you for the inspiration, it will be for my sons room, then i want to do a less colourful one for our room. Look forward to more pics and crochet updates :o)


Looking forward to seeing your holiday photo's. Love the photo over the roof tops .... the light is fantastic.


Welcome home, glad you had love holidays but I have missed reading your lovely blog.

Wendy Wager

Wecome back Lucy after what sounds a lovely holiday. Can't wait to see what you do with that luscious yarn. Went into my LYS last week hoping to buy the latest Jean Greenhowe toy knitting pattern book, only to be told by the assistant that it probably doesn't exist! I am flabbergasted. According to Jean's website, it should be in the shops now, but what planet is this woman on? I am amused to think she thought I had made this up and she clearly has not heard of the Mistress of Toymaking. I shall return when the other, more congenial assistant, is there. Take care X


Welcome back Lucy... I have been coming to your website most religiously every day even though my blog update was stuck on your last post. Waiting to hear what your next project is.. Love all the wonderful colors you use!

Gerda Hartman

Web space was really empty when you were gone. Glad you are back with nice stories. Made me really curious with your next project. While you were gone I finished some (lol).

Nina - Tabiboo

Lucy 'helllooooo' it is so lovely to have you back!

What can I say? Love the light, love the pictures, love the yarn, love, love, love!!

I've just hand sewn a gazillion labels in this morning (sewing machine says NO) and my fingers are sooooo sore!!

Glad to have you back,

take care,


ps. I've finished my crochet bag courtesy of your pattern!! Thank you. Nxx


Hi Lucy, Pleased you enjoyed been up in the North at the Seaside. Is Craster the same as ever? I am going back To Northumberland at the end of September, got a wedding and a 70th birthday to attend. Think I am going to miss all the sunshine here in Crete but I will only be in England for 2 weeks. Looking forward to you holiday post. Oh and you are such a tease!

Erin Medley

I have caught a couple looks of some awesome sunrises here this past weekend. They are really just calming to me too. Im glad you enjoyed your trips!! I can't wait to see your new yarn project either! Glad your back.

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