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July 20, 2009


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Hi, your blog is amazing and ispiring. I have learned lots from you. I have a hard time reading patterns, but your pictures and wording make it a breeze. (for the most part) I was wondering if you ever considered making a tutoial for the plain granny square above. I have tried other sites and have not been able to find one that i am able to follow.
It would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi Lucy!
I'm a french new visitor!
I'm trying to learn crochet since few days and it's a little difficult :-)
But when I see the wonderful things that you make I think I must be stubborn!
Sorry for my english ... :-)


Thanks you, thank you. I had been wondering what to do around the edge of a cushion I'm making for my sister..........and now I know. So thank you again for doing the tutorial I know it must have been a struggle to put BB down and do this for us!!!! :)


Boy that is looking great Lucy and I love the edging. I'm getting some scrummy Rowan for my birthday to start a new blanket:-)

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

Thank you for all the photos of your lovely work-in-progress. Very helpful and very inspiring, too!

I wish you would do a post on how you take your photos. Do you set up special lights, for example, to get the wonderful colors that you get, and if you do, what kind of bulbs do you use? Your photos are superb!

Kari of Writing Up A Storm


I'm dying to see the finished blanket! Your tutorials are always very helpful too - I used your hexagon tutorial to finish my japanese crochet quilt (wasn't in love with the original pattern so improvised with your hexagon tutorial.) Thanks as always for the helpful and beautiful post!


I was wondering if you have a pattern for the flower scarf you are wearing in some of your older posts. Love it and would love to make one. Thanks...


Hi Lucy,

I'm a huge fan of your blog :) Just wanted to come by and tell you that I recently finished the crochet bag and absolutely LOVE it.

Can't wait to make another one. If you want to take a peek at mine, you can find it here:




Hi Lucy...I stumbled across your blog on Sunday after searching for a few links about Granny Squares. After spending an hour or so in the lovely but wet and dull Gargrave, it was so cheery to see all the delightful colours on your blog. I have just read all your July posts and have had a smile on my face all the way though. What a bright and beautiful blog you have. I am seriously going to make some shortbread and will most certainly try to find the Money Tree at Bolton Abbey when I next visit. I hope to read some of your older posts and look forward to reading new ones. I am really in awe of talented and gifted people like yourself. Keep up the good work!!!


thanks for sharing your lovely tutorials here! I love the colors and enjoy reading your blog! I wish I had the patience to write down some tuts



lovely BB. And a great tut - thank you Lucy - you are a bright, twinkling and very inspiring star! K


Your tutorials are great , I'm now 9 stripes in to yet another ripple for my 5 year old son, he's picking a colour every day and as it's 5 1/2 feet long he will probably be picking for quite a while yet ...

Kate - The Garden Bell

Yes, I so thrilled. I quickly completed the edging and the directions were perfect and so easy to follow. Waiting patiently to start my next ripple, this time with home dyed yarn.

Check out my Lucy Grannie on Flickr.


P.S. Yes, I know I need to learn to blog, but can't seem to put my hook down to do so.

Thanks again for all your inspirations as you can see.

Daisie(aka Chris)

Have been watching BB progress.Love the edging too. The colours ae just so cheerful too.
Hugs Daisie

Andrea Cardinale

Where have you been? I miss you on blog land!


You're not the only one who can't wait for the big reveal, we're all very excited too! Lovely, colourful post as ever. Thank you!

Jo x


is it THE edge or are you ON THE EDGE having nearly finished BB?

Hope you are having a lovely summer holiday - please remember to take your children out and to feed them too as you finish your BB !!!!


Ahhhhhh! So beautiful! I adore the blanket, just gorgeous...and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fab little scallop tutorial! Yes, I've been waiting...patient I've been, haven't I?


Lucy, your blog is an inspiration I keep coming back to. I started an hexagonal blanket, thanks to your tutorial. I love your sense of colour.


hi Lucy,
I love your wonderful blog!!
the beautiful colorful blankets and cushion,the lovely landscape photos...great!!!

ganz liebe Grüße


oh my god lucy,the edging is fabulous!!
i appreciate u took the time to wrote this out, i thought u have forgotten on this, my oh my, it is really fantastic to have a special edition of edging.
TQTQ, cant wait for official appearance of BB.

Resmi Ravi

Hi Lucy,

In your blog everything looks lively and cheerful. Be it a granny square, hexagon, or even a small pebble. Loving it day by day!


Yet another fabulous tutorial. Lucy, I think you must have half the internet crocheting! =] Thank you for being so generous.


Wow, can't wait to see the final product. It'll look fabulous!


oooooohhhhhh I love your blog! just discovered it. I'm going through a huge crochet obsession at the moment so will continue to oohh and ahhh over your lovelies!

lovely lovely lovely and I am going to try your caramel shortbread this week....I'm in huge need of a chocolate sweet fix!

Thanks for sharing

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