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July 14, 2009


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Thank you for making me smile, we also love Bolton Abbey. We have a wonderful watercolour Of the Priory hanging in our living room. It was a wedding gift from some special Yorkshire friends.

suzie sews

this is one of my fav. places in the UK, its just a great day out with children, picnic with the cows. Thank you for the memories.

The Quilted Librarian

What an incredibly gorgeous place. Wikipedia has a good article on
Bolton Abbey.

Annabel Burton

the lovely thing about your pictures, Lucy, is that you show how absolutely amazing our countryside is, and help us to appreciate what is already there. It's a great gift, thank you!


Wow - what an amazing countryside! You took such beautiful photos.


Who knew easy country side appreciation could be so beautiful?

Love the money tree. I have never seen anything like it before. I wonder if there are any in Australia?! :)


Hi Lucy, I am almost done with my own crochet bag and loving it but I am wondering if I did something wrong as it is HUGE!!
I think I see that you attached the handles on the outside of the bag but the most importani question that I must verify in my ignorance is....do you sew the handles on with yarn and darning needle?? Or do we use something else?

I can't wait to show you and thanks for the crochet therapy. You have inspired me to branch out of my blanket making... check mine out if you like...it has been a fun process while dealing with hospital stays and so on...


Gorgeous! You're so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!


Thanks for the trip Lucy! It all looks gorgeous!
Rachel x


The country is so beautiful, I loved the Abbey, and yes I am one who would want all the historial data on it, but then I am a history buff so that would be normal, grin.


Those photo's took my breath away - amazing!


so lovely. thank you for the tour!! jkj

Meagan S.

My day has been so enriched by this post. Thank you for sharing your amazing photographs. They are truely remarkable. I would love to come across the pond to see these wonders some day. I love the magic tree too! Thanks Lucy, you're the best.


The scenery is wonderful but your writing is delightful too ! You are very talented in telling stories.


That's a great photo of the Priory against the sky, I love blue skies with clouds behind striking buildings.

By the way, does the money tree have real present-time money in it? Or is it old money? Or is it not actual currency at all but just round flat pieces of metal? So many questions I know, sorry xxxx


Wow, that scenary is magnificent! Thanks for sharing!


I was at Bolton Abbey last week and visited nearly all the places you've mentioned. It is beautiful there,you're so lucky to have it on your doorstep!


I was on the Yorkshire Moors last year when just such a cloud approached us. Unfortunatley, we were about 4 miles from our car. They travel fast those Yorkshire clouds don't they?!


Vicki - I'm saving up!!! LOL

It is on my life's list of things to do befor I expire, to visit the land of my English ancestors. It's been 4 years since I got to check one off, when I went to the Grand Canyon in arizona. I'm looong over due. What lovely pics Lucy!! You are blessed to live so near such splendor and beauty!

some day.......


Lucy ~it looks like you all had a lovely day out ~ the scenery is stunning and your photographs are beautiful as always! Thanks for sharing :O)


you are lucky! what a magnificent place!


How incredibly beautiful! Someday that's my dream...to visit some of these special little treasures of the world...yep, someday. But til then, I love seeing all your beautiful photos, thanks again for sharing.


wow, you live in such a beautiful area!


What a wonderful day Luce! How lovely to be by the river and listen to the water, to see all of the trees and other bits of nature. My kind of day!



Hello Lucy!

Thank you so much to share and to tell us about these marvellous places :)
It is very important to listen and get the sugestions of the people who lives in the places; I do not like only to read the tourists guides, sometimes we can loose something beautiful :)
I will take note of your sugestions :) My husband will love it too :) We like walking in beautiful countrysides :)
As I told you before, we were in York (we liked very much) but we want to come back to see the countryside :) Now, it will be easier and funnier :)


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