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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 28, 2009


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You really make my day, the way you write is wonderful , I just feel as though i am there with you through your walk and eats...
Can you please click a picture of the "So we cross over the road to the Town Hall where there is a little cobbled square with wooden benches and big tubs planted with bright flowers. All the benches are full so we end up sitting on the Town Hall Steps and enjoying a quick picnic lunch of sausage roll, fresh peas, apricots, plums and strawberries. Quite delicious." mentioned i could imagine it but i would love to have a picture for this image....


As always a joy to read. Am reminded of the time my daughter now an adult but then aged about 4 asked if we could have some "cardboard pears"! Turned out to be avocado pears - not something I regularly bought so don't know where that came from but children do sometimes have quite adventurous tastes don't they?


I didn't know about this book, and as a big fan of vintage style, I'm marching straight to amazon to buy my copy, so thank you for the tip Lucy. I'm slowly introducing more of that look into the house, hoping H won't notice if it's very gradual!
Love Vanessa xxx


Yum yum I'll have some of the lemon muffin please!
Did you know you are up for a blog award on the Dorset cereals website and you are currently in 2nd place!! I have added my vote, you are far and away the loveliest blog!


I just had to say something to you since I happened upon your blog and quickly got all caught up in reading your fun post! I enjoy it so much. I really enjoy crochet as well as vintage and so your blog just sweeps me away into Happy Land! :o) Thank you so much for the fun!



Lucy - I recently discovered your blog (where had I been all this time?) and am absolutely enamored with your beautiful words, you stunning photographs, and your gloroiusly colorful crochet. I am floored!

I just had to say hello and tell you how much I amire your little space here on the web and how much I've been enjoying reading and taking a glimpse into your world. Thanks for sharing with us. : )


Maybe you could bribe them to let you go and get your wool in return for some more apricots and plums?!! We would really appreciate it!


Gorgeous close ups Lucy - fab colours! Oh the gingerbread picture did make me smile, Friday treat when I first had to go back to work after having my first little man, was a trip down to town for delicious things for grandad's lunch as he babysat for the afternoon (and still does). A gingerbread man was always on the list and my little man would choose which colour eyes. The lovely ladies in the shop really encouraged him to help him learn colours! Happy memories and a tradition we follow with No 2 now.

Enjoy your book, its a beauty.
Have a lovely week and hope the sun peeps out for you. Looking foward to the big reveal!


What wonderful photos Lucy...do you take your camera everywhere? lol It sounds like an idyllic little trip and your muffin looked delicious as did all the fruit and veg.


i do enjoy your visits to town so much...I would of loved to get a few of those muffins, looked delich and i love lemon..
take care,


It sounds like a great day, Lucy - I love to keep up with your posts and all the detail you give. Enjoy your holidays!

Kate Bruning

It is such a visual feast looking at all of the produce you have available at the moment. In a very wintery N.Z. all we seem to have are mandarins and ironically, kiwi fruit. Thank you so much for your gorgeous comments on my blog - it meant so much to me because you are... wait for it.... my hero (now I am blushing and scuffing my toe against the floor). I have linked back to you with that hexagon blanket a few times in the past but not the other day so you may have missed the fact that it is a baby from your own tutorials. That's right, it is your grandchild!!!!!


Hi, Lucy!
I invite you to visit my blog: http://lellilu.blogspot.com
I hope you enjoy!
Thanks for your colourful world.


I love your inspirational photos!

Anna xxx

Alison Hutchison

You really are a top mummy Lucy x I think the rain is making the trips out that we are all getting in between the showers all the sweeter.

Shelley in SC

Can I please, please go with you on your little jaunt into the village?? It sounds altogether so charming and delightful, I can hardly stand not to be there. Enjoy your holidays!!


Hi Lucy, I`ve just been from Rawtenstall to Leeds today to see my elderly Mum and help her into the shower. Feeling shattered & a bit fed up, i clicked onto your Blog. You never fail to cheer me up, thank you soooo much. You seem to have had a good trip out to the shops, and an impromptu picnic!Your pictures are lovely and i think i will request that book at my local library in Rawtenstall. Lv Carole from Rossendale x


"....the end of the edge"...haha sounds like the title of a book
When will you start?...l'm sure it would be a best seller
Thanks for the trip to town.....


I love how children turn the most mundane chore into a fun filled morning x

Anne Bebbington

Oh those town hall steps are such a long way from deepest Somerset - I was there with you in my imagination though :o)

The Curious Cat

Aw, sounds like a delicious outting! As usual you describe it so vividly that I feel I was actually there!


lovely post...i really hope my town is such a happening place like you have with the veggie and fruits stall... oh how i love all that ... u r so lucky....


if only I could get my kids to eat fruit....They consider flavored gummi bears as "fruit".


I have fallen in love with the tiny granny squares in that dishcloth(?)! Is that in the book? It's so charming.


Your photos look good enough to eat. It sounds like you all had a lovely time down the street.

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