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September 16, 2009


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Thoses landscapes are so nice !


Ah..I have missed Your Lovely nature walks...so glad to be back on one again :o)

suzie sews

I know this area well, my boys love the suspension bridge, we walk for hours along the bank...


whew! i'm tired just reading that! ;)

hope the LPs slept good that night!


I am an admirer of your blogg. Beautiful pictures (you are a talented photographer) indeed. I live in Norway and is an Anglo-fan (hope it is the right word). Your latest pictures of Yorkshire countryside reminds me of som of the scenery from "Heartbeat" which is a huge success on Norwegian televison. Like to go to England on a "car-holiday", even though you drive on the wrong side. Have a nice weekend.


Oh my! So beautiful. I would love to walk there. I will dream it tonight. Thanks for the photos.


It sounds like such a gorgeous walk, even though it might have been a bit taxing. I remember conkers well (I grew up in England), how much fun for the little ones. I can definitely see how some chocolate would help weary little bones.


Just catching up too and wanted to send congratulations to y'all all. I had my fourth (very unexpected) 5 years after my third child. We had given everything away (baby things, clothes, maternity things) so I felt like I was starting again. The joy that child has brought me (19 yrs and going strong) is unbelievable! I feel like he kept me younger (being forced among those younger parents!) and I really loved all those younger years despite sometimes feeling a little worn out! Looks like you're keeping up so well! Congrats again!

Nina - Tabiboo

The persuasion of chocolate and icecream - every parents little emergencies to pull out of the hat when needed.

I not suprised you were tired - good going though, four hours!!

take care,

Nina x


Such beautiful place. I think England is the most beautiful place on earth.
And the Autumn leaves and chestnuts...
Thanks God Summer is gone in England.


What a lovely walk, I have a feeling I may have walked over that very bridge myself in the summer, although I'm not 100% sure. We did a walk from Barden to Grassington along the river. But the bridge we crossed was very narrow and bouncy! Lovely! The dales are beautiful, I used to live in Leeds and would often go out and about in N Yorks.

Peng Peng

another great post Lucy. When I have children someday, I want to be the kind of mother like you are. Such inspiration you are.

On another note, if was there on the walk with you, I'd probably ended up like Little Lady as well because I am rubbish at walking.

One thing I noticed people in the UK enjoy are long,long walks. Not so bad during the summer months but walking in the middle of winter with the cold cold wind blowing into your bones *chill*.... not my cup of tea.

Anyhoooo, really enjoyed your post and your pictures and I do know that Yorkshire has some of the best country sides !!


Wow, all this whilst you were carrying an extra ne inside. I'm impressed. The kids will have very happy memories of these days which will stay with them all their lives. The ice cream at the end was a good idea.


Absolutely love the autumn colours. Just wish I could experience them. Will have to travel way south to find anything like that as its way to warm here


Hello Lucy - was going to comment on the news, but you already had over 400 and figured you'd spend awhile reading. So congratulations!

Lovely lovely pictures. In my mind's eye that is how I always see England...

I started my own ripple because you inspired me. However I am more drawn to darker, fall foliage colors and BR(hubby) picked them as they are for him...

Karen Greenfield

Dear Lucy--do the LP string the conkers on string and try to hit each other with them?? I've read about this Fall activity in the 'Miss Read' books which are laid in the Sussex downs. She always makes it sound as though the conker strings have 10 or 11 on them but the ex-husband's English writing colleague (who lives in Cheltenham now) says no, people only put one chesnut on the string and then battle to see who's is the toughest nut.


The conkers look like the buckeyes we have here in Indiana. Their shell is sort of spiny however. Wish I could walk with you in your beautiful country.


Thanks Lucy for taking us on your fabulous walk. I really enjoyed seeing your wonderful countryside, AND tagging along w your family. What precious memories you are making!!

Elizabeth McMahon

After living here (Australia) for 40 years photo's of the Yorkshire Dales - and shiny conkers - can still pull at my heartstrings, thanks,


I think we're going to have to work out how we can walk with our 9 month old. We LOVE walking, but haven't done much since I became pregnant with her - I really miss it! Thanks for reminding me :-)


Your photos have captured the arrival of Autumn. Beautiful. Cat x

Erica K

Such amazingly beautiful scenery...

I had no idea chestnuts came in a little package like that! Cute!

Wendy Wager

On family walks when my boys were small and flagging, I would pull on an imaginary rope and encourage them to do the same. They would either join in or laugh at their silly Mummy! Forgot to say before that what we all get from your blog, including you, is Social Capital. Our lives are enhanced by the connection we feel and also the creativity we share. X

Pina Refat

what a lovely walk, wish I was there with you among the lush green fields and streams. I just love the English country side with its stone walls, so beautiful :)


Beautiful walk! And WAUW, you already have chestnuts!

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