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August 07, 2009


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yumm...made it and scoffed it all the same day :)



I just love this blog of yours. Thank you! Thank you!


I've made this today and it is gorgeous....mmm ... not much left though....... oh dear.

Love your blog Lucy, it alweays brightens my day :o)


Hi! It might be my very first comment..... I have been reading your blog for so long!!! I must say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO SO MUCH!
Thank you for sharing your recipe!!! Looks so yummy!!!!! I will try sometimes soon.. before summer is over!


Oh yummy! Tiffin! I made it too this weekend, though I used margarine and it was fine.
If you want another variation, go have a look at an earlier posting on my blog:


mmmmm! I try not to make tiffin too often (on account of me being unable to resist scoffing the lot!) but you might just have persuaded me to make another batch.

bethel of bethania

OOOhhhhhhhhh yummmm... I think I'll catch the first plane over... will that give you enough time to make another batch... ohhh how my mouth is watering... B


Thank you! I just made this today, but I used dried cherries instead as I couldn't find cranberries. It was delicious!!


Until I read the addendum on the end, I had no idea what digestive biscuits were... thank goodness they are actually just graham crackers! Definitely inspired to do some baking of goodies and sweets of my own now... thank you very much for the recipe. Yummy! :-)


Your tiffin looks absolutely delicious. Thank you for the U.S. translation; I have often read about "digestive biscuits" in books, and had no idea what they were or where to find them. Graham crackers, I can do!


super delich!

Bairbre Aine

Hallo Lucy, I've so missed reading your blog.
I hope you are well, happy and creatively energised.
Just wanted to nip in and send you warm wishes. I've been away far too long.
Ta ta,
Bairbre Aine



I have my new kitchen and these will be trialled asap!!!


I suppose it could be made with other kinds of biscuits too... I will definitelly try it these days! the best thing about your recipes here is that they are sooo delicious and yet so simple! i'll just check what that syrup is(: Thank you(:


Sonds fandooby! made caramel shortbread after your last recipe (known as goo in our house). it was sooo yummy and moreish. Will try this too very very soon. Ripply blanky coming on well in the oh so soft cotton for my hall / library cosy place.


oh my,oh my, this tiffin is gorgeous.As in my previous comment, i made it for my friend last night and she thinks it is the future!lol! I told her that you were going to get the ingredients with your PJ`s on & coat over the top. She said that your her kind of woman lolol!Brilliant recipe once again.
Luv Carole from Rosssendale xxxxx


oh that does look very very good! i will be trying this. thank you so much! interestingly i haven't heard of this type of slice referred to as tiffin before - we would call it hedgehog! incidently i have a recipe for prune and walnut hedgehog here: http://pinry.wordpress.com/2009/06/11/sweet/


Hi! I've found your blog a few days ago and I can't stop to visit you everyday!
I really love the things you do - specially the blankets! ;)


MMMhhhh!!! Thank you for the recipe! I will try it.


That looks (and sounds) delicious! Absolutely yummy. And as I'm a wee bit weak right now (not a whole lot of temptation required for me to break - put some crumbles in a pretty bowl and I'm a goner), I immediately inventoried the Fridge. A pathetic shortage of cranberries and utter lack of the right biscuits resulted in Tiffin with dried mango and Ginger Snaps. Yum, yum, yum. But next time I shop it's your recipe for sure!

Thanks for posting such delightful temptations. Your photographs really hit the spot. The hungry hungry must make now spot.


Morning..can't sleep so catching up with the blogging l missed yesterday
Thank you soooooo much for the lovely comments and the rug you asked about is from Ikea...gorgeous isn't it?

oh yes and you are such a bad girl!!!...started a new diet a couple of days ago and you have now put this recipes up....bad bad bad! hehe
Happy weekend to you and yours x


mm mm mm, will need to try this!!

and yep, youre right, graham crackers are substituted for digestives!



Great recipe....Thank you.

Anne Bebbington

Just to clarify from my earlier comment - I can confirm that they are totally delicious if you substitute pecans with dessicated coconut because you have no nuts in the cupboard - a breeze to make but soooooooooo difficult waiting for them to set :o)


Hmmm! I only read the post and put on 7lbs! That is a DANGEROUS recipe - it looks completely irristable!

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