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September 28, 2009


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send flowers Philippines

I agree that this is a very lovely flower perfect for a center table,love it. Will certainly visit your site more often now. :)


Philippine flowers

Well, I definitely agree with you there, those flowers was really beautiful. I love it. So attractive. Wish someone also send me like that. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your post.


Teal Blossom

Hi Lucy, I've never appreciated these enough, they look so gorgeous! I shall have to go and treat myself :)

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Lucy

I used to dislike dalhias, finding them too grannyish! Thank goodness I saw the light eventually. Now I love them. I planted loads in the garden and all were eaten by the slugs, to be expected if I don't like killing slugs...
A lovely cheerful post, thank you
Isabelle x


YOu are right, I need to go and buy a few asters and dahlias to cheer up my home. Great photos.
Friendly yours from France,

Nicki MacRae

I love your blog!! I love just getting immersed in colour, and come away feeling all invigorated inspired and wanting to rush up to the studio... Thank you! :-D


The colours of those flowers are gorgeous very autumnal!!! I love that brooch you have in your jacket did you make it yourself??? love to hear from you love Lucey.x

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Beautiful dahlias!!! And your little flower brooch (?) is so cute! And it's so YOU!!
Anna xxx

Marian M-S

Thank you for your lovely bright pictures. Where I live we are into fog right now...not that I mind too much , it's a welcome break from perpetual sun and I always have your blog to brighten any grey day anywhere! Thank you lots and lots!

Erica K

I love the flowers, and what a bargain! I can't seem to find anything under $15 nowadays. Of course, they're usually big bunches, or 'specialty' flowers, but still...

You look so lovely with your flowers, in your beautiful green jacket, and that super-cute pin. Did you make that?

Speaking of flowers, it just started to rain, and that means I don't have to water mine! :)


i simply adore flowers..It makes me smile..


Hello from New York, Lucy, and best wishes to you on your latest home grown project.

Dahlias are spectacular flowers, and like Sarah, from London, I cannot imagine finding the beauties you bought for the price you paid.

It's interesting to see what the changing quality of autumn's light does to our appreciation of colors.

Your posts are a continuing source of delight and give lots of us readers much to relate to, wherever we might dwell, and whatever might be our circumstances.

Best wishes. xo


I love looking at the flowers! I stopped myself from buying some the other day because I just kill them. I love Gerber daisies at this time of year....

Poppyprint - Krista

A beautiful hit of colour on my monitor this afternoon!

Clare Wassermann

I have discovered your blog tonight and have been cheered by it's prayer to colour!! xx


Love the flowers - keep them coming. They are right at home amidst the glorious riot of color that I keep coming back to your blog to see! Thanks, too, for posting the link to the heart garland pattern. I have only just begun to crochet, but think I might manage that...


I love seeing all your flowers and the way you celebrate each season with the fresh varieties. Make the most of them while you can. You have inspired me to have cut flowers in the house and bulbs and bloomers in pots.


Dahlias are one of my favourite types of flowers. So gorgeous in that little jug!

Emily Valli

Greetings from cool and cloudy north eastern Pennsylvania...Dear sweet Lucy...Hormones, hormones, hormones! Your poor cheerful brain is being fuzzied by your pregnancy. You'll clear up soon and all your creativity will shine through. Try not to worry...it is temporary and normal. Love...Emily V.


i totally understand your muddled head. I had my little boy nearly two years ago now at a similar age to you- and with a 7 year gap from my youngest. Even though it was planned i felt really confused. I thought people would think i was really silly and that i was too old ect.I felt almost apologetic about it. I kept looking at web sites for older mothers to convince mysef i wasn't alone.lol. The funny thing is now i dont feel too old at all to have ANOTHER one if i wanted. Isnt that funny?!
It will all be fine- promise. lig x


lovely lovely flowers. i am not pregnant but still the same i feel a bit 'muddled' up as well... i blame it on Mondays..

hope i feel better by Thursdayy and you too lucybelle.



Have just seen my 40 year old friends baby girl who was born just yesterday.She was also very muddled and mixed up for many months.Now she keeps sending me texts to say she cant believe how beautiful and just perfect she is(and this is her 5th child).Thought you might like to know!


Ah, beautiful indeed!
Rachel x


Ooh what stunning colours and shapes! Can't ever seem to buy dahlias around here as cut flowers so next year I'm dedicating a whole bed on our allotment to them. Just call me Sarah Raven!

Thanks for sharing yours, I've really, really enjoyed them.

Love Stephx

Lucy - Beads 14

Cute colourful flowers
have a nice week
Lucy x

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