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September 04, 2009


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Hi Lucy,
I'm Jacquie, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Your blog is lovely and your pictures are great!!! I'm not a very craft girl, even though I love to think about the idea of doing these beautiful things! I'm more a garden person and just love these gardens! I have british background (Thompson) and would love to visit England one day.
All the best always!
PS: The web site is my hotel for dogs.

Petit Filoux

I LOVE dahlias too, they're just so wonderful!!! Thanks for yet another lovely post!


what a most lovely place..

little pink room

so beautiful. I do lovely dahlias!


Thank you, again, Lucy! You cheered me up!


Good morning from the US. I just started reading your blog w/the Aug 12 entry. It was recommended at a local yarn shop. I am hooked! You write beautifully and have a great eye for photos. I will visit regularly. Next year, I am hoping to take a trip to the UK. It will be my first. I can hardly wait!


After reading this I went to the shops looking for Dahlias but there weren't any to be found :-(.. On another note I've found your next project http://www.foundshit.com/novelty-hamburger-dress/ :-)


Thank you for such a lovely post! That was breathtakingly beautiful. Almost felt as if I was there.

Appreciating your trip from northern Illinois. : )


I have recently found your blog and I love it! Your photos tell as much of a story as your words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, photos and crochet.


Thanks Lucy.I'm another Cragside lover.
Did you see any ghosts at chillingham? it has a reputation of being haunted :)


Hi Lucy, Your holiday photos are lovely. You certainly know how to take a lovely photo.
My friend has grown some lovely purple dalias from seed this year. I`m definately going to grow some next year.
Luv Carole from Rossendale xxx


Thanks for sharing your photos, it looks like a great holiday. It took me straight back to our holiday up there this time last year.


Your posts have me dreaming of a long vacation in Great Britain. How I wish. Thanks.


Beautiful pictures as always!

Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I've never been to Northumbria but it looks inspiring and seems to have lots to see and do. Another place to add to my 'must visit' list! x

Kate - The Garden Bell

Thanks for taking the time to look at my Lucy blanket. I feel honored to have had you look. You truly do make my day with your blog. You are an inspriration to us all to keep going.

Holiday Weekend Hugs, Kate

At least it's a holiday over here in the USA.

Blandine Lynch

hi there, this has nothing to do with your holidays,although i found the photos really lovely...i am actually looking,quite desperatly ,for your post on "how to make a cushion cover backing with an old jumper"!!! i can't find it for the life of me!!!i would be very greatfull if you could help me with that...thanks a lot
Blandine x


Those gardens are beautiful! What an amazing place!


Oh how lovely - I have happy memories of Cragside, having been in a film that was made there when I was a teenager, how nice to see it again!

Jo Drywood

Hi Lucy, it sounds like you had a great family holiday! Your blogs are always so colourful; they really are a joy to read! Jo

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Brew with a view and a Dahlia walk, what heavenly trips you have had!
I loved your Dahlia mosaic, really vibrant just what I needed to jollify me!
Love Sarah x


Lucy, Thank-you so much for sharing your pictures. I will never get over to Europe. Not that I wouldn't love to go. I love looking at the pictures on your blog. I can dream of the beautiful countryside. Again, so glad you had a great holiday! Sylvia from Southern California.


What an unbelievable garden! I wish everything was as green at my place. Your so lucky! Thanks for sharing it.
Bec xx


Lucy your such a great writer, and make everything so interesting--really enjoed the photos
NOW looking forward to your next venture in the handmade world take care---dont ever leave us xxx Australia

Betty Anne

I agree with many of your other commenters -- I too perk up when there is another post from you, if I could only read one blog a day it would be yours (although there a number of others that I like a lot too), and yes you should go on more vacations so you can make posts of them for us to read : ) You know you could write travel brochures for the places you have been. Your pictures and stories make me seriously want to visit -- I knew I should have been a stow-a-way in your suitcase : )


Hi, I am a fairly new follower of your blog from Adelaide, Australia, and just want to say thankyou for your postings. Your cheerfulness and energy, not to mention beautiful photography and craft/art work are truly inspiring. I consider your postings a real treat that I always look forward to.

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