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July 15, 2009


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What a wonderful world of colours :)

Eva, Netherlands

Hello Lucy,

What an inspiring blog you have! I just recently discovered it and i so much enjoy reading it. Now i absolutely must make a big blanket of my own ;-) Just trying to order some wool here in the Netherlands. Thank you for the lovely blog and all the inspiration!



I just picked up my copy yesterday at walmart (USA Edition). The cover on mine is totally different, so I guess our issues are not the same as those you guys get across the pond. Lovely post Lucy!! and the blanket is stunning! I've never been a big fan of granny squares, but since reading your posts and seeing your pics, I started one this weekend. Toodles!
melissa in USA


What a beautiful, beautiful post! So cheery and relaxed and bright and, ooh! Crochet! Lots of crochet!

You're my kind of blog, I can tell you.


Hai Lucy, i really love your blog. It's you that makes me croching.
Oke i was trying to croche before, but now with your idees, your patterns an your pictures how to, I can really make something now.
I bought some very cheap wol to try if i like to make granny squares, but now i.m addicted. So next week i go to Amsterdam to buy me some beautiful colors of rowen pure wol. I have saved some money, and i"m gonna buy a lot of colors. Even wenn i think of it it makes me already happy.
I'm gonna read your blog every day, so i can begin my day with a smile. thanks for sharing. With love Raffie


I wish I could join you on that sofa. Not had too much rain here but I could do with the hours to crochet and knit. You take us to that comfort zone every time enjoy every minute and have a few trebbles for me!

Jutta Egan-Small

I´ve just recently discovered your blog and have a lot of catching up to do. I find myself reading two or three times a day. Everything ist just so interesting, delightful and inspiring. Your creativity is amazing. I could go on and on - but you´ve heard it all before. Please never stop. Jo

Fruitful Fusion

Hi Lucy,

The blanket's coming along nicely! Spare chocolate, did you say? Can you ever have "spare chocolate"??? :D Looking forward to that recipe!

Lara Geach

Hi Lucy
Your blog is amazing, and I am extrememly envious of your wonderful blogging skills (as well as the crochet, cooking, etc, etc) But as I wallow in self-pity that my blogging is not up to your standards, I am also cheered immensely by the beautiful colours you present, and the images of my homeland which I miss so very much. We are lucky to live in the Hills of Perth in Western Australia which also has it's own beauty, but you know the land of my birth still calls to me. Your blog gives me that little piece of Ol' Blighty to keep me going. Thank you for being you, and for sharing your creativity with us. Very inspiring. xx Lara

Pina Refat

Sounds like your going to have yourself an addorable day, wish I could say the same for me...but the tax man is waiting on end of quater finacials and he wants them by the 28th of July. OR ELSE!! meannie
So think of me next time you pick up your copy of CL I still haven't got mine and cant wait (in Australia we're one issue behind). So post some pictures so I can drool lol
Have a great day


Here it's 14 degrees at the moment, neither sun nor rain. These past weeks it's been going from 2 degrees to 30 degrees and now it's somewhere in between and these past couple of days we've finally been getting some small showers of rain, it's extremely dry right now.

I don't really know how fine or not I am, I have lot's of mixed feelings. My baby have turned 6 months and according to the "rules" here it's now time to introduce tasties of food. I'm so proud of him for handling it so well and trying so hard to eat what we give him but at the same time my mummy-heart doesn't want to let go... Maybe you as a mother can relate to what I feel. He's so adorable, I'm so in love with him. :-)

Linda Oerlemans

Dear Lucy

I can't wait for this recipe. I've tried the chocchip cookies and they really are devine. I have made my first granny Square blankie when I was 10 years old and your blog really inspired me to start another one. Actually I'm a quilter but there's always time for a little crochet, specially after I saw all the beautiful things you made. I live in South Africa and we are in mid winter so its really cold. Have a wonderful day.

Linda O


Ooh, that blanket! And the August issue of Country Living-- here in Canada I've managed to track down a grocery store that sells the British version, which is *so* much nicer than the American one, which seems to be all about recipes for the barbeque (why??)... but we're a bit behind and I've only got my hands on June.

Gerry Hook

Sounds like a bit of short-term math amnesia, Lucy.
We've had a share of rain and overcast days this past week. However, we'll take them over the normal hot, humid summer days of mid-Missouri


That sounds like a lovely way to spend a day. It is Winter here in Australia, so I have been curled up under a blanket on my couch for most of the day :o)


It's cold and grey here in Melbourne, but sadly not raining! I could do with a perfect excuse for a day of staying in comfort! Oh well, maybe I can have a day of using the available moments to play with yarn instead of doing the washing ;-)

I'm loving watching your progress with BB.


Lucy your blanket looks amazing and your chocolate delicious! :-) Hope you had a lovely day.


WOW Lucy your blanket is looking fantastic, can't wait to see it finished. Love your wee flowers as well, and the partly eaten choccie, classic. Have a great day xx


Your blanket is wonderful! I've been waiting and hoping for a glimpse of it all laid out and, wow, it is marvellous. LOVE IT.
xxxxx Heather

ps cloudy blue skies with intermittent downpours over here :-)


Lucy - your day is sounding divine to me! I love those soggy rainy days when I can jump into my comfort clothes and do whatever I want. Happy crocheting today - your blanket is looking beautiful.


Your blog is so cheerful, thank you!

Leilani Bennett

You asked what the weather is like where I am. . . 100+ degrees. Too d____d hot! The air conditioner will run all afternoon and on and off into the early evening. Not very green, I'm afraid.

Oh yes, "here" is San Jose California-in a valley about 45 miles south of San Francisco where it's much cooler!

I wouldn't trade my heat for your rain though. Wouldn't a happy medium be nice for both of us?


I love your colourful cup's blankets etc. etc. ! It looks sooo good! Tinki


Lucy, how did you know I was spending my day the same way? It's been horribly windy down South but a little sunshine breaking out now. Decided to spend the day chilling and hooking... and my first order of Rowan wool arrived today (you inspired me to try some), what perfect timing! My hubby bought me a new crochet book for our anniversary on sunday (200 crochet blocks) and it's great, I am trying out a few!


oh lucy, i seriously need your help. your color choices are so wonderful. i keep trying to do the crochet bag you have and every time i try to put colors together i fail miserably. can i get your input? i'm wanting to use sugar and cream cotton (they do have lots of colors AND they're cheap!) could you help out a clueless color crocheter? say that 3 times real fast ;)

to make it even easier - here is the url with the color choices:


if you could do this i will be your devoted interweb slave!

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