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August 04, 2009


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lindoo amei seu talento de crochetar . gosto muito


What you do with all the beautiful blankets?


Ooh I think were camping in Northumberland in a couple of weeks. So if a geordie family stop to chat it might be us. Hope the weather stays fine for yous & us.


Forgot to say in my last comment, your bright red crocks are fab! And love the granny square cushion cover. Just had a look at your join as you go tutorial, and it's really rather brilliant! Thank you so much Lucy.
Love Vanessa xxx


We are on the same wavelength Lucy! Not only have I started making cushion covers, but I've been playing with doing tiny granny squares too! That's not the only coincidence! I got that book Homemade last week! It's fandabidose isn't it?! My blanket is finished, and I just need to take some photos.
I might go and look at your tutorial for joining as you go, I seem to remember you doing one.
It's a lovely day here!
Love Vanessa xxx


HI Lucy its Taz from Dorset - I mislaid the latest contact details you sent me - so email/ring I have some news x

Naomi Rainford

Hopefully we will have some more sunshine this august today is supposed to be 27 degrees so that is a nice start. Lovely post as usual.

Fancy Elastic

what a nice husband you have! And, passion flowers remind me of my childhood too... we had one growing up the front wall of my childhood home.

Yours looks lovely.


I ordered that book last week and am getting very excited around mail delivery time each day at work.


We have just got back from Northumbria. We love it and we have been several times.

I was admiring your passion flower. I would love one in my garden but we have failed to get one to grow from seed this year.


Did you win your Dorset Cereals blog of the month egg cup? I have just been on and voted for everyone I know.. good luck again for this month!

x Alex

Sam Moss

Lucy, whats happened to your blog votes on the Dorset Cereal website? Last time I looked you had over 600 now you only have 43? Have they re-set it and started again?

Lovely post by the way. I've recently sold some of my crochet things to a shop in London All the Fun of the Fair. I've made some pram blankets and a cushion cover just like yours. Was going to blog about them today. I too can't fine anything suitable to back my cushion with.... It's very hard to fine the perfect thing. Anyway, looking forward to seeing BB. It looks fab in sneaky pics you've shown us so far :o)
Sam x


Oh, dear, the suspense is killing me!!!!! So excited for you-know-what!


Hi Lucy, i was soooo worried.Cos hadn`t heard from you, blogwise i mean!! Kept logging on each day & no update! I know you have to have a life lol! But i so enjoy your blogs, i kept thinking you must be poorly. The BB corner looks lovely and like everyone looking forward to the big reveal. Oh & don`t forget the Tiffin recipe pleeeaaasssee.
Love Carole in Rossendale xx

rani Shah

that book looks divine!! Can't get it at amazon us yet! Have a wonderful savory time soaking it in!


2 row granny square! Where, where do I get the pattern? So darn cute indeed:) Anticipating more photo's


I love the way you mix your colours of your yarn. I can never achieve that. mine will just look messy and horrible !! love love love your blog (i've said that a million times now and will say it a million more).

Am in dorset too. enjoy your visit down south.


Lucy, the suspense you are building for BBs big "ta daaa" moment is killing me, I can't believe it was only friday that you last posted the waiting makes it seems longer! You're so talented, whipping up such gorgeous creations in so little time - I'm in awe! Natalie xxx


The last pic is amazing, i am putting it on my computer for wallpaper. Could you please post a pic of that lovely needlepoint cushion that is coyly peeping around the little granny flowers? I would love to see it, is it your own design, do you needlepoint too? I am so very glad i discovered your blog!

sheila jones

Lovely pics as always Lucy but I have to say what a neat bedside table you have! I wouldn't dare photograph mine or hubby's!! The Homemade book is a very special book and I am sure you will enjoy every page.


I think it's my first time commenting, but I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog so much. There is so much joy and peace in your photos. I envy you for your upcoming holiday, too!

French Knots

Isn't that bike lovely?! I can just imagine myself cycling along in the sunshne, pretty floral skirt flapping in the breeze, basket full of flowers........if only!


Love the little snippet of BB, can't wait to see its full glory! The passion flower is beautiful! Hope it's not a drippy day tomorrow,we've had enough drippy days for one week!
Rachel x


waiting patiently for the big ta-da!

be sweet!


sou portuguesa e admiradora do seu trabalho
luisa ferreira

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