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August 06, 2009


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Judy G

Just a note to say how much I adore crocheting with bright colors - and your use of them in every picture makes me smile!


Hi Lucy
Woken up, had my taste of lovely British blogness, enjoyed the hama bead hearts (my little girl who's not so little now, and I used to have fun with those!). Although I loved the crochet in the bag, I couldn't take my eyes off the green grass in the background. Is that real? I'd forgotten how beautifully green the UK can be. I LOVE GREEN!
Oh - and congrats for winning the blog award, much deserved. :) Lara


No. Thank YOU. :O)

You always ask to hear from people who've used your tutorials - well *hands up* I have and an obsession has taken hold. Now I've finally learnt to crochet I can't stop!! I'm frantically saving my pennies at the moment, and trying to decide whether to go to Ally Pally or Harrogate, to buy lots of lvely yarn and start a BB of my own.

Well done on winning the award.


You have another award if you want to collect it from my blog...have a wonderful weekend Lucy
Suz x


I am loving your newest project- the tiny square pillow cover- so cute and the colors are wonderful!


The hearts are so retro! I kind of remember those. Such a nice touch! Congratulations on your award!


That plate You´re showing the hearts on... I have the Teamug that goes with it! It found it´s way all the way to Finland! :-) Thank You for an inspiring blog!

Isabella Golightly

Well done on winning the award, even though I personally dislike crochet (waaaaay too old-fashioned for me) I loved what you did with the colour & the persistance to make it - hope you feel much better soon!


Congratulations again on the win...best blog on the net and stunning work....is that 4 blankets for the treasure chest of family heir looms?....beautiful all of them
Hope you feel better and more energised today
Have a Happy day filled with fun

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Congratulations Lucy! You so deserve it! The first thing I do when I sit down to the computer, is to look at your blog. I love your pics and look at them over and over again. You are so talented! The blog inspires me so much!! Hope you're feeling better:)
Love Anna-Karin xxxxxx


Lucy,congrats on winning. You should know I am sick and can't do much. Your blog brightens my day. I am trying to get back to crocheting. It's hard with my sickness. I love looking at your blog and thinking of you in the attic. Hugs from California.


Yay Lucy!! Love the finished BB!! You have inspired me to create my own with very cheering bright cotton yarn! I LOVE cotton yarn! Granny squares are so fun to make! You have also inspired me to add more color to my life!! Bet you didn't know you would have such an influence!!


Congratulations on the award Lucy. You deserve it who heartedley. Dorset cereals are so scrummy!
I bought a book today and thought of you...100 floers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stansfield....it's very 'you'!


Congratulations on winning the award, you deserve it...I love reading your Blog so had no hesitation in voting for you.


Hi Lucy ~ hope you get some well earned rest and are feeling more revived soon :)


Congratulations! You definitely deserved to win! I've been following your blog for a while now but figured I best come out and start commenting! Bright yarny bits certainly DO bring some cheer to a gloomy day and we get plenty of those here in Western Washington. Thanks for all your hard work in sharing your projects!


Crochet rules the world doesn't it? Love your little squares in the picture :-)


Hi Lucy
well done for winning the award, you really deserve it, you inspired me to learn more crochet stitches, before your blog all I could do was treble! and BB looks amazing,especially laid out on the bed, its really lovely! Also I like the new look blog, ive not been here much just lately we've all been ill and time seems to tick away from me too fast!! Fliss xx


Well, if you're going to the trouble of posting a recipe, it would just be bad manners not to try it! (Hope its not quite as addictive as the shortbread!)


That low energy level you're feeling? It might we be Beloved Project Completion Syndrome. You've had six months with BB, and although you're loving the finished blanket, you might be missing the creation part of the process. All the daydreaming about what it will be like when it's done is over now, and you're maybe in a little bit of a mourning phase. Or, at least, I would be. That's how I feel after finishing a large and beloved project. A week or so of downtime, a few small projects to get me going again, then another big project starts percolating in the back of my mind ...

It's beautiful, and when the BPCS is over you'll be back, energy level intact. Then it will be time to get excited about your next big project, loving the finished BB, and happy happy happy.


Congratulations to finishing your BB! It was really divine, and I was thrilled to see the whole of it, because I started to make a similar one, as soon as I saw your idea of it. Lovely to hear that you already plan your blanket no 5! I love the two-row-squares that you've started to work on. I want to do all of your creations, they make me so so happy! The shoulderbah sounds really interesting... :)

I loved the first picture with the pearlhearts, what do you call those in english?

Love, love, LOVE your work!



Congrat on winning!!! Your little squares will look great as a cushion cover!


congrats on winning, and I am looking forward to the tiffin and to the new scarf idea.


Congrats on the award for your blog. It is well deserved I read your great blog each day and even though I cant crochet you have tempted me to learn
Love Jane

marigold jam

Congratulations on winning the award - well deserved and it was via your blog which I stumbled upon by accident that I started blogging myself and found the wonderful world of blogging friends. Thank you so much for your colourful and inspiring blog and I do hope that you will be back on top of the world again soon.


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