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July 30, 2009


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Lucy, is the mosaic showing your pics on the typepad blog format, or is it a photo app. you use first then upload to the blog?
I'd be REALLY grateful if you'd let me know, it's a lovely way to show lots of photos in an attractive way. :-)


What absolutely beautiful flower pictures! You are such an inspiration!


Morning Lucy...having withdrawl no little gems from you for a couple of days!!...hope you and yours are all ok and having fun

Erica K

I'm also a fan of Country Living...the US version, that is. I've seen the UK version in a local bookstore but have yet to check it out.

Your pic of the couch is so colorful. It makes me feel drab...going to have to do something about that!


Oooohh! I just voted for you over at Dorset Cereals. I think your Blog is yummy.


Lucy I love all your pictures...

Sue Purveur

Hi. Glad you've done so well in the Little Blog Awards - every vote counts - and your blog absolutely deserves to do well. I love reading it. Bowled over too by your drippy flower mosaic. If you remember, I bought a similar camera to you a while back and am trying to aspire to your beautiful photos. A long way to go though.Are you still using your beloved Canon?


What a beautiful blog you have! I just found you through Yvestown and will definitely visit again! Becki


Thanks again for cheering me up,it is my little escape reading your blog.


Just found your blog, it's lovely! Congrats on the blog award by the way!


Voting for your Blog is the least we could do when you give us so much pleasure :) !!


Your photos are always so gorgeous! You must have an amazing camera. :-)


Thank you for the lift. I really needed one this morning.


Hooray! Yarn achieved, well done Lucy! Have voted for you on Dorset cereals site. Looking forward to BB reveal.
Love Vanessa xxx


P.S. I was voter # 739!


Like always I love visiting your cheerful blog. Thank you for showing me the beautiful images from the Country living magazine.We don't have it (I'm from Romania) and I'l be verry, verry happy if you will keep on showing more such wonderful pages with such idyllic ideas ;)
Thank you again!


Of course, we all voted for you!
well i did in any case...
i was thrilled to tears (well smiles and dancing) when i came across your little plot in this big bloggy world.
i spent most of my uni break (and a fair amount of time in lectures) reading your blog cover to cover, er... or the blog equivalent.
i'm just about to pop into the kitchen and make your banana bread recipe :D
i tried the carrot cake one the other day and got distracted and burnt the poor thing, the base was scrumptious though.

Thank you sooooo much for writing this, it really is lovely and gives me something to look forward to reading while i eat my breakfast (and makes a lovely change to lecture notes bleurgh)


Hmmm. Between us, we must come up with a way to send some of your excess rain to melbourne. Surely there's a way to convince those clouds that they're a bit confused and over the wrong island? We're getting quite desperate and it seems particularly unbalanced that England is getting so much and Southern Australia so little! I love looking at your rained on flowers though, so pretty!

Enjoy the exhilaration of finishing BB! Can't wait to see it :-)

Naomi Rainford

what a lovely bright and cheery post, which i am reading all cosily tucked up in bed, with the tv and laptop.

I am so excited...BB...tah dah!

Loving the socks!


was having withdrawal from the attic24 so just popped by to take another peek...stunning drippy pics!
Congratulations on the number of votes..so well deserved

Homely Heroine

Thats a very pretty combination of colours in the granny square, as are the colours in the country life photo spreads, and your socks!

Kate Bruning

Isn't it funny how everything goes on hold when you are missing that essential colour. And yet, would I feel the absence of potatoes or carrots or dare I even say chocolate as strongly?


Gorgeous photos as ever. You got my vote too.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

Hey Lucy, I think I was voter #700, but I'm not sure. I hope I got counted! Anyway, good luck on winning ~ your blog is so lovely and so sweet ~ it is just like reading a storybook! xo Kari


My bag is finished!


The pattern was amazing to follow, so well written. Thank you so much, lovely!


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