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July 25, 2009


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Susan Reed

BB is fabulous. I love to read you blogs everyday. One day I will start a BB for myself and hope that it will turn out as beautiful as yours. Thank you again for all your tutorials, they have been a great help.

Susan Reed


Looking fab! I'm doing the border of my blanket at the moment, and it's amazing how much yarn I need for it, a ball per line of colour in the border! It feels slightly crazy!


Noooo! Why does that happen? I have the exact same thing so often with the bobbin thread on my sewing machine, I can be inches away from the end of a piece and 'flick' out goes the bobbin thread!

But for you it does mean a quick yarny shopping trip!!


Oh, Lucy, I'm so sorry that happened to you!! I really hate it when that happens...(especially on Christmas Eve ;-)

Just wanted to say thanks again for teaching me to crochet! I've entered a giant granny that I made using your summer garden tutorial into our county fair :-)



oh no this happened to me on my ripple blanket. I got onto ravelry quick smart and asked for some help and some lovely ladies mailed me 6 balls of green yarn for the cost of postage! all they asked in return was to see my finished blankie

good luck, been there and survived!


Pam L.

OH NOOOOO, tell me it isn't so! You poor gal. Anxiously waiting for the final results in Alabama US


And you only had one row of Arrgghhh!!!!!!!!
But there is a solution to every problem the optimist in me says....even if it may not be the solution we favor.


oh no, gutted. hope you've got one sorted, I have a spare "Pier" ball if you need it urgently and the shop doesn't have any in stock! I'm sure it will though :-)


That's life, isn't it? But you will persevere! :-)

just me

That happens to me sometimes too. I usually can frog back and re-do the row and cover the shortage if I pay attention to what I am doing and tighten up just a bit.


Oh no! Hope you can get a new ball soon - of course you will then have an "almost full ball" left and will need to decide what to make next - always a silver lining!!


I´m really glad that I found this wonderful blog. I love your colourful handmade crafts und wonderful pictures!
Greetings from Germany

joe currey

oh no... that's terrible! I hate it when that happens :(


I can't wait for the reveal!


Urgh , how frustrating !
Looks great by the way.


Oh I hate that. It's beyond fustrating. I really need to learn that crochet stitch - I've got a tonne of wool I've spun I want to make a blanket with and I like the main stitch you've used, looks like an easy repeating stitch.

Denise Leavens

WOW, I heard that all the way from HERE (Washington, USA) before I even read the Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gather that running out of yarn at this point is a trifle vexing?

My daughter and I were discussing the various blogs we enjoy reading and found that we both love Attic24! For the gorgeous COLOURS you use, that you opt to keep on creating even when the housework, etc. is piling up, for the beautiful photos of the British countryside and most of all because you make us crack up with laughter! From Denise and Jennie, thank you SO much for sharing.


Oh poor baby - have you looked on Ravelry? I know that Retro Mummy managed to get some more wool from someone's stash to finish her beautiful ripple blanket. Or maybe you could be a true artiste and have something a little left of centre in the design?
Good luck xxxx


Ohhhh nooooooo! Poor BB, I'll bet it was so looking forward to being finished. Hope you can get more of that colour.

I am still ripple crocheting away, but I have run out of some of the cotton colours and need to buy some more cotton...



That's my biggest fear, as garden blanket grows I keep asking myself 'what if I run out of this colour?'... frustration!



pip of meetmeatmikes

OH NO! What will happen next?! On the total edge of my seat waiting for Episode 2 of 'When The Yarn Ran Out'... !

Sophie Sjöquist

Are you sure you didn´t do it on purpose, just to keep us all hanging a little bit longer? It IS an agonizing wait you know!


That's what they call "Sod's Law" Lucy



I've been known to unravel some then crochet it up again making my tension tighter.

It doesn't work.

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