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July 28, 2009


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Naomi Rainford

thank you for your reply to my yarn question had a quick look online they do look scrummy!


Can I come shopping with you next time.....Can I can I........?

Naomi Rainford

forgot to ask, what yarn do you use? it always looks such good quality and i have no idea when it come to yarns so looking for ideas for good quality yarn.

Naomi Rainford

you have made me want to rush and out grab some glorious bright colourful fruit and veg but i will refrain and get on with my revision. but loved your post your little people sounds so cute!


Yum, all of the photos look so good!

Nina - Tabiboo

Fruiti 'licious' Lucy,


Nina x


another lovely holiday day can't wait to see the finnished article.


Lucy ~ it sounds like you had a perfect day out with your Little People, the summer holidays are wonderful for days like this :O)


Hey I want strawberries to... well, just have to take a shower and hopp on the bus!

Hoping for the "Ta-Dah" in the next days :)
I have done my first blog "Ta-dah" yesterday, actually called "the Big Slurp"

Take care!



That gingerbread man and muffin look decidedly "Gregg's-like" - or do they call them Thurston over th'pennines? I can't remember. Delicious all the same. We can't go into town without sausage rolls and gingerbread men for the little people. It's tradition.
Hope you get to the yarn shop today. I can't wait for the big reveal.


Ah, wished I still lived in town. I'm a townie and have been living in the countryside for 12 looooong years.

I am increasingly feeling a need to be within walking distance of the library and coffee shops. Sigh.

Lovely post (and that book and your cake look fab).


Yes, quite a nice book to flip through while eating what looks like a scrumpcious muffin!!!! Ah those blankets and I do like what you picked out to show although, like you I wouldn't fill my house with them, just some tids and bits!!!

Yes, looking forward to seeing the end of the Edge.... but also what else do you have in store for us???????

Enjoy !!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Beautiful photos Lucy! And I laughed about "the book" because, inspired by your earlier post, I tried to borrow it from my library only to be told that someone had taken it out ages ago and hadn't returned it!!!! It really must be a fantastic book!

Lucy x


Your photos are so beautiful... and I had to laugh at the gingerbread man... usually ours only get the buttons and eyes eaten and then the bodies left!


Cor ... I just hate those verification thingies on the comments - I have to call in my eldest son to read them for me because my eyes ain't what they used to be. He's a good boy - think he feels sorry for me! Sorry, just felt I had to share that!

Lara :)


Lovely to share your journey into town with littlies! I picked up my little man from kindy today and it was such a lovely walk home - it really cheers the heart! On the way we HAD to stop and wait for his friend who was walking behind us, just so they could hold hands until we had to part ways at the end of the road. A real big ahhhh moment!

PS I love enamel things too - my mum had a great enamel pie tin and I just can't find one the same over here. At least I have the memories!

Lara :)


You seem to have a great library, Lucy, you're making me think I should wander with the Munchkin to our local library and see what's on offer. I love "Creating Vintage Style", one of my favourite bedtime reads. You're being ever so patient with BB. The munchkin quite likes visiting the sewing/yarn shop, which happens to be where we are going today, allowing him to help choose a couple of buttons and maybe even fabric helps! Must try to get some apricots from the market today to make a few jars of jam.
Love, Hen x

Fruitful Fusion

Lucy!!! Such a beautiful couple of posts as usual!!! Thank you!!! :D

Isabelle (France)

I did enjoy this little trip down to the town centre with you and LP!
Soon I will be in North Yorkshire with the family and I can't wait!!!!
Have a lovely day!

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