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September 07, 2009


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waiting to see you next project. Get well soon Lucy


Lucy ~ I'm looking forward to Thursday already! Can't wait to hear about your lovely new crochet project. I bet you really enjoyed walking through your front door this morning after the school run! It really is a wonderful time of the day with all that me time ahead of you for just pottering and crocheting and doing all sorts of lovely things for just you! Although it is also equally as lovely going to the school to pick up your little ones and seeing them running towards you with smiley, happy, little faces telling you with excitement about their day! I hope that your cold is not too bad and that you start to feel better soon :O)


I have 6 hours of silence and solitude planned for the day they go back. Loveley though they are, my ears need a break.


lamento mucho que estes un poco enferma, pero cuidate bastante.

Saludos desde Costa Rica
America Central


oh what happy & joyfull things you have to show us whilst it's raining outside! Well.. not here in Spain but I put myself in a more nordic weather, that I prefer by the way :-)
Hope the Little People will make BIG Friends if they also have a new class!




Dear Lucy,
Hope the cold is better soon. I've been enjoying catching up with you after a busy summer - lovely, as you say yours was, but distinctly lacking in the vital 'me-time'.... Have been enjoying proper long walks with the dogs, solitary swims in the sea, getting the house tidy (well, tidier....) yes really I have enjoyed it mostly... and getting down to some proper writing.
Looking forward to hearing more....
Take care of yourself,
xxx Elspeth

Lucy - Beads 14

Im not one for me time im just a home family arty person, i can spend hours at home crafting i never go out with friends. i just got an invitation to go to a b-day sleepover this weekend, i didnt really want to go but my mum insisted..... she said i need to socialize. i suppose she is right :) tehhee
:) Lucy xx


sorry to hear you're feeling poorly - at least you have a wide choice of blankets to snuggle under.

chin up :)


Dear Lucy,
I would just like you to know how I enjoy your blog and impatiently wait for your new posts. They are so inspirational. In recent months I have become a kind of your follower as - through your tutorials - you have learnt me almost everything I know about crocheting. I made my bag few weeks ago and now I am more than half through hexagon blanket. I can't show you what I have done as I am not a blogger myself. Being working mother of two boys I think writing a blog would just be too time consuming for me. And photos could not nearly be so beautiful. But now I have my crocheting which I started to call my daily stolen moments of happiness. I really admire your work, your love for your home and your family and I want you to know that you are also a huge inspiration for me as well. I wish you never stopped writing your beautiful blog.


I am relishing the peace and quiet in your house, Lucy. My hubby is doing some building work at the mo and I am screaming out for some old fashioned peace and quiet! Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to hear the story behind your latest WIP. Sally x.


get well soon lucy and enjoy your me-time to the max !!


Hope the honey and lemon move the snuffles on quickly. The new crochet looks intriguing, is that a close up or is it really that chunky? I have my suspicions as to what you are doing, but won't spoil the fun ;)
take care
Louise x

The Garden Bell - Kate

Nothing better for a fall cold than a little tea and honey. Oh yeah, chicken soup works too. Remember to gargle hot cider vinegar if you got a sore throat it will sooth in seconds....

My fav is sitting back with a little hooking for the soul.

Your lovely yellow flowers are sure cheery.

Get well soon so we can see more of your WIP. You always keep us all in such suspence..he-he...

Sending Getwell hugs,

The Garden Bell - Kate


Hope all the bright pretty sunshiny things are cheering you up. Get well soon! x

The Curious Cat

It must be nice to have some me time - do you work? I'm always trying to figure that out - I figure your crocheting is somehow work related? Judging by how quickly your embroidery pictures were snapped up I reckon you could make a great source of income with your many talents!:) I love the stained glass hanging by the way - so sunny and pretty!xxx

Nina - Tabiboo

Hoping your feeling better soon Lucy.

Nina x


Hope it is manuka honey - that is the best for a cold! ;-)

Lovely colourful and cheery post despite you feeling under the weather. Hope you get better soon.

It is lovely to have the children back at school though.


Hi! in France, all the kids went bach to school last week, and I've got red flowers on my table :-)


Hooray from me too! (said with mummy love of course!) Lovely to have the house back though...enjoy! x

Inga Helene

Exciting project! Can't wait to see :-)


I hope you are feeling much better soon. We are three weeks into our term and already tired of trying to be everywhere and with the right books and gear at once. I hope the routine settles in very soon. Drink some tea and rest. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


I remember how that was, that first day back to school. We were always excited to have summer vacation and just as excited to go back again...Mom included :)
Can't wait to see the new WiP when it's done.

marigold jam

As always a lovely bright and inspiring blog. Do hope you will soon be 100% again. I too love the bits and pieces you can find in the Saturday market at Bridport and the Girls Own shop is a real find for browsing isn't it?

Get well soon.



Can't wait to see what you're crocheting now! I've just taught myself to 'ripple' this lunchtime with your amazing tutorial - thanks for the extra help on working into the foundation chain, it made things go very smoothly for me! I think I might make myself a scarf...

P.S. Hope the honey and lemon are good to you.

Jenny McH

Even though my kids are young adults, I can still remember that tiny sigh of relief that school had started back. Love your holiday photos and I have to agree the swirly-wirly hedges are beautiful. Hope you are soon feeling better. from Jenny (Melbourne, Australia)

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