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September 16, 2009


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*looks up from rippling*

ooh you're spoiling us with a post every day! lovely jubbly :)


*resumes rippling*

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

Dear Lucy,

Thank you for sharing your truly wonderful news about the new baby on the way.

I just read that midwives sometimes call the head, the knees, and the toes of the baby that you can feel by touching the mother’s tummy “the constellation of the baby.” It’s from the book Coop by Michael Perry. He adds that the constellation of the unborn baby is “afloat in the universe of the mother” ~ isn’t that the most beautiful image?

Bless you! xo Kari


You write it all very well and it was a joy walking with you. Have fun Lucy and by the way I finished the bag as per your tutorial. I love it and thank you very much

Christine Warren

Hi Lucy,
I loved hearing about your "conkers". Here in the US we call them "buckeyes". In fact, I live in Ohio, the "Buckeye State". We also have candy called buckeyes. They are chocolate with an "eye" of peanut butter.


wow, what a lovely and serene place...

Anne Bebbington

Lucy - your wonderful photos of glorious Wharfedale magicked me back to the land of my childhood for a wee while there. You can take a girl out of Yorkshire but you can never take Yorkshire out of the girl. Thank you for sharing such fabulous views


I'd just caught up with all your lovely posts about your holiday which were a great way to get rid of my own post-holiday blues. And then came your wonderful news - in your own charming and colourful way! Congratulations! And judging by this post, what a wonderful place for the new addition to grow up in. Best wishes to you all.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. My kids also love to pick horse chestnuts, and then they almost argue about who's got the biggest or "most shiny".
Beautiful photos!!! Oh, how I wish I could go there someday. Love love love it!!
Take care!!
Anna xxx


WOW! I am behind in my attic 24 posts and I don't like getting behind in reading your blog especially~ I miss so much! I just wanted to tell you that I felt the same way with my 3rd little one... I thought we had decided we were done and happy and WHAM! I cried and felt quite sick about it really but I came around as well... really how can we not when something so marvelous is growing in our bellies! I am happy for you... truly!


What a gorgeous countryside. I wish I could walk it too. I would want to stop and pet every sheep!


I seem to remember singing our way around family walks when little feet (and big ones too!) were too tired to go any further. Alice the camel and her humps was particularly popular!!?!


what beautiful photos you take Lucy and oh how i love conkers! by the way I did not comment at the time as I was too busy wiping a little tear from my eye but congratulations on your wonderful news !


So funny! I come from a walking family and I protested all the way (while secretly sometimes liking it! - I have happy memories of paddling in streams etc). Now I love all things green but my family still think I don't and I haven't told them yet. Wasn't ever lucky enough to get chocolate though - I would have walked a long way for a bit of fruit and nut! Thanks for the beautiful pictures; I think Autumn really is here isn't it? But that is OK.


Oh walking with little people. How well I know the delight and pain of that adventure! My DS is completely obsessed with stones and sticks and he must stop and peruse, if not collect, every one he sees on his travels. It's very time consuming!!

Glad you have a lovely day and managed to talk your DD out of the peaceful protest.



What lovely pictures! I love that part of the world that you live in, and so very pretty it is too! Looks like you all had a smashing day!

Love Julia xxx


Lucy ~ Thanks so much for 'taking' me with you on such a beautiful walk. I know what you mean about small people and their walking ways ~ but it is such fun looking for treasures and going on little adventures with them. Hopefully they will look back on these lovely family walks with fondness when they grow up and will want to pass on these lovely family traditions too :O)


Ciao Lucy, when I read you blog is like to read a book with fabulous photographs. I like better autumn colours than summer colours (I live in an island between sea and lagoon, so I have a lot of blue, but so few green). You are lucky to live in a beautiful and relaxing place!
Baci baci!

Naomi Rainford

what lovely countryside you lucky thing!


What fabulous childen, 6.5 miles and they are only tiny!
We visited Yorkshire, back when we were "courting" and it is breathtaking x

the cookie cutter

Hi Lucy
Wow, you live in a beautiful place! I love England, well what I have seen of it at least. Congrats on the pregnancy. I really hope this new little baby brings such joy to your family and you wonder how you ever lived without them! Love Nadine xx


Hey Lucy! If you don't mind me asking, where in Yorkshire do you live? My boyfriend lives in Yorkshire and I love visiting there from America.

Isabelle (France)

Well done to your Little People, 6.5 miles is quite impressive! And well done you too :o)
It is also lovely to see what this gorgeous part of the world looks like at the moment...

The Curious Cat

She'll thank you for it one day! I like the way you all worked as a team to encourage your little lady onwards! Lovely photos - I wish I was somewhere so pretty to go for a walk! xxx

The Garden Bell - Kate

What lovely conkers you have...he-he.. We call them Buckeyes here. Gathering them up and filling my pockets are one of my most favorite parts of the fall. I always put a few in a glass to admired. They have that rich color of antique walnut.

Sure enjoyed your walk, I feel like I was right there with you and your family.


Gosh Lucy! When you're on top form, you almost post blogs faster than I can read them. I often find I have a 2 or 3 to catch up with. (I'm not complaining though. teehee)
I was with you every step(almost) of that cajoaling, coaxing, train puffing walk!

Oh! The 24th January. My son chose to put in an appearance on that day, only that was 16 years ago! Can't wait for his 17th birthday as I'll be checking in with you for any news! :)

Love Fi

PS, Hubby has wiped all my email addresses. If you have time could you drop my your email again please. Thanky muchly.

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