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September 25, 2009


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Dominique Fouger

Hello Lucy. I dont know how insert a photo in a comment. So I give you my adress'blog, where I put a photo for you.
I hope that you had better now, after the week end.
Dominique - legrenierdemamou.canalblog.com


Your blog never fails to cheer me up Lucy. So inspirational and colourful.
Well done you on yet another lovely blanket too.


Ooooh what gorgeous pics and lovely colourful yarie stuff!! Your use of colour realy inspires me to change yarn more often in a project and be lazy about it!!



you're not alone in experiencing those times!
sometimes that tick box on the page of my mind is so full, that I don't know where to start .... but once I dive in, it flows
go with it ~ you're doing just fine ^_^


Lucy ~ Hope your Tangle unravels itself very quickly and that you feel better soon. Love all your pictures too especially the itty~bitty wooly bits and the wonderfully colourful baking bits. I hope that you have a good and tangle free weekend :O)


I stumbled upon your blog this evening quite by accident. And I fell in love with it. I've been sitting here for four hours reading and winding yarn into balls (Vanna's Choice...I found it for $1.79 a skein!). Your pictures are gorgeous. And the rest makes me smile. Now I've got lots of ideas that I've written down for new projects! THANKS! You have a new follower! :)


Hello Lucy

Every time I visit your blog, it's like visiting a rainbow. Your world is so colourful and beautiful - I think I need to ditch that white dinnerset of mine and buy a rainbow one like yours.
Happy weekend to you,



Lucy, what a beautiful country you live in..the pictures of your countryside always brings me right into them....as does all your colorful ways. Hope you can de-tangle and get it all onto the blog....it's all so inspiring...take care


Hi. I'm sorry you're feeling all messed up, I am too. I wanted to tell you that your post today really cheered me up. The pretty pictures made me smile, and I took a second to relax while reading your blog.

Kimberly Varhalla

wow! I thought I was the only one who felt like my brain was tangled up at times. funny, you put it into words like that. I am a stay at home artist mommy too, but the artist part hardly gets out unfortunately. the tangled up days usually include so many neat ideas I need to get out on paper and fabric, organizing ideas, things that stay piled up that I never get to, just lots of STUFF and only myself to really do it. Then I get frustrated cause I know I really want to do it all and can't. Unfortunately the creative bits that need to get done first usually take a backseat. Thank you so much for being real. I would love to have a cup of your coffee and I so wish I could walk to a market and my kids to school. You are so cool! I absolutely love your blog!


Hope your head settles. You have a fine quality in that you can take pleasure in all the little things in life. here's to the next few bits!

Julie Silcock

What beautiful images to brighten a wet grey warm spring day in New Zealand. Love the creative hooky bit and of course the floral bit. Your school walk looks very distracting from getting to it on time.

Have a great weekend.



What a pretty place you live in. I would love to see your part of the world someday! Also hoping that lovely hooky-goodness flower has a pattern that can appear on Attic24 someday! Very cute. BeBe in Florida


Happy Friday to you too! Your village is very pretty and I would love to take a vacation in your part of the world someday! Happy De-tangling BeBe in Florida

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

The bits and pieces of your days are as close to a fairytale as I can imagine. It will be wonderful to see what storybook magic comes from your untangling your tangle! xo Kari

Emma - Dotty Mays

Hi Lucy
I remember those pregnancy brain tangle days too even though my little man will be a year old next week and I still get them! My wonderful hubby takes our LO out for the day on occasion so I can have a 'me' day of crafty/cooking/gardening .. whatever the mood takes me. The boys have a great bonding day too - makes up for all the time he's at work ... well worth a try if J will oblige!

Thinking of you - hope it's a good weekend for you

Emma x


Another feast for the eyes, your usual treat for us. So thrilled to hear your news, what exciting times lie ahead!
Have a wonderful weekend, take time to do some untangling and don't forget there'll be time for all those creative moments in the future.
Julia x


Oh those photos are gorgeous. I especially love the cake decorating bits, the creative hooky bit and the friday market bit. And the book looks fab. Hope you untangle the tangle soon. And have a super duper weekend. xx


That flower is gorgeous. Please share the pattern : )

Kelly in Canada

i would have to add to my list of wonderful, colourful, bits a visit to your wonderful, colourful blog. thanks for sharing so much loveliness when you are feeling the tangle.

Eileen Gamache

Pretty~Pretty~Pretty blog!!!! I am so inspired!!Your blog is like falling into a paintbox~I now have to start a ripple blanket~and I do not have any time for one more thing! Oh my...

Erica K

I had a mini-meltdown last night, so I'm feel a tiny bit better today... Hope you (and I) have a wonderful, in-sorts type of weekend! ;)

Loving the colorful bits...thank you. :)

Hooked In Hove

Thank you for sharing the pleasure around - the simple ones are the best aren't they? My brain is a tangle most of the time, happy detangling!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

I seem to have those "Tangle days" too right now (it's that time of year...). But I guess it will be "normal" again soon. And I believe, and hope, it will do so for you too!! And as always, your photos are so beautiful! The canal boats look so "cute". And the Market, oh how I wish it was anything like that here.The nearest town, with such a beautiful market, is about 40 kilometers from me... I guess it will be the supermarket for me (where they have really good fruits and veggies, but it's not the same).
Have a really lovely weekend Luce!
Anna xxx


Hi Lucy, hope you are feeling happier. I love reading you cos you always come over as being happy and warm glowy and that always seems to rub off on me, so today I'm all happy and warm glowy and would like to repay you....so if you rub here you should catch it back. Happy days, love Karen x ps love the amazing crochet flower

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