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July 30, 2009


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HURRAH for blue yarn! I've caught the heebie-jeebies, I can't wait to see your blanket! :-D
I have money to order yarn tomorrow, to arrive on saturday for a B--I--G weekend of crocheting. I have 8 more squares to do and I aim to have that finished asap and will begin the 3rd and 4th round of edging.

oh and by the way, I <3 your stripy socks. I am wearing some myself, we both have excellent taste in socks.


I am so looking forward to seeing your BB finished! And a huge thank you for coming up with and posting your Ripple pattern. It is on my to-crochet list once I finish knitting my little girl a snake and clean up my craft room. The ripple is going to be my reward. =)


gorgeous flowery mosaic - dare i say the flowers look even more lovely with the droplets of rain on them!
i love the CL issue - i just look at that than out of the window !!!
have you got Ideal Home for September yet? rather nice houses to peruse!
hope your not to soggy :-)
Lesley x


I was voter #670! :-) hugs from Colorado, USA! We're also enjoying a drippy day, which unfortunately our new puppy Kari (10-month-old toy fox terrier that we adopted a month ago) refuses to go outside in to do her business. She's such the little lady, doesn't like getting wet, lol! So I have our three LP take turns watching for breaks in the rain, to shoo her outside so our floors keep clean! Take care, and I can't wait for the ta-daaaaaaa moment!


oh my goodness, what on earth is that huge slimy creature? Some sort of slug?? I've never seen anything like it! (or is the close-up-ness of the photo making me think its size is bigger than it really is? haha)

Meagan S.

These pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. Thank goodness the blue yarn is here, can't wait for the pics on BB.
Have a great day!


I voted for you.
At the moment I am wageing war against Slugs and Snails because they eat all my Beans, Sweet Peas and Sunflowers. I am not happy!


Love the 'drippy' colourful flower pictures. Can't wait the for the BB Ta Dah moment!


such lovely pics Lucy..
Hope youre enjoying the day..
Beautiful granny..


I just knew you'd get the votes. Everywhere I travel in blogland these days I come across you- on side bars, links to you tutorials, etc. One blogger called you the "Queen of Crochet" and linked back to your ripple blanket. I couldn't agree more. Thank you for sharing your world. Can't wait for the big reveal!


Glad you have the yarn - can't wait to see BB in all its glory very soon. Bye the way I have discovered how you can find me now - www.marigoldjam.blogspot.com


Thank you Lucy for yet another lovely colourful blog. I am glad you got chance to idle a little in peace and quiet - every mum needs a little idling time each day I think. I have been so inspired by your blog that I have decided to start one of my own and I wonder if you would mind if I put your blog on my sidebar as one that I follow? I'd love it if you had time to visit me although have to admit that I am in the very early stages of becoming a blogger so early that I don't know how to tell you how to find me!! I'm working on it though.

The Curious Cat

Hmm delicious marigold breakfast...well you have to think if you were a slug you'd want to munch something colourful and appetising as that too...

Love the wet mosaic - inspired and beautiful! xxx

Messy Karen

lucky for me i can get Attic24 and Dorset Cereals all the way here in the States. so voting was simply easy. recently took pics of flowers and noticed the raindrops made them more interesting.

Nina - Tabiboo

Boutiful drippy photos Lucy and I could definitely adopt full time idlying as a permanent job!

Have a super idlyistic rest of the day and I'm sending all my wishes your way to make the sodden rain STOP!

Nina x


you make motherhood seem like a breeze!! love your blog. sorry i didn't have time to vote :(

Anne Bebbington

Mmmm we've had an abundance of munching slugs down here too - get the salt pot out! Bright sunshine with intermittent heavy showers and a stiff breeze down here today - feels more like April than almost August

Emily Valli

Greetings from damp, humid, rainy PA, USA...Dear sweet Lucy...it is nearly 8A.M. here and , of course, I am in my pajamas...husband is home today, so my idle time will be cut short. He's a busy busy kind of guy...right now has decided to vacuum ( too much dog hair for him "blankets" of it, he says.) I loved seeing you, so snggly on your sofa with you feet up and your blanket friends nearby,enjoying your magazine...the simple pleasures are the most satisfying.
Gotta go... my non-idler husband is making me feel guilty...Emily V.

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