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September 21, 2009


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Kelly in Canada

i love your flowers and your crochet...if i have flowers in the house, i always have them in the bathroom. i have never seen asters in so many colours. i hope my market has some on wednesday. thanks for sharing.

Christine Warren

Yes, I do put flowers in the bathroom. I have tiny small, clear and colored vases. I like to put daisies in them. They last a long time.

The Coffee Lady

I've got an orchid in my bathroom, does that count?


they are lovely..
flowers are always good to put a smile on ones face..


I need flowers in my bathroom too! Off to the market tomorrow to see what I can pick up. Woo hoo!!

Lucy - Beads 14

Great picture all the colours and brightness!!
Lucy x


Oooh, Luce, I spotted a picture of those asters in a different post and have been lusting after them since. You just can't get flowers like that in London, Bridport, well of course and my last asters from there are just about on their last legs, two weeks later. They are stunningly gorgeous, your asters. And yes, I do put flowers in the bathrooms and sometimes, little pot plants (which I then forget to water). I put a mini poinsettia in the guest loo last xmas but forgot about it and it looked pretty sad when I found it! Hope you're feeling well.
Hen x

Amy Caroline

How beautiful! Your blog is always such a colorful inspiration!


Yes, I do! I love to put just one flower in a glass in my bathroom.
Reading your blog really makes me smile and it's a relieve from everyday stress. It's the first time I post a comment on your blog but I read all your posts so far.

Chiara from Italy


Gorgeous flowers. I'm sad to say that flowers are one of the losers in our necessary massive budgeting lately, but when we can afford them we do have flowers in the bathroom and the bedroom as well as the sitting room. And I have to say that it is my lovely hubbie that started insists on this spreading of flowers around the house. He's a very manish man but he does love his flowers and it was the thing I noticed particularly when I first came here when we started dating. I thought he was trying to impress me but it turns out he has always bought flowers to fill the whole house. Flowers really are lovely in the home. Can't wait to be able to add them to our budget again.


I think it`s a lovely idea to put flowers in the bathroom. I haven`t a windowsill in our bathroom but i`ve thought for a while about putting them on a little table or something.
Love Carole xxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you, thank you Lucy, for the little nudge to bring in some flowers! I took a walk around our yard and by the time I came full circle I had enough flowering sprigs (o.k., some are weeds) to fill the four little blue vases in the bathroom window AND a group of old bottles for the double window over the kitchen sink! Every time I come around the corner the splash of bright colors delights my eyes and makes me smile.

Thanks again. For the lovely excuse to spend time outdoors on a sparkling fall day in Connecticut and for all the days I'll get to enjoy them indoors. Little gifts from you to me.


Beautiful flowers...as all ways
yes candles and flowers every where...even in my shed hehe


yes indded, flowers end up in the bathroom in this household too-it's lovely to lie in the bath looking at floral blooms! I had to hack back the jasmine plant that was growing in there though, it was taking over the entire room!
Hope Bump 24 is doing well!

Erica K

So true! I love those flowers... I need to slow down (more than just once in a while) and start appreciating things more.

I really need to learn to be happy for what I have...

Nina - Tabiboo

Beautiful flowers Lucy and I love the choice you made.

And... 'yep' I too have a bunch in the bathroom - flowers that is. Very pretty pink roses at the moment that smell and look heavenly!

take care,

Nina x

ps. one of my friends had a beautiful baby girl at 9.25am this morning - yeeeeehaaaw!

The Garden Bell - Kate

I just love the asters at this time of year. You always amazing me with your wonderful displays of flowers, even the simpliest ones.

My Lucy, as I call my blankie is on my blog today. Couldn't help wrapping up in after a fun filled day at the Brookfield Zoo over the weekend. It also has a RARE picture of me, the garden bell.


Have a peek.

Sooooooooo glad to see you had a delish weekend full of color.


Oh fresh flowers are such a delight...SUCH a sweet little indulgence, and I completely agree with you on their importance to heart-skippy happiness! My daughter bought me flowers this weekend because I've been ill, and it was every bit as good a medicine as the actual drugs.


Lovely post and I agree with Siobhan,think maybe I will start putting flowers in the bathroom.

Sue x

Emily Valli

Greetings from a gorgeous day in Pennsylvania...Dear sweet Lucy...very nice flowers. I like to put flowers in old green glass canning jars and place them here and there around the house. Adds so much beauty. In winter, I cut small branches from my holly bushes. I love to bring the seasons indoors.
Haven't lit our fire yet, but yours looks so inviting. Isn't it wonderful to be able to enjoy the simple everyday things in our lives? Mary Oliver, the poet, says that "attention is the beginning of devotion." Love...Emily


Yes, me too; flowers in the bathroom and every other room too if possible. By the bed is good too; makes me feel special.


Yes, yes, I put flowers in my bathroom as well!!! I love to spread them all over my place, just as you!
And, Lucy, I have to tell you: I´m rippling for the first time because of you!!! and this project fills me with joy and pleasure :)
I LOVE doing it!!


I like the way you have photographed the flowers in the glass vases.. fantastic!


This is what I love most about your blog Lucy. You don't throw money at everything, yet your home is filled with beauty, warmth, colour and creativity because you make it that way. Lots of blogs are filled with pretties because lots of cash was spent and everyday it seems yet more arives, with what is already there barely noticed as it gets tucked out of the way as more new stuff is squeezed in. Some of us don't have many pennies and I guess not much comes for free (but some does) and it's nice to be shown there are ways to brighten things up without having to have lots of money. Yarn/fabric has to be paid for and it's not cheap but it's good to know so much can be done that doesn't cost much and looks a million dollars. Your flowers are delightful and they didn't cost much did they? I think I could run to that. And I have some unused jam pots - all I need do is fill them up. You manage to create with what you have and appreciate what you have. There is no greed, no more more more about you, just lots of lovely enthusiasm. You have lovely things because you go out of your way to find them or make them and then you love them. And then you bring them to us! It all makes what you do spend your money on - lovely yarn for instance seem more of a treat and after all it's not until you've spun your magic that it becomes truly special. I really appreciate all that you share with us. There is a book called ' How to have what you want and want what you have' The jist being to be satisfied with what you have and being grateful and appreciative and not grumpy because of what you don't have. I think you have that attitude to life. It's very nice and hopefully it's catching! Thank you.

P.S Martha's comment about her naughty cat made me laugh!

Anne Bebbington

I don't put flowers in my bathroom but feel that maybe I should - your asters each sitting in their own individual bottles are a real feast for the eyes

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