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August 05, 2009


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This is very nice!!! so big!!! and without the white color a nice fresh and summer blanket!! wouahhhh!


You are SO cute. And BB is every bit the big beautiful babe you knew he would be. I'm a fairly new reader, but your enthusiasm for life is so contagious, I just love reading your blog. And I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself balancing on those chair arms, lol!


Lucy - you've done it again! - got us all excited and wow! was it worth the wait. Just gorgeous - and we can learn so much from your use of colour. Thank you - and now I can't wait to get making your version of our old favourite - tiffin!


Congratulations, Lucy, on such a beautiful, wonderful blanket! Following along with you on its progress was almost as much fun as crocheting it myself-- almost-- except that, in the end, we can only enjoy it virtually.

Well done!

Meg McG

That is super duper lovely and you are my crochet inspiration! It's as precious as a new baby, isn't it? Congratulations on a job well done!


Im delighted to see the finished piece of work - its absolutely beautiful, and its tempting me to get stuck into mine again - Ive temporarily stuffed it in its project bag whilst I have a passionate affair with a small hexagon throw (thankyou for the pattern, its absolutely brilliant!)

Well done you!

Julia xxx

Annabel Burton

just fabulous - will return regularly just to feast my eyes on it! What an inspiration... ah well back to mine..xxx


Just two words spring to mind Lucy. Ab Fab! xxx.


WoW!!!!! Oh Lucyyyyyy it's Gorgeous! Sumptuous! I am green and all the other colours of the rainbow with envy, I would LOVE to have that blanket on my bed. It's absolutely Wonderful, a Dream blankie.
I got your recent message, thank You so much for thinking of me. I am ok, battling a bit with health probs and family stuff but ok. Not much chance of getting back to bloggging until at least the autumn though. I am so happy to be catching up with yours today :o) will read through all the posts I've missed and pop no doubt pop back to leave more comments, will also email you asap. hope you and yours have a lovely summer xxxxxxxxxxx


STUNNING!!...one beautiful heir loom you have there Lucy...sorry l missed the ta-dah! moment yesterday you must be so so pleaased with BB it's beautiful
A car boot and an ungodly hour in the open air took my blogging time yesterday
Congrats again on the blog comp win well deserved
Have a fun day today


Hi Lucy,
I realise you're probably quite fed up with reading all these comments on BB, but felt I had to add mine into the morass!
BB is THE most beautiful crochet blanket in this world, and I have loved following its progress, both the ups and the downs (you were right to remove the white).
Many thanks for sharing its creation and I look forward to the next projects - especially the scarf as I think we're all going to need one this coming winter.
P x


Thank you Lucy for giving me so much of your time and showing your wonderful crochet. I am constantly having at least one item of your crichetting in my thoughts.
So far I have made the ribble patterns blanket. One pillow and kitchen chairs have their covers made according to your idea. No I am planning the next order from Rowan to end up one cover of a chair and then I am not sure what will be next...so I am viewing your blog every day:-)
Thank you so much letting me follow your life and creation of BB and other ones.


Well done Lucy, you should be very proud of yourself! It's gorgeous!


It turned out beautiful! I love that it's big enough to cover the whole bed - what a luxury. Congrats and enjoy BB!


BB is beautiful. The colours are gorgeous. Bring on the cool weather so you can snuggle.


Congrats! You are the queen goddess of the granny!

Kerry P

It's absolutely gorgeous Lucy, since reading your blog I have learnt to crochet and now have my own BB in progress!! You really are such an inspiration


Oh BB is SOOOOO gorgeous!!!! I'm inspired!


Well done on a lovely blanket, and also thank you for sharing the true cost of wool! It would be good for people who purchase handmade items to know these things...




Isn't BB handsome! I've checked everyday to see this Ta-Dah moment. Brilliant work.


It is beautiful!
Ilove the way you get all gitty about your work I do that to! Love your blog!


Great blanket, great blog. Love the shots of your bedroom - I'm so nosey about creative people's houses! Well done for getting it finished, 7 months isn't long really (wouldn't be for me anyway!)


It's gorgeous - warm, cheerful, bright!


Gorgeous! Well done Lucy, it's fab! I love, love, love the colours, so rich and vibrant, it's no surprise you're in love with your blanket. I love it too!
Love Vanessa xxx

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