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July 23, 2009


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Renata S. P.

I just LOVE your crochet projects! They are so colorful, so happy, so gorgeous!
I recently finished the project that made me learn to crochet: My Babette Blanket.

Your blog is really an inspiration!

Thanks for sharing so beautiful things with us.


Just had another thought - yes 2 in 2 days!! Perhaps there is somebody out there who has a small amount of the required colour and make of wool they can let you have? Worth asking perhaps? Sorry but I haven't - otherwise I'd be asking for your address to post it to you!

Hope you manage to finish off BB soon and looking forward to seeing it.



Liebe Grüße


Can't wait to see BB finished. It is so exciting. Have been practising the ripply ripply one it works! You are very clever to be able to explain it all so clearly.
Have you planned a new project yet?


Oh, how wonderful! It's looking gorgeous. Take care of your finger though, crafting injuries can plague you for ages if you don't rest them properly!

Jo A

oh no Luce - a crafting rsi related injury.Poor girl! Crack on though and get your scrumptious BB finished.


Hi Lucy,
BB is looking quite BRILLIANT! Can't wait to see the final Ta Dah!


aaaaargh I am away all weekend! Please wait until Sunday evening/monday!


Hello I am new here. I've discovered your blog and I love it. I put in my favourite list. Your crochet work is so pretty!!!
Love from Spain


Breathtaking and gorgeous - I cannot wait for the 'ta da' moment! I've just started my scallops on my bb/summer garden granny afghan, I am racing to the finish with you! My injury is on my left index finger, I seem to have a permanent red crease now from the yarn sliding over it continuously, lol!

Kate - The Garden Bell

Bummer. I got one of those hooking injuries (tennis elbow) about 6 monthes ago. Ended up in PT for about 6 weeks. Those breaks we have to take can be pretty tough on us addicted hookers. ICE,ICE,ICE..... That's the first thing they had be do was put my elbow in a bucket of ice waters. I much preferred the heated rice bag with a cup of tea, but they said that we not as good initially. Hang in there.


As your post opened before my eyes this morning I was struck with beautiful bright happy Lucy color and you know what??? I LOVED IT!

Emily Valli

Greetings from beautiful northeastern Pennsylvania, USA...Dear sweet Lucy...you must have so much fun reading all of our comments...we are all so anxiously awaiting the final photos of BB. Thank you for the joy you bring to all of us...Emily V.


Love it :) Don't keep us waiting TOO long! xxx


oh BB we love you too. x


Ooh cripes, not a Hookers Injury! I hope it doesn't slow down the exciting last row too much. Can't wait to see the TA-DAH!! x


Can't wait to see the final result!!!!

I do also have that hooky injury, it's painful but you just can't stop either ;)

Take care!


Hi Lucy,

Your blog is brilliant, inspiational and informative. I so love you photographs and the beautiful colours you work with. So the endis in sight? I'll bet you've been busy imagining your next big project. Can't wait to see the final creation. Happy hooking.


Can't wait to see it finished!!! The colors are amazing!


BB is looking gorgeous with it's scallopy edge and I can't wait to see it revealed in all it's lovely and colourful crochet glory :O)


ooooh sooooo exciting! I really can't wait to see the finished BB - your blog has really inspired me & I'm having to force myself not to start several new WIP when I already have a few on the go right now!!

M by M



Ooooooh, such crochet lovliness, can't wait for the reveal!


I know those crochet finger feelings :)


my 10YO daughter and i have watched your progress and she is more impatient than i. it looks wonderful.

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