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September 23, 2009


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Kristi Jiggens

Hi Lucy! I am an avid follower and lover of all your projects! I was wondering do you answer any of the questions the people ask or is this just a comment section only? Just curious is all....thanks for all the inspiration!!!



I love what you do and wish my fingers were nimble enough to tackle the tiny stuff! Will stick to the blankets

Kim hanslow

Can you tell me where to find the baby ripple pattern, thanks Kim

Robyn Wilkie

How many chain for this blanket please. I just love it.

Ann Pelham

Can't wait to get started on a baby ripple blanket. How many chains should I use for my foundation row, please?


I can't find the pattern to this on here anywhere, am I looking in the wrong place?



Can I ask what number of chains you used to make this?


How can I get the pattern for this baby ripple blanket?

Margie  Cole

I just happen on to this site and I am over whelmed at the beautiful colors in your crochet projects.. As soon as I can get out I am buying some bright colors and making something up.. I have always used "dull" colors and you have inspired me to change...


Love your blanket Lucy, but my heart skipped a beat when you mentioned Bolton Abbey. I have been living in Western Canada for over 20 years now, but one of my favourite memories ever, is making my way accross the stepping stones at Bolton Abbey with a heavy picnic basket to meet up with my late mum and the rest of my family. Thanks for sharing your beautiful crochet and for striking a wonderful memory.


I am new to your site and just came across your baby ripple blanket. I have crocheted a few ripples but really like the gentle curve of yours. I would like to make one. . . where can I find the pattern?

Pam Chopko


Can you tell me, please, the type of yarn you used in this baby ripple blanket? Thank you.

Dirinda Westfall Lacen

So happy I stumbled onto this! Would you think I was crazy if I told you I read the whole thing (in my mind) in a British accent? lol Truly, I did. And when you used the phrase "rather a lot of blood," it reminded me of something Emma Thompson might say in one of her many movies, in fact, MAY have said. I enjoyed this. Thanks for writing it.


once again thank you so much sharing such a beatiuful things with all of us. I have finished my first baby ripple blanket. please come and see... http://artikkizimicinoruyorum.blogspot.com/2013/03/ripple-battaniyem-bitti.html

Cathy Oliver

I see I'm a few years in getting to your post but after a number of years hiatus from any crafting at all, I was on the hunt for a baby afghan and came across your blog. It has inspired me! For the past week I have worked on a light white 'baby' afghan knowing full well my daughter and son-in-law wanted bold colours. My heart was not in it needless to say. This morning I ripped out the 4th attempt to get the basic pattern started. My head was yelling at me - bold Bold BOLD! I'm off now with a colour scheme in my head and a baby rippe afghan waiting to be created in my head. This is our first Grandchild and I want something wonderful! Thank YOU so much for inspiring me!!


Hi Lucy, am an L plate crocheter and just starting my very first ripple. After reading your instructions on the full size version would the baby version be made up of 9 ripples, therefore 9 x 14 plus 2 so a foundation chain of 128?
Kind regards,


i was so confused about which one should i knit as a baby blanket. and as soon as i saw the one you made, i said myself YES this is the one. and i already bought the yarns and started. if you ever have a time i would be appreciated with your visit on my blog. ohh by the way i am one of your follower from Istanbul, Turkey.


You inspired me so much to start my own baby ripple! Do you mind to explain how to do? please please please

Liz Barnard

Have you tried Bavarian Crochet? I have just tried using Sarah London's tutorial which was really good. The results are brilliant and would lend well using your colour ways. I have used Artesano Aran in shades of pink and purple looks good and very textured .

susy ambrosino

I adore you!


I love your blanket. I am just about to start one for my nephew. Can you tell me how many chain stitches you started with to get this size baby blanket. What size hook did you use and how many balls of wool did it take - am assuming it might be Stylecraft DK?
Sorry for lots of questions, am just really excited by my project!

nancy from new jersey

absolutely love your work and your blog, lucy. you inspire me to get back into crocheting! how many stitches did you chain for this baby ripple? and for your newest ripple, what is the progression for alternating the colors? it looks like you are using 2,1,1 of each color and adding in the new colors.

Nicky Le Blond

Lucy, absolutely love your site and check back every day for any updates! My first ever crochet project was your summer granny square blanket for my 8 year old daughter which came out lovely. Now it is finished my 3 year old son wants one and thought I would try the ripple. Do you mind me asking what wool you used for this (if you can remember!). Thanks very much.


hi...i'm tiara, i just wanna know what yarn(s) did u use on this ripple blanket, it looks warm...and tender...

i've seen most of ur project...they are sooooooo cute...


Made a blue baby blanket using you neat ripple tutorial was soooo easy to do and very addictive. Thanks

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