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August 04, 2009


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Anna-Karin, Sweden

I really love your 2-round squares! Gorgeous colours as always. And the little teaser on BB... still can't wait... The book looks nice. Must see if I can get a copy of it.
It seems like we have strange weather both in UK and in Sweden...
Anna-Karin xxxxxxxxxxxx


best ever and glad you and yours are all ok and been out and about with friends
Cant wait for tomorrows blog and BB pics
have a cosy evening


Oh what a lovely cheerful post Lucy. Cheered me up no end in my swine flu sick bed! Love your crocks and the passion flower! Lucy. X

Wendy Wager

Lovely blog as usual. Mmm..thank you. I assume you won the July Dorset Cereals award with over 750 votes and it looks like you are in the running for August too. I certainly voted again. Will they disqualify you soon to give someone else a chance? You are obviously the best blog around. Congratulations!


Lovely post, as usual, Lucy. Love your red crocs...they look cozy and comfy. The best part of your post?? The two different views from the Attic window on the same day....fascinating and beautiful!!!!!


You wicked tease, showing us the teeniest corner of BB and then telling us we have to wait until tomorrow! Bad girl! Apart from that, the pics are of course great and the wee squares are sooo pretty.


I can't believe it's August - I wore a jumper all yesterday evening. What is wrong with the weather???

As long as it is sunny on 22nd August I will be happy though :)

I love your two round grannies - they would make a lovely scarf. I was contemplating a scarf with my leftovers but I think it will be solid rows of SC rather than grannies.


Can´t wait for the BB moment!

Bonnie Slager

I am loving the matching cushions! I am finding the more I make, the more... can I have one of those.. I am getting. How many of these do you actually make or give you family Luce?


Ooh, I am holidaying in Dorset right now. So glad you got "the book" it will be worth the wait x


Eek off to turn my calendar!
This weather could make you feel really miserable -but we can rely on Lucy's blog to cheer us up.


goodness august already how odd as it feels more like autumn days!
love the passion flower and your flowery pots there and the iccle granny square row looks fab!
must pick up my crochet hook again soon.....
Lesley x


Just wonderful,
Liebe Grüße



I love your view, I love your back door area, I love the colors you use!!! We have to drive 45 miles just to go to a good restaurant and see a movie but that's life in the West (U.S.A.). So glad you're back.


mmm I have that book out from the library at the moment, I love the way it's divided into seasons.

Nina  - Tabiboo

Squeal indeed'ee' Lucy - I cannot wait to see the glorious BB!

I only remembered to turn the calender this morning. When did it become August??

take care and enjoy the rest of the day,

Nina x


I just have to write a little note to say that I think you write a delightful blog. Reading your cheerful posts is one of my favourite things to do with a cup of tea. Thank you!


What a gorgeous view you have.

Shelley in SC

Yes, all my favorite British bloggers are reporting a very disappointing summer . . . sunshine-wise!! Hard to obey the "Bossy Calendar" when the sun won't do its part!! Loving the new crocs, the new book and the (soon-to-be-seen) new crocheted bed cover!!!


The weather just isn't behaving as it should, I feel a distinct lack of sunshine. It's been trying to be sunny here in Glasgow, but there have been big, black clouds in the sky all day long. Yuk. I'm looking forward to seeing the big BB reveal, you have kept us all in great suspense! xx


That wee corner is looking great Lucy, can't wait to see it in all it's glory!


You were missed - and it was only Friday you last posted! Hope you will soon completely recover from your day out and thanks for another lovely blog. I am wondering where in Dorset your folks live - we are on the border near Sherborne. I do so hope the weather will cheer up by then as it is absolutely horrible today - wet AGAIN!



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