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June 10, 2009


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Hi, how are you? I absolutely LOVE your blog! I visit very often, too much probably. I just have one request: Would you share the granny square pattern? I've looked for it on your blog, but can't find it. I have a granny square pattern, but it doesn't look the same as yours. Oh, and you make beautiful blankets. Thank you.


Dont you just love wool!!
I love all your colors too... I get ecstatic over anyone's left overs. I am easy to please when it comes to wool and if I can find what you use I would be delirious. Wool is hard to find in any shops in Surrey, its all big acrylic balls.


i was just thinking about doing some hooky on my blanket when i thought oooo let me check to see if there are any new posts at Attic24 has she brought her yarn yet, and i come and find 2 new colourful posts.

happy hooky


Lucy, you sure look cute and cozy sitting on your couch surrounded by wool in your polka dotty socks. I'll bet there is a spot of tea sitting right next to you, too. Love the photo of you holding up your stack of squares. That couldn't have been an easy picture to take!!


I hope the other piles you refer to in this post are the piles of 'stuff' that need sorting around the house, and not the third type of piles! Please dont show us a photo of them!!! lol.

Aqeela xx


Thanks for replying so quickly Lucy. I can feel a shopping trip happening tomorrow as I can't wait to start my own 'Flower Patch'.
Andrea x


Glad you have got your wool I totally understand the frustration on not having the yard or fabric you want to work with or even worse in my case often knowing I should have it somewhere and not being able to find it.. I NEED to blitz the place and get rid of a load so i can find the important bits !!


I haven't left a comment before but I am a regular visitor to your blog. It's wonderful and brightens my day. I would love to make a cushion like your Granny's Flower Patch but I'm curious as to what yarn you used as the colours are just gorgeous. Look forward to more scrummy posts!


I 'get' the sniffing.....and rubbing it against your face....and feet :-)

Wendi Abeberry

Hello, glad to see you up and running with a full bag of yarn again. I've been following your blog for a while and you have lit my crochet fire. You mentioned "Woolfest" in the title of this entry, have you ever been to the Woolfest in the Lake District? I'm asking because I heading up there with 3 friends this June 26 & 27, we're coming from France and I haven't seen anyone post any comments about the event. Have you heard of it? Do you go?


I'm glad you've found your blankie bliss again! I'm the same with yarn - I bought some gorgeous Noro and some tweedy stuff yesterday, and petted them all the way home on the bus!

kitschen pink

Seeing that orange I'm thrilled already! t.x


I have a management book called "never confuse a memo with reality" I think someone should write a book called "never confuse beautifully taken photos with perfect domesticity"!
You are human, like the rest of us, but like the minority of us, wool and fabric can make all the difference!
Happy making.


Wow those wools do look delicious? Love the softness they show and the colours are to die for! I really can't wait to see it finished, hope you've got plenty of time to crochet this week.

I am so naughty. My squares are sitting in a drawer. I know I should get on with it, but I have so many other projects to do. What's a girl to do?


oh! the orange is marvelous!!!


What beautiful little squares!


Wow! Love the orange.
Hope you don't mind, but I felt the need to share the happiness I get from following your colourful blog, so I took the liberty of nominating you for an award on www.dorsetcereals.co.uk - 6 votes so far!


Reading your blog is such a colorful feast, it makes me happy and want to crochet NOW !!


Oohh, such colourful lovliness!
Rachel x


I discovered your blog today via the Chez Plum blog. I want to thank you for sharing your crochet patterns. Beautiful and cheerful for spring/summer work!


I love coming on your blog too :) I look forward to it.
So pleased that you have some more yarn! I'm building up my stash too (just about to blog it in fact!), it's so exciting when it arrives in the post and I just love sitting down with a new ball and joining it onto my blanket. hmmmmm, bliss <3

thanks for blogging x x x x

sherri mertens


'Sniffing it?'


By the way, I LUV the new look you're giving the blankie!

Scout (Sherri)


I love all those colours and your beautiful blanket. You have insprired me to pick up my crochet hook again and I am going on a Woolly shopping spree this weekend ~ I can't wait! Thank you so much for your lovely blog and all the inspiration :O)


Have a good time! I love those colors! Can't wait to do mine!

Shelley in SC

I can just feel the thrills going up and down your spine as you hold and snuggle that gorgeous wool. Very, very happy hooking!!

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