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September 29, 2009


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so good ... very good color selection


This is gorgeous! Found your blog by following a series of links. I'm a new crocheter (started November '09) and pretty excited to come across your blogful of ideas. Plus.. colours have the same effect on me as, say, chocolate. :D


Your blog is such a joy! I had all but given up crochet until I happened across attic24 one night. All of your photos (of hearth, home, treats, garden and spectacular crochet creations)radiate such light and happiness. How blessed your family is to have a mom that creates such a nurturing environment! What an inspiration you are! I can't wait for the pattern to crochet the circle scarf (to go with my knock-off green Boden coat). Thank you so very much!

Kimberly Roberts

will you be posting the pattern for this scarf?

Cashmere Scarf

very nice scarves and lovely colors....


I just came across your blog (by way of Allsorts). I would love, love, love to see a pattern/tutorial for your flower scarf! have you posted one yet? I just finished crocheting a bunch of play food for my little one and I am ready to make something just for me! :o)


Better late than never.....I meant to comment weeks ago. Love the scarf - does it remind anyone else of barge wear or European folk art painting? Keep well and keep inspiring us.


Joyeux anniversaire !
Your site is wonderfull, and apart devoring the photos of what you do, I'm reading you with great pleasure.
Don't worry for the 40, they were full of surprise for me, and, my 50 are realy great, expecting more for my 60 who are coming very fast.


A tutorial oh yes please.I'm still making bags and bags and bags lol.Your pattern was so easy to follow I'm addicted and need a new project.As I have a new coat , a new scarf sounds just right.


It is a very happy and optimistic scarf. Great job.


I went to my local yarn shop Knitorious this morning with mom. Purchased 6 skeins of yummy wool yarn in marvelous colors. These skeins are patiently awaiting your circles scarf tutorial. No pressure my dear. :0) I even told the lady at the register to check out your blog b/c she of course wanted to know what I had in mind for my yarn. I told her your blog is my happy place. Thanks for all of your tutorials. Next shopping spree is for the bag - love it!!

Erica K

I love the scarf! love, love, love it! It does look cute as a flower, but I knew it wasn't one because I remember when you gave a sneak peak a bit ago...and I patiently waited.

I don't know how you keep coming up with these wonderful things...


I love love love this! It is even better than a flower : ) I can't wait to make one.


I always love your colors...........they brighten my day for sure!


I'm so jealous that you live in the land of beautiful scarves! We spent several weeks in England a year ago, and even in the summer, the gorgeous scarves were everywhere. Living in Texas, we only get about four days a year that are really cold enough to bother with a scarf at all. Yours is fabulous!


Great scarf to cheer one up in winter. Beautiful!!


Oh, I just *love* that scarf! It would make a pretty cool belt, too! Thanks for brightening a cool, grey day here in Rhode Island :)


It's gorgeous, congratulations


You! Awesome, awesome. AWESOME!!!

Shelley in SC

Ooh, so fun with that gorgeous green coat. I love a scarf that shows off your personality without anyone even having to ask!


Hi Lucy

I started reading your blog about a month ago. I'd never done any crochet but I fell in love with your colourful blankets. I followed your tutorials and have now nearly completed one of my own (on a slightly smaller scale!) I saw you blocked your circle scarf - should I be blocking my blanket? I made it in Sublime - Cashmere Merino Silk. I'd like to send you a photo when it's all done. Thank you so much for your beautiful blog and all the help/inspiration.

Becky Schick

Wow, your work is amazing!!! Do you have a tutorial on how to get started? Or do you recommend one? I've never crocheted before, but I am artsy. When winter hits, I would love to try some of your creations. They are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us.


Absolutely adorable! Just looking at your pics make me smile. Don't want to be at work anymore, want to go home to my hooks and yarns. :-)
Thanks for all the inspiration you share


I have also some leftovers to be used, thanks for the idea:-)

Sam Moss

It's a lovely scarf and so nice that it's made from your baby blanket yarn. You'll both be able to snuggle together in no time :o)

On a different note, I wondered if I could email you with a crochet query I have about granny squares? Not really sure where I'm going wrong but something's not right! :o) Please don't worry if you're not up to it. I wont hold it against you ha ha ha xxx

Sam x

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