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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 17, 2009


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Harriet McKay

Hi Lucy,

Your lovely blog has been nominated in our blog awards on the Dorset Cereals website. You are July's winning blog! I would love to send you your prize of some Dorset Cereals and our little blog awards egg cup. Perhaps you could email me to let me know where I should deliver this.

With best wishes
Dorset Cereals


I absolutely loveee your ripple blanket and am attempting to make one with your very easy to follow instructions.

wish me luck !!


Lucy - I live in Boston, Massachusetts and just love reading your blog. I discovered it about a month ago, and now check it every morning. I find it so comforting. Thanks for your generosity for sharing your life with others. I don't know how to crochet (although, I do knit), but now want to learn by making one of your gorgeous blankets.


"At Home" holidays are the most delightful of all. I will be wishing and hoping heartily on your behalf that nothing disturbs your family togetherness. Our summer vacation has been full of non-stop visitors and visiting, and although it has merit, I envy you your quiet moments.


Hi Lucy, here is the promised photo of my bag I crocheted from your pattern.


I love it so much with the exception of it being too huge but I don't care. Now I will make some smaller versions and try to figure out what aran weight is compared to worsted. :) Still trying to figure those types out. I have started a lovely 100% wool girly blanket for my daughter, now that I made the bag from leftover yarns and finished two of my boys blankets this year. It's quite fun. Thanks from Tonya in USA.


Am really enjoying this, my very first blog. Your ripply blanky inspired me to take up the knitting needles again after lots and lots of years. Must learn to crochet a blanky would be lovely. Been off work for a wee while and making lots of cupcakes and now knitting too.


So LOVE your blog and it'd wonderful colours and beautiful writing
A tear in my eye as l read the tiny places set for a fairy meal....

l'll be back...and you too have a wonderful weekend come rain or shine
ps...l covert your wellies like mad


Have a great week together! Savour it! Remember it, for it will keep you going for months!! Happy Holidays!!!


Lucy dear,
You are a sheer delight. I have finally decided to join your little band of merry maids and profess my love for your take on life!!! I live in the mid-atlantic region of the USA near Philadelphia,Pa. Sadly, life is too hectic for so many women to embrace or even dream of the charming, heartfelt side of life...BUT you are a breath of fresh air. A thoroughly modern, old fashioned young woman!!!!
I have English ancestors...great grand-parents who came here to raise my grand-mother and I think like you do!! Are we distant cousins!!!!? The lovely, quiet sometimes messy side of domestic life is not valued in busy urban areas...I don't think this is cultural or national just linked to the modern way of life.
Domesticity is no longer valued over the additonal paycheck. I hear so many young women comment they couldn't stay home they would be bored or their husband would not value domestic brilliance over boardroom savy.
If they work outside the home they hire people to do everything for them ... daycare for kids, lawn guy for the grass, gardner to grow the flowers, fast food most nights, someone to clean the house, doggie daycare to nurture their pets and someone to walk the puppy!! The paycheck goes to cover the very things that could bring them real pleasure if THINGS and STATUS were not so important to them.
Sadly, they just don't get it. Whether a women works outside of her home or is the CEO of her own little "ATTIC", anyone who creates a home, who sees the delicate beauty in a little blossom they they have nurtured and grown,who navigates through a maze of a childs's delightful messiness and schedules and in all of the simple pleasures of a quiet life, IS the true missing link in a successful culture.
Although I am a Nana to my grand-daughter Haley, and still work four days a week, I will never forget the sheer joy of those years I spent making a simple, cottage life for my young family. Even in my middle age, nothing gives me more pleasure than my small home, lovely overflowing garden sewing or planning family time. Have a lovely time with your little ones! Never retire from your cherished by many Attic24. Much love from the USA.


Another uplifting, pretty post...ahhh. :)


Hi there!

I just love your blog! It's wonderfully peacefull and funny! Never posted yet, I actually just discovered it 2 weeks ago, am reading page by page when I have time...

I have started a blog too, if you want to drop in, it's actually not gotten so far yet... Hope you will read it!


Take care!



Hi there, as usual a fab blog. Like Jane above, i came across your blog by accident and i also check it out daily. Sooo inspiring. I made your recipe for choc caramel shortbread yesterday. I gave some to my friend & neighbour today who has been poorly this week. She said it was the best she had ever tasted. I can`t wait to make one of your blankets. But i must must finish my son`s jumper that i`m knitting. But i have done a small test square and i`m getting excited. Keep up the inspiring blogs


There is no shame in being choked up about the little food dishes on the blanket... it's almost like a Hallmark commercial, it's that precious... :-)


Hi Lucy, i think of you often..Wondering what you are up to..you shortbread goodness looks so delich..
have a wonderful week with your family..

kitschen pink

holidays at home really are the greatest luxury! hope you saved them all some caramel shortbread - I'm sure they'll be more worried about that than whether or not you tidied up! t.xx


those little plates and cuttlery are just so cool


I love your blog - came across it quite by accident and now check it out daily! I too love marigolds and was interested to discover from French friends that the word for marigolds "soucis" can also be used to mean little worries or problems. Helps to think of problems as marigolds eh? Hope the snails and slugs don't finish them off. Enjoy your littlies whilst you can they grow up all too soon.


I love those wellies Lucy, they are just so you! Hope you have a lovely seven weeks holiday ~ it does actually go in quite fast ~ we have had three weeks holidays already and so far so good! :O)


I love the teeny tiny meals! We too had these dolls house accessories as children. However, are you sure they weren't put there by two bad mice? I think Beatrix Potter must have had the same dolls house set too!

Nina - Tabiboo

I'd leave the housework if your home is anything like mine it will be all messed up again by morning!

I've just made your caramel shortbread and the alternative peanut butter one - delicious Lucy, thank you. Now it is I having the odd sneaky 'tut, tut!!' sssshhhhh.

Enjoy your week and take care,

Nina x

ps. thank you for the cushion advice it is very much appreciated - thank you. Nx


It has been such a treat to find a new post on here every day this week :-)

My mum has a dollshouse at home, just the ELC wooden one with quite chunky accessories but whenever any children visit it is ALWAYS, without fail, the boys who play with the dollshouse!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Have a lovely summer holiday! We have already had 5 weeks, now it's 5 weeks left. Today we had SUN and 25 degrees, so we spent the day by the sea. Absolutely wonderful! Hope you and your family will have just as wonderful!!
By the way, please, show us your BB! Soon! :)

Naomi Rainford

lovely post, how cute that your lil man was playing with the dolls house bits bless him.

thanks for posting the recipe i cannot wait to try it out, i know they will be gone within two days in my house.


I had some dolls' house meals exactly like those! There was a red jelly and a birthday cake too. My mum still has them all.

My mint green crocs have been filled with water several time this week on the school run.


Lucy - I just adored that post...everything about it. Enjoy your first days of summer break!

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