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August 12, 2009


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Mrs Susan Martin

Where is the pattern for this cushion please.

Melanie Buschor

Hi Lucy
I would very much like to make the Little Squares and the Target cushion for a friend's wedding present. Are the patterns available anywhere on your site? Are the colours available in one of your colour way packs and do you have any tips for putting colours together? Your colours just sing! and are a real joy. I feel alittle overwhelmed by trying to put these colours together without guidance.
Thankyou for your help Lucy
Melanie A fan from Australia!


Having a gander at some older posts again as I like to do with my favourite blogs.
Do you find you get people staring and asking you what you are making or just behaving like you are an alien when you crochet in the park?!
I went to a knitting group at my local recently and people looked like we had cheese for heads and had dropped in from a pink tardis...all because we had knitting needles and crochet hooks out and on the go!


These squares are great! Where did you get the pattern from?


beautiful, beautiful!, beautiful! I just love your color combinations and how nicely your projects come together!

 knutsel rein

Wonderful projects, lovely squares!

Susan Matthew

Do you have instructions for "joining on the go" for your little flower squares? I would love to see how that is done.

p.s. your squares and your colors are so absolutely beautiful. thank you.


I could browse your lovely cheery blog all day!

Funkolicious Creations

Your work is so colorful and pretty. Love it!


I just recently discovered you.. I love your blog! and the crochet, the afghan... Just amazing and inspiring.

Oh, about weaving in the memories, I feel exactly the same. I've been working on a ripple afghan, that I'm going to name Heat Wave.


I just discovered your blog due to my latest obsession with granny squares. beautiful craftsmanship, photos and colors!


Love the little squares!! They are sooo cute!

Erica K

Your park time sounds so peaceful! I'm not quite at that stage with my little ones (3 & 6). I love your cushion cover! I'm also in love with granny squares! I can't help it. I look through books with 100's of different patterns and my favorites always have some granny square base... *sigh*


It's going to be a beautiful cushion cover. And when you get sick of 1 side you can turn it around and then get sick of that side then turn it around....

you get the idea.



Divine..! I also want to do your cushion ideas. Just need to learn how to sew. ;)


Lovely to come back from Mum's and see your alfresco stash busting! Once again thanks for sharing!

Virtual Lintu

Just gorgeousness .... am so envious .... :)


I simply love your colours..... they are like jewels! I will need to search the South African stores to try and get some matches.. Your work is inspiring....


Aaaaah! Lucy stop it! I've just finished my hexie blanket and started on a big squares blanket, now I want to abandon it and start a tiny squares cushion! Too too much temptation you bad girl! xx


It looks like a tiny garden full of flowers...


Everything you do is AMAZING!
I really love your work and your blog!!!

Naomi Rainford

Love the bright cheery colours of your cushion fronts. I am looking forward to when my lil man can play in the park on his own it is so exhausting lifting up and down, pushing swings etc although i do enjoy it. The other day we went to a pretty park we are lucky enough to have right near us and i reached to grab my crochet and lil man must of realised and jumped into my lap so i had to tuck it away again. I love reading all the lovely comments you get on your posts you are very lucky, i am lucky if i get one comment on a post, the only person that comments on my blog reguarly is my best freind i think she feels sorry for me that i am rambling away to myself LOL! well enjoy your weekend :o)


I love making buttercup and daisy chains! I've never seen anyone else mix the 2 together!!

Your little squares are sooo cute all together!! Hope you get the cushion jumper soon!


beautiful colours, i am just starting out so not making anything yet, but like the idea of not making in the park, might head to roundhay this weekend, enjoy the sun x


Magnifique !! C'est du grand art :)
Belle journée.

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