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July 31, 2009


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I can't wait to see BB in all it's glory..Hedgehog bread looks YUMMY..I too like your "new" blog..Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend..


I always buy more underwear if I start running out. It's easier.


BB looks awesome! So does that hedgehog bread. I'm off to hunt a recipe for that one.


i adore bread with butter, was brought up on it..
lovely pics Lucy, love the vibrant colors..
have a happy weekend..


Today was lovely!
Makes a happy change....

Lovely blanket...colours are fab, BTW.....the cakes look scrummy!
Have a super weekend..:>))


I do love a blue sky in the morning, it just starts the day off right. That slice is looking yummy too, but not nearly as yummy as the BB.

Have a smashing weekend.

Kate Bruning

Blue sky!!!! The funny thing about reading your post is that in the southern hemisphere we call your tiffen slice hedgehog... The orange of your fish is sublime, for the first time I can understand the point in having a goldfish for a pet. Enjoy the sun and all of its vitamin d.


Oh at least once a week is just fine to have a meal like that. We wouldn't want the family to expect too much from us would we? Often weet-bix is served here as well. Nothing wrong with that!

So glad you got BB finished. That must be a weight off your shoulders. Loving your new look blue too.


Hello Lucy, I don't think I've visited for a while, but glad I visited today, lovely blanket, lovely tiffin and lovely new look !


Love the new blog design! Still on the edge of my seat waiting to see BB in all it's glory!!!!
Have a lovely weekend....


Can't wait to see BB in all it's glory, it's looking pretty amazing with the photo's you have been able to take.


beautifaul blanket, I woud like mine to be finished as well

Naomi Rainford

blog looks great!


I thought for a minute that my computer had gone wonky!! The blog looks great as does the bread the tiffin and everything else. My little family and i are going to Scarborough tomorrow for our family holiday and reading through your old blogs we are all inspired to visit Robin Hoods Bay (just hope i dont get a bad hair day like you did on your birthday visit!)


Thats a very tantalising glimpse of BB there, can hardly wait to see the Big Picture of it! Im still beavering away on my own, about a third or so done I think, but naughty me - went and bought more wool to make ANOTHER blanket...this time, hexagons!! (and Im using your pattern, I love it. Thank you! :)

Have a lovely weekend, and yes - bread and jam, totally, absolutely necessary as lunch. Definately.

Love Julia xxx


am loving the lovely blue blog and all the yippee's too - looked like a fab day indeed :-) xxx


Aaah how lovely, you added me to your blog roll, thanks Luce, love the new look x


I thought your blog was looking particularly bright and breezy today. It's all decked out in my favourite colour. BB's scalloping is like miniscule happy stitchy bunting. Lovely x


Yes it has been blue skies here today as well thank goodness! Can't wait to see your BB in all its glory, and love the blue background of your blog.


Bread and jam is a perfectly good meal. Bread is carbs, so thats basically pasta in loaf form. The butter, being dairy, gives calcium or something, and as long as it's a good fruit filled jam, I think it counts as one of your five a day....

I should add I don't technically have any nutrition qualifications, but I've watched a lot of You Are What you Eat and shows like that!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Oh, BB looks great! Can't wait to see it all.
And the new look on your blog is so nice.
Now I'm gonna continue on my "Attic24-bag" :)
Anna-Karin xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gerry Hook

Your BBB is just THE BEST ! ! ! ! !


CONGRATULATIONS on finishing BB!!! I'm sure it keeps you smiling all day long! I'm still puttering away on mine, been derailed with other little projects that have come up, the most recent being a very jaunty purple and lavender chihuahua, of all things -- remember my little K. just loves pink and purple! Cheers and have a glorious weekend!

Pom Pom

I love all your YIPPEEEES.
I am trying to remember how to make granny squares. Going for a little lesson today. I love your blanket!


Todays post and new blog look - it´s all sooooo yummie! I love your way with colour!

Have a lovely weekend!

Anna xxxxxxxxxxxx

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