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July 31, 2009


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again a lovely post..
can you tell me the napkin below the bars is cloth or paper?
It looks sooo good...

Michele Arnwine

You are adorable!!! I love all of your colorful crocheted items. You totally inspire me to keep crocheting along - especially in when I plan to make my big blanket!!!


I´m a Brazilian crafter and I´m totally in L.O.V.E with your blog and all its collors and brightness!!!
The photos, the yarns, the vivid stitches, the charming pics of your place... everything! It´s a gorgeous blog! and I´m dying to go home and crocheting...
Have a nice week!

Karen Pitt

I Love Jam & bread any time, especially with lovely fresh bread like that. Your blanket look lovely.

The Curious Cat

Jam and Bread makes a very good tea- you can simply ask my boyfriend! Love the little fishy! xxx


WOW!!! Beautiful blanket!! can't wait to see it in all it's beautiness!!
The new blog colors and lay-out is soooo bright and 'summer'! Love it!

Erica K

Your post is so happy! Your pictures look so bright and cheerful! I love your 'big blanket.' Can't wait to see the whole thing!


looking forward to BB
BUT cannot wait for that recipe pec chocolate ----I tjink that is what you said
my god it looks yummieee Australia


Love the new look site. Can you tell me how you do your photo mosaics? Thanks, Karen


Congrats on the BB. She's absolutely beautiful. There's enough color there to brighten any gray day. Love it!


I must say, your latest blog cheered a grey day here.

Can't wait for the Tiffin recipe. My Yorkshire MiLaw used to make a perfect tiffin and I could never quite get it right for my husband. Yours looks so professional.


i thought at first that you had baked that bread! joshy and i are ill with chest infections so thought id look at your blog to cheer me up cant wait to see bb!! fliss xx


Lovely Lucy,and love the border, it's so delicate and works beautifully. Looking forward to seeing photos of blanket in neat room!
Love vanessa xxx


Come on Lucy i need that Cranberry & Pecan Tiffin recipe !! Just kidding, need a choc fix !! I know you`re busy with the little people.Just love reading your blogs, especially when i`m feeling a bit low.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


Like the new look to your blog Lucy. Roll on sunny afternoon for seeing BB.

crafty mommy of 4

Hi Lucy
I have been reading your blog for awhile and love it! You inspire me beyond words! looking forward to seeing you BB all spread out.xxx


Lovely BB! Really inspiring to keep me going with mine ;-)
Btw, do you happen to have a recipe of this wounderful bread? It looks so cute.
Have a nice week!


Hi Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

homely heroine

I can sympathise with the problematical indoor photoshoot, the preview looks great though. Yes, definately, bread and jam for dinner is bliss, esp if its bonne maman jam!


Mmmm - bread and jam. Of course bread and jam is ok to have for dinner! My tribe have been known to demolish a whole loaf of home baked bread with butter and strawberry jam in about 10 mins flat!


I just love BB and you have inspired me to start one on my own! Thanks so much for all of the pictures and edging tutorials...they are coming in very handy. Your blog makes me so envious of living in Britain surrounded by greenery and summer rain (I live in the western US where summer is desert-like and very brown).


Blanket looks lovely,specialy the scalloped edge. Like the little changes on your blog. Never tried hedgehogbread, it looks yummy. Have a wonderful weekend!


Would love a tiffin recipe :)


Hi Lucy!
I like the new look of your blog. BB it's wonderful, even if I see just a bit of it.I wish you a sunny weekend!


Hi Lucy. It's all looking lovely as ever. Hope the sun shines for us all today as photos are becoming something of a challenge aren't they? x

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