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July 16, 2009


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plasterers bristol

Oh wow, this is my faorite treat ever. and this recipe turned out just perfect for us. Thanks for sharing.



I can't believe I have all the ingredients... it's fate, right?

I could make it and surprise the boys when they come home later on... IF I can resist eating it all myself.


I have found similar recepie,and instead of golden syrup, 2 tablespoon of honey was used.
It's good to know.


I have it in the Fridge cooling as I am writing this. It actually was pretty simple to make and I know the men in my family will devour it. Thank you,
Oh and I converted all of the grams to Cups and such. Hope it works.


Thank you for a lovely site and a delicious recipe. I made it even more dangerous. Hazelnuts pushed into the caramel, before the chocolate layer comes on. Hmmmmm....heaven...and yes, my diet flew out the window.
Thanks to you I have picked up a hook again for the first time since childhood. To practice ripples on small projects, my kids now both have new scarves for the winter, beautiful waves of colour around their necks, lovely rippled blankets...here I come!!


If you can't get golden syrup, don't bother with it. Just boil the unopened tin of condensed milk for 2-3 hours (keep it well covered with water) let it cool, and spoon out the resulting delicious glop!

Maria Eduarda

Hi, I live in Brazil, visit your blog some time already and I find it very beautiful, I love my crochet visit, www.cantinhocroche.blogspot.com yesterday decided try this wonderful sweet, really not the only one to eat, thanks for the tips and the beautiful posts, kissing, Duda.

Lesley King

I made this yesterday. I really appreciated the easy instructions and multitudinous photos! My family thought they were fantastic. Thanks Lucy for taking the trouble to set it all out so beautifully!

hill upon hill

Oh this was so good. Thankyou for the recipe. Mine were not as pretty as yours, I did post about it recently.

Love all the updates from your life.

Alice C

Well...we made it...and it is just as delicious as I had hoped it would be. There is only one problem with the recipe - MissM said "What do you think Lucy means by stir in a jiggy-jiggy fashion? What we need is a demo on YouTube" which made us both laugh. Thank you for a lovely couple of hours baking.


OMG that looks amazing....
but how bad is it for you(i mean GOOD GOOD for you)


Love your blog! I just made this caramel shortbread and it's fabulous! It's the perfect indulgent dessert. A trick I used to make it even easier was instead of melting chocolate in a separate bowl, I just laid pieces of a broken chocolate bar on top of the warm caramel layer. After a couple minutes the chocolate melts and you can spread it around evenly.

jennie w.

I've never heard of these things before. I can't believe it because these are my favorite things! Once I figure out how to convert metric to annoying American measurements I'll make them for sure! Thanks!


Thank you for this, I actually made it this weekend, and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly! I had never had it before, a very sweet treat indeed.


Oh my goodness. I only discovered your blog a week ago and have already started a ripple blanket and tonight baked this caramel shortbread. What a dangerously fabulous place!


I had my daughter make a batch of these goodies and I can declare that they are DIVINE. I am a caramel lover to start with and the combination of shortbread and chocolate added to that is DELICIOUS. For the record, we went with the greater amount of chocolate and it certainly didn't hurt! Thanks for sharing and thanks for a delightful blog.


That looks sooooooo good. I absolutely MUST make this - and if I find success, I MUST make it again for my friends housewarming party! Yay!



I didn't find the golden syrup here in the US and made it maple syrup and it worked perfectly, the caramel shortbread was a hit!

By the way, LOVE your spatula with the little hearts!!!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!

rosie hearts

This is definately YUMMY. I know because the second batch is in the fridge as i type!! Thank you.

Fruitful Fusion

THANK YOU!!!! Have to make some tomorrow!!! :D


These look fantastic! Stopped off at the shops for condensed milk, on my way home from work, after reading this at lunch. Got my plans for Saturday morning now!

I've popped a link to your recipe on my blog - hope you don't mind. I'm not so tech-savvy to know how to do a link-back thing. I just know the words 'link-back'!


Yummy! I have to make those, thanks for sharing the recipe!


I love caramel slice - thanks so much for the recipe - I am going shopping for the ingredients tomorrow :) Good-bye diet :) hehe!!


Oh my oh my, why do I even bother to start a diet ; ) Well still in dubio but I think the caramel might win it from the slim fit... I'll keep you posted . Thanks for sharing


Wow. My Mum would make this for us when we were kids. Brings back such fond memories.

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