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July 27, 2009


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Your stripey mug, with the green inside.. I have exactly the same one! And the matching teapot (large AND small) milk jug, sugar bowl and salt & pepper pots.
I love that mug, but it is heavy to hold, isn't it?
Plus, I am suffering major lifestyle envy.


what kind of camera do you have? you always takes such beautiful, clear, and crisp pictures..i love it..


Such a lovely spot you have by the reservoir...even if it is noisy ;-)

Wishing you a joy filled summer adventure :-)


Memories of Granny's picking teas!! Thank you for jogging my memory especially as Mum is so poorly. You have really made me smile!!


Oh you are very good revelling in all this wet stuff we're getting. We've been mostly grumbling but I'll try and see the bonus' in it a little more (no allotment watering required for instance!)

Have a lovely - and hopefully drier- week.

Stephx - who too could spend almost all day in pyjamas, only getting dressed so I can get excited about changing back into pyjamas again later on!


i love the thought of staying in pjs all day - i wish!



Sounds like fun having the change of breakfast to 'holiday' food. We do that too!! Muffins, crumpets or brioche and that's just me and my fella!!!

I finally made my first crocheted bag (feel free to pop over to check it out and laugh at what I did!)and I'm on my 2nd one now!! Love it!!


Wish that we had some rain here in the very sunny and hot Crown City (ie Pasadena). I can't recall the last wet day we had around here. These are the "dog days" of summer and we've not entered August yet! I hope you get some time to yourself. But having the Little People around can be so fun sometimes, can't it?


When the skies have been blue this week, there have been some beautiful clouds. I love it when they are all "proper" cloud shapes and just carry on and on and on into the horizon.

Did you manage to buy more Pier yarn?

Heather xxxxxxxxxxxx

ps - <3 your spotty plates

Naomi Rainford

feels good to have a clear out i have been doing loads of that since i have been of work since my lil man was born, nice pics thanks for sharing.

tah dah! (hint! hint!)


Lovely positive post and beautiful, beautiful pictures. Brightened my day.
I really must follow your example and do more "de-cluttering".

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

Thank you for this lovely peek into your at-home summer holiday life ~ you make even the everyday seem like a storybook!

Anne Bebbington

Week 7? You're lucky - down here in Somerset we've gone onto the 6 term year - the only "benefit" of which being the summer break has been reduced from almost 7 weeks to 5 weeks and 4 days (and I ended up going into work one of those at the start and will have to go in a day early at the end) - For the life of me I can't work out where they've moved the extra days to either. If it's any consolation the weather has been absolutely pants down here too since the beginning of July - yesterday was a complete heavy drizzle out! (I won't say it too loudly to tempt providence but after exceptionally heavy showers first thing there has been an appearance of a big bright circle in a blue sky - long may it continue!)


Love how the clouds cheer up through your pictures x

Fancy Elastic

beautifully said. well done for remaining positive in all this gloomy weather.

fingers crossed for some proper sunshine!

Alison Hutchison

Sat in my pj's reading your post. Same here on all counts, weather changeable, plants thriving, lots of tidying and thundering feet charging around the house as I type. Have a great week xx

Emily Valli

Greetings from beautiful Pennsylvania USA...Dear Sweet Lucy...it is about 6:30 A.M. here and very damp and humid. It rained during the night...I live in a valley and we get very loud and unruly thunderstorms...I enjoy our dramatic weather, but my 3 large dogs get very panic stricken. Imagine how loud the thunder seems to them! Enjoy hearing about your summer days...so wonderful when school schedules can be forgotten for a while.
I, like you, love to stay in my pajamas...drives my husband crazy. He's in the shower as soon as he pops out of bed. I have never ever popped out of bed! Nothing better than a sunny window, a cup of decaf, my Lab at my feet, and a crochet hook in my hand...while still in my pajamas. Bliss!
Please do tell us what is going on with BB. Have you been able to get any yarn??...Emily V.

The Coffee Lady

Oh I love a good declutter! We're trying to do a holiday breakfast thing this summer, since breakfast was getting so stressful towards the end of term.


Thanks for you blog and pictures. About boys running up & down stairs being noisey, WELL my son is 29 and i`m sorry to say that nothing changes!! I`m going to make some of your choc chip cookies this afternoon mmmm. Hope your week is enjoyable with the children, and the weather is kind.
Lv Carole for Rossendale

The Curious Cat

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time - wish I was still in my pjs! xxx


Love your posts and love your pictures.

It makes this awfully crappy Summer at present less gloomy :)


I hope that the rest of your holidays are sunny and filled with interesting expierences. It must be great spending time with children as we can learn a lot from them :) Enjoy your free time and pack in as mush as you can.


What a lovely post - it's good to hear from someone positive in the face of summer hols and wet weather combined! Like you we too have had variable weather with the odd patch of sunshine to be enjoyed in between the rain.


So good to hear that your neighbourhood is safe. I think we get a very distorted view on crime and children not being allowed outside on their own from the radio. Lovely to see some greenery. Aren't you glad you planted up all yourpots....
6 weeks will fly by with so many memories..

Anna-Karin, Sweden

It seems like if we had the same weather here. The last two weeks I think it have been raining every day. But, we have planned to go "camping" in our (my dad's actually) boat, by the sea, the next few days, so the kids will probably get their summerfeeling there. And I can always sit there with my crochet if the rain comes :)

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