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July 03, 2009


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Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

I'm aware this is an old post but just had to share that I have a half eaten packet of these in my cupboard, brought over by my mother in law especially for me yesterday. I am not sharing.


Oh these are so delicious, I love when they crack and the sherbert spills out all over your tongue. Nomm! We have a bowl of them on the coffee table at the moment, along with a bag of their assorted boiled mints! xx


I work in M&S and I stare at those sweets 3 times a week but never with the kind of view you have on them and after reading this entry am gonna pay extra attention to them sweets at the till when i next work !! :)


I was in England visiting family recently and picked up a package of these in M&S too. They are so good! I have been savouring them because we don't have them here in the U.S.


oh yes... i have taken to hiding certain sweets and sneaking bites here and there! there are certain sweets that i have convinced myself the little ones will not fully appreciate yet and therefore it is best that they not partake!


Yummo! Anything but butterscotch for me, hate those little yellow butterscotch disc. Licorice? Yes yes, the devils work. Especially the black ones. The one time I ate it, it reminded me of a cough syrup my mom used to give us when we were kids, my brother and I. It was called "Creomoltion" and it was off the icky scale! I have one son gone and out of the house (currently serving in Iraq) and one son who's 15, and I STILL hide the chocolate!

Anja Heling

Dear Lucy,

about a few months I read your blog and it is my daily inspiration.
I come from Germany (my English is very bad) and have many, many nice things to see at the Attic24. Thanks a lot for the look inside your home, your personality and of course for the crochet how to do it.
In time I make a blanket with your hexagons and I love it so much.
Without your blog I have never take these ideas.
Very nice to meet you.
With best regards from Grevenbroich, a little town near Cologne in Germany,

Susana Alves

Ok.... I confess.... I commit the same mistake!... But they´re just so good, aren´t they? I think I can´t be alone for too much time! I can eat all the package!

Susana Alves

Patti Smith

I just love your crochet projects. I am trying to teach myself your Ripple Pattern. The instructions are very good, but unfortunately, my work is not. I keep practicing to try and get the pattern down. Sometimes, I get it right but a lot of the time, it sure does not look right. Eventually, will my crocheting really look like crocheting? I am trying not to give up, but it sure is difficult. Your projects look so perfect. Thanks for passing on your crochet knowledge. I appreciate it!


Mmmmm! I love these M & S sherberts, they're some of my favourites. I like the way the sherbert is kind of solid but crumbly rather than just loose like in the old fashioned sherbert lemons that cut your tongue. I'm always a sucker (ha ha) for the lime ones in many varieties of sweets.
Have you tried the chocolate-covered strawberries and raspberries and possibly blueberries from Marks? They're very yummy and I feel like I'm eating some fruit albeit it freeze-dried.

These sherberts are definitely NOT for little teeth, so you're doing your kiddies a favour by eating them yourself!


This is so funny! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this (though I tend to have mummy chocolate). Sadly though my children are now big enough to be more wise, they no longer ask, just wait for me to leave said deliciousness unattended and then pounce. I have become very sneaky about finding hiding places! And licorice, the devil's work? No way, it is one of my favourites, infact I may just have to go and find some very soon...


I'm not a sweet tooth Lucy, but you're blog is truly delicious. I could eat that crochet !

Kate Wells

Naughty, naughty (wagging finger) Oh, well... do a little extra gardening to burn off the calories! They do look awfully tempting...I wonder if I have anything sweet in the cupboard.. Oh, Lucy...now look what you've gone and done! Kate~


Sweets are my favourite thing too and I'm particularly partial to a sherbet fruit too!

Victoria xx


Yummy! I do not blame you one bit for keeping all those sweets to yourself:) Somethings are NOT meant to be shared! Chocolates are NOT meant to be shared in my house and the peeps (ages 16 & 21) have given up asking:) And I'm able to indulge during the nap time of my 2 year old....ENJOY your sweets Lucy!


Haha ~ Mummy Sweets. I love it!

I miss M&S. There used to be a few in Canada, but I don't think there's even one left open now. I miss Battenburg cake and shrimp cocktail crisps the most. Sigh. Good memories of childhood tea time.


LOL I have to confess to Mummy Chocolate, late at night when wee one's are sleeping!

Heather Thorp

Indeed they are Mummy sweets, good call on the blackcurrant! My second fave is their fruit rocks, they look so pretty too! I'm glad other people post about this kind of thing!


Ahhhh...... go on, give in!!! Picture their little faces as they sit side by side on your beautiful cosy blanket... hands on knees... waiting... longing... just one mummy pleeeeease!!

Sorry Lucy, that was mean of me, because I know what a soft touch you are really!! I bet you bought them some child friendly ones too!!


Ah, the choking defence... you are a cunning Mummy.

Mine have rumbled my secret mini egg stash. Rats.


I love sweets too, and I will hide them from the kiddos - I'm such a bad mom - LOL!!


Does your dentist love the fact that you love sweets? :-) Mine would be rubbing his hands together with glee!


Very nice - until you get to that point where you realise your tongue has been lacerated and that you have to keep it hanging out of your mouth for a bit (yes, just like the dog). Definitely not for sharing with children.

Mrs Bun

Ha Ha - you might choke. How many mummies use this excuse I wonder. I used to hide behind the cupboard door where I kept my posh choc and quickly eat it before the Bun's noticed. Who says mummies have to share everything.

Lisa x

French Knots

I hide some chocolate in one of the kitchen cupboards - away from little hands and just for me! How selfish!:) You enjoy your treat - a few Mummy sweets wont do any harm.

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