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July 25, 2009


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Don't you hate that! Looking lovely.

Shelley in SC

Can't wait! Can't wait! (Hopping up and down in suspense!)


Oh no! Can you run into town and get that last ball? I hope they have it in stock. And to heck with the dye lot!


Oh no - now you have to keep us in suspense longer - hope you can get more yarn!!


Hi!! Don`t panic!! Use a colour close to the one you don`t have!? I`m sure you are able to fix it!!

Naomi Rainford

well you will just have to rush down to the yarn shop first thing monday morning and finish the final three, all your fans are waiting with baited breath for the tah dah post!

LOL that is so funny though!


Ugh! It is sooo beautiful and that is sooo frustrating! I hope you are able to get another ball very soon:)


Poo! I've been drooling over your mad crocheting skills...I cannot crochet. And my knitting isn't much better!




Fruitful Fusion

Ah too bad Lucy! I hate that feeling! Hope you can get back to BB soon!


Oh how annoying!


I mean fingers!!


Keeping my fingerd crossed for you!


Oh no Lucy ~ How annoying for you! So near and yet so very far! Still it keeps us all in suspense for just that little bit longer. Hope you have a lovely weekend :O)


OOOOHHHHH thats soooooo frustrating, and i bet you were crocheting slower and slower in the hope that you would have enough. Looking forward to the next installment. I really do enjoy your blogs, i`ve started a blanket and i`ve got 4 squares done already. Also i`ve made your recipe for carrot cake and it is lovely, i`m off for a cuppa and a piece soon. I love to read recipes that you recommend. Lv Carole from Rossendale xx

Miss Mellifluous

Ah,the irony of it all. BB just wants to spend as much one-on-one time with you before it's over and you fall in love with another of your creations...!


How very annoying - have you tried unrunning some of of the border and doing it back up a little tighter I have often found that works when it is only a small amount extra I need?


Ouch! That's bad luck. Why does always something like this happen?


Hate it when that happens! I hope the yarn shop is open for you this weekend and has the color you need. Crossing my fingers!

Have a great weekend Luce!



Ahhhh! That's enough to make you crazy, isn't it?


Ha Ha! am loving the suspense you are building with BB x

Nina - Tabiboo

... Oh no this can't be!!

Unitl the next installment - have a lovely weekend!

Nina x


Oh the suspense! and to have it end like that. Such is life. I know you will sort it out.


Thta's definitely an Aggggghhhhh moment...


Oh no, that's really The Aargh!

Hope you'll get the yarn so you can finish the BB and I can look the pictures! Yes, I'm selfish :)


I absolutely hate when that happens!

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