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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 29, 2009


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Your blog IS my favorite blog, so of course I voted for you!

Merry Susan

Hi Lucy have just voted too and it's in the 600's so you should be OK? I've also linked your blog in the ''blogs I read'' bit on blogspot as I always read yours when I have a spare moment that is... Not that many now the kids are off school are there? I have a request too: am making special trip to Bolton Abbey re the money tree and all your photos of it and the walks but we're mostly in Wensleydale/ Swaledale next week and CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHERE OH WHERE there are any yarn shops nearby - near Bolton Abbey that is...??? PLEASE e-mail me direct if at all possible? Thanks. By the way puppy Lucy is now 5 months old and is coming to walk in Yorkshire!


Hey - just checked Dorset Cereals - sooooo happy to see you are 464 votes ahead of your nearest rival! (as I type!)
Well done - you have such a lovely cheery, inspiring blog that it's no wonder everyone has rushed off and voted for you! Yeay!


Go Lucy! As far as I'm concerned you should get blog-of-the-year. Your comments on life are perceptive,unpretentious and modest; your writing style has a natural rhythm, and your photography is captivating. Thankyou for sharing your days.


I love dahlias! I've been buying them every week at the farmer's market here.


HI Lucy.. I voted for your blog and you are currently in the lead with 601 - but in the terms and conditions it said I was supposed to be a UK resident... shHH we won't tell anyone now will we? I have the right of abode since my husbands dad was born there? Does that count?? LOL

I too love Dahlia's they remind me of my beloved nan.

Alison Hutchison

You have my vote lovely lady.
Beautiful flowers, tried growing dahlias this summer and the slugs and snails have obliterated them...chomped to their hearts content. I had to take them away it made me so sad seeing their little bite marks every morning! Have a lovely weekend xx


Wow the flowers are amazing!

+1 in votes :)

Karen Barrett

Hi Lucy

Have voted for you. Love your blog. I follow it regularly. Who knows i may even start my own one day soon.



Btw did I spot a stranded skein of gorgeous yarn behind the mouse. Looks like the border yarn for BB. OOOOOH tadaaaaaah soon then?


When I last checked (and voted) you were up at N°1. I'll hope you'll win, 'cause you deserve it.

Although I'll have a look at all the other blogs up in the running, looks as if some pretty nice ones are ready to be discovered

But never found a blog like yours Lucy, as it always puts a smile on my face and helps me to remind me to enjoy the little things in life.

You rock


Yay! you've gone up to No.1......congratulations!!
Louise x


vote is in! beautiful flowers, dahlias are some of my favourite warm flowers as well


WOW!...you stand a brill chance of winning well over 500 this morning
Hope the prize is a good one you deserve it
Thanks for a wonderful blog...totally addicted
can l ask do you have a workroom/studio or have you spread like most crafters? lol
Good luck not that l think you'll need it


Hi Lucy
I'd already voted for you but have now voted with my other e-mail address too as really think you deserve to win - you inspire me & make me smile whenever I pop by :o)
Good luck! Natalie xxx
PS gorgeous dahlias


Done, do hope you are successful.

Anne Bebbington

Dahlias are such show offs - just what the garden needs after all the earlier summer plants are fading - however I seldom go within a 10 yard radius of them as they have a darker side...........

Harbourer of the dreaded earwig!!!!!!!


done! I already voted for your blog, i absolutely love it! And thanks for the neat ripple pattern, im just starting my own and with your instructions it is soooo easy

Liz Gering

Of course I will vote! Your blog caught my eye with all the gorgeous colors. I have always loved lots of color and saw your blog and fell in love! I am working on a ripple blanket for my daughter, inspired by you! I am always excited to visit the Attic!


Hi Lucy
Dahlias are my most favourite summery flower, they are so flambuoyant!!

Oh and I voted for you too!! Good luck! :)

Julia Rose

Wow, these dalhlia's are the exact colours I am adding to my art space...I have just got rid of all my shabby chic and ribbon embroidery and am embracing bright, light colours, and this post just is so perfect for me today...thanks for sharing your flowers!....xx


I voted for you, and you were in the lead by miles, so fingers crossed. I love dahlias, and grow them every year in the garden, so i enjoyed your lovely pink photos. All those ruffled petals are gorgeous:-)


I'm going to vote for you!

The pictures of these dahlias are absolutely beautiful. I am myself am a fan of gardenias. :-)

Gerry Hook

I've eagerly voted ! ! ! ! ! !
Yes, vote early, vote often.
You're the highlight of the day - as usual.


I absolutely voted, and it looked like you were still leading!! Best of luck-- I hope the baking went well.

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