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August 07, 2009


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Lucy, what a lucky coincidence! I just happen to have all the ingredients for that yummy looking Tiffin in my cupboard. Although I will have to use Graham Crackers instead of digestive biscuits since I live here in very very damp Florida. Thanks for your brightness. BeBe at the dreary Police Station


Just taken a batch out of the fridge, YUM! How many calories do you think are in six squares??

Kate Bruning

Goodness me. I thought I might start watching what I eat today but now I can see it is a ridiculous idea.


Yum, yum, yum! I have the ingredients purchased and sitting out on the kitchen bench just waiting to be turned into this delicious confection tomorrow morning! Thanks for your wonderful blog1


Oh, you are killing me with these lovely yummy recipes, dear Lucy. First, your 'to die for' Caramel Shortbread and now this? Thank you for sharing your recipe!


That looks sublime!


These look great! I don't know about the cranberries in it, but everything else looks awesome. I may try them, though--with the cranberries! Thanks for the recipe!

Emma - Dotty Mays

oooh this sounds scrummy delicious - I bought in the condensed milk to make millionaires shortbread, but haven't had chance to make it yet. Now I want to make this instead - but will have to go & buy cranberries!


Ps loved BB Tah dah too but couldn't get my post to lodge!


If what popped up on my screen of the yummy looking photo, or the chocolate and cranberries weren't tempting enough to get my interest...well, the word tiffin definitely did it! I can't ever remember calling anything tiffin, and I like the word tremendously. I look forward to making these with my girls, and what a lovely time we will have eating chocolate and cranberry tiffin. Thank you very much for the recipe.


Sounds yummy! I want to make these!
I was wondering if the digestive biscuits are the same as Wheatabix? They have just arrived at my grocery store in the U.S.


Your reicpe sounds wondeful - and I want to try it soon. Could someone translate the measurements to "cups" - for those of us who do not know the metric system.

Thank you,


I have been anxiously awaiting this recipe! My boys (husband included)loved the Millionaire's shortbread and I know they will love this too. We are British but live in the USA so anything from 'home' is a real treat. Thanks for writing this blog; I look forward to reading your posts like waiting for a letter from an old school friend. Best wishes.

sarah T

Well done YOU!!!! on winning your award! Have a great weekend x


Nummy! I may just have to give this a try. I have everything but the cranberries. My toddler would love to "help" with this one!
Also, thanks for visiting my blog!

Ingrid Peters

Thank you so much for sharing all those nice things of your life with us. You really inspire me and I realise I'm checking many times a day if there's a new post just as you want to go on reading in a good book...
I read your recipe and it's not the digestive biscuits that are the trouble, I can get them in our supermarket in The Netherlands, but the 2 tbs golden syrup??? Is tbs a spoon like you use for soup/ dessert? And is golden syrup the syrup you use for making lemonade?
I really want to try this recipe! The photo's are delicious!
Thank you and go on like this!

deb taylor

Hey congratulations on your Dorset cereals win - so very deserved! I was happy to vote for you because your blog is so inspirational. All my friends appreciate it as well as they love all the goodies I make. I have made your cranberry & pecan tiffin this afternoon to take to work tonight - I am sure they will love it.

Nina - Tabiboo

Hi Lucy,

a treat for the weekend and such a yummy one.

You know I'm going to have to try this - just to make sure, of course! Though what do you think to dates and pecans??

Have a lovely weekend,


Betty Anne

Hi Lucy -- I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and I have decided that I really must send you a comment. I know that others have said it but I am going to say it too -- YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION -- your love of color, your beautiful photos, your fun way of expressing yourself in a real and honest way, your great tutorials -- o.k. that is enough for now. I first found your blog when searching the net for how to make a granny sq. I had learned to crochet as a child and had made a number of things but then got away from it for a long time so I needed a refresher lesson. My renewed interest in crochet started when I was given the news that I was going to be a Gramma in November -- I needed to make something "baby" and decided that a quilt would take too long so I bought some very baby yarn and I haven't stopped crocheting since. I am finding it to be enjoyable and relaxing and needless to say I have become quite addicted. It really is partly your fault because once I found your blog with all the beautiful colors I wanted some in my house too : ) I was also inspired by you and a number of others to start my own blog -- it took me a few tries but I have finally done it and so far it is great fun. Sorry this is so long -- maybe if I had written sooner I would have had less to say -- thank you again for your inspiration. Have a great day and God Bless.


I am going to make this for my husband's birthday munchies for him to take into the office next week! Thank you.


Haha yes I thought gram cracker or waffers would be the sub for biscuits. Thanks for the recipe! <3

Elizabeth D

My teeth hurt just reading this recipe! It must be wonderful.

Anne Bebbington

Mmmmmmmm sounds so good have just rushed into the kitchen and made some - mind you I didn't have any nuts of any kind except ground almonds so used dessicated coconut instead - we'll see......... (but the mixture was delicious when squidged from round the edge of the mixing bowl on a bare finger!) It's in the fridge as we speak!


I too am off to buy the ingredients!! I love that you posted the receipe on Friday for us to enjoy over the weekend:) Your BB looks so beauitful and comfy but I can't wait to see your next crochet project! Have a great weekend

Wendy Wager

Oh Lucy, I'm running out of superlatives to describe all the things on your blog! Next week is husband's birthday and shall impress family visitors with your tiffin and carrot cake. Congratulations on the award - so richly deserved! Yours is the best blog on the planet by far. X


Follow up to earlier post - I DID go out shopping for the ingredients, lol, my excuse is that I needed something to keep my granddaughter entertained. Yep, sticking with that. Literally, lol.

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