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September 21, 2009


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Flowers Philippines

Pretty flowers! So attractive. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing!


flower Philippine

Well i must say that you really feel the refreshing feeling if you have a flowers in any part of your house,and the flowers on the post is so beautiful.


Jo in Cornwall

Hello, I love your blog and your colourfulness (is that a word?). I haven't commented before but felt I had to as I ALWAYS have flowers in my bathroom, I mean, why wouldn't you?
By co-incidence, I came home today with a lovely bunch of colourful asters that I bought from a gorgeous old wizened toothless farmer at our local car boot/market. He was so Cornish (we live in Cornwall!) I hardly could understand him but we had a good old chat over the asters!
Thanks for sharing your lovely blog with us.
Jo x


So pretty! Cheerful and uplifting!


ooooop! the above comment really meant to say 'whole wide world'. Lol. my poor brain is the one that's wildly odd sometimes :/


Just made a cuppa and here am back in one of my favourite places in the whole wild world - the Lovely Attic :o)
These photographs are Glorious! Asters have so much heart-warming charm. And YES I do spread flowers around my house, they appear in everyroom including the littlest one. Sadly I don't often have them (especially when I fail as a gardener like I did this year. Beig agorophobic I am unable to pop out to the shops and they are too expensive to buy :o( but occasionaly a nice friend brings me some and when they do I make the very most of it, like I am making the most of these wonderful photographs now :o) they have transported theit Loveliness into this very room.


Lucy, you are such a bright spirit! Bless you! BeBe in Florida

greedy nan

The little jars that spices come in are also good for individual stems.


I always put flowers in the bathroom (and the bedroom and the sitting room) for my B&B guests - maybe I should do it for my own rooms as well!

Pomona x


Love the flowers but I seem to be the opposite of you, I have too many flower vases and jugs and I don't reallyhave the space for them but I cannot let them go!
Really love the new spotty pillowcases too!!
Louise x


I put flowers in my bathroom. A very small vase, as my vanity is very small, but I love how they make things look fresher and cleaner just by being there.


Gorgeous flowers & you are right..what would life be without the little things?


Meg McG

Agreed (1000)

Isabella Golightly

I keep an orchid in there, I pretty much kill any other type of houseplant. I love flowers though, & the ones in your picture are soooo gorgeous!


Beautiful colours, brightening up so many places.

We had a party at the weekend and I was lucky enough to be given so many lovely bunches of blooms. They are brightening up every nook and cranny of our little flat. Gorgeous!

As always, loving the blog! x

little pink room

so pretty!


Lovely flowers! I have ´taken inspiration from you and fotografed the wiew from my window for my blogg. and since my new wiew is really something I thought you like too see it. the blogg itself is in swedish but I think you will enjoy the pic. I thought espesially of you when I put it up. And well now I have to try flowers in the bathroom.


Flowers in the bathroom - now there's a thought! Lovely lovely asters, by the way - and you're right - they're very September-y. Great post! x


Love the fresh flowers.Godd ideas to chase away gloom. Congratulations on the wee one. I am due in December.

I love your blog.


Yes, Lucy, there is something so true and beautiful about following your own taste.

Your single blooms, each in its own jar or vase ... perfect examples of a true eye elevating a sight that might have been overlooked by another eye.

I do hope that some others round your place do view those colorful little accents and ... deeply in their consciousness do know that they've had their day enhanced.

Keep buying those flowers and bestowing them as you see fit.



Beautiful vases!


Oh yes - I defineatly put flowers in my bathroom and my bedroom, some how I appreciate them more when they are in these less likely places than I do on the dining table (my usual flower spot).

Katharine (NSW)

I have that jug too, in the exact same colour and I totally agree - it's perfect for flowers. I love daisies in it. In fact I've got a slightly wilting bunch in my bathroom at the moment which need to be changed.


oh dear, I love flowers so much. But last time I had them in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, and... my kitten ate them! She even left a trail of petals leading me to where the knocked-down vase was, haha.

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