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June 09, 2009


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Gerry Hook

"one powerful bunch of chaos-busting flowers" from Lucy Attic24
Lucy, I am now checking out the flowers each week to see what's available. So far nothing inspirational, so will have to expand my searching radius.
I've been dreaming up what I can crochet 'jackets' for. How 'bout medicine bottles. Might want to consider using Pearl Cotton for these.
I've posted a couple to pics to my blog. After I completed the one in your tutorial I decided I needed a smaller version of your Crocheted Bag for the sock knitting projects.
Did not use all the colors from the orginial bag - left out all the pastels - and now my Knit Bag has a Mexican feel.
Also completed the pillow cover and added a Lucy-Style Scalloped Edge.
You do have the knack for inspiring.
I'm sending you my very best thoughts each day.


Glad you are feeling better Lucy. I have been tidying up all day and so far I have only managed to sort out the dressing table top and drawers. Why do I leave everything to become chaotic before I tackle it?!!! I am just going to catch up doing it little by little each day. It is good to hear from you. x


Hi Lucy,

I am so glad you are feeling happier now...we are not used to you not being chirpy and happy!
Keep smiling :-)
Love Andi xxx


Glad you're feeling more positive this week. Me too! Love the textile picture. Get them in your shop! That's an order! Just add one a day. That's the best way to stock an etsy shop anyway. Adding one thing a day keeps your items at the top of search pages. Mind you, I'm sure you'll sell out as soon as you announce they're there. But think of all the yummy yarn you can buy with the proceeds!! That Country Homes is on my wish list for the coming weekend. I'm doing a craft fair on Sunday and I've decided it will be my reward if I manage to sell anything. Enjoy the rest of your week. x


I don't remember where I heard this story but it always makes me feel better: A mom never got around to ironing her child's school uniform shirts until the morning they were needed. She felt very guilty about it, even after he was grown. Until one day he told her that a favorite memory was how she always warmed his shirts before school on chilly mornings! Still makes me smile.


Good for you sweetie, you are sounding MUCH chirpier this week x
Wonder if you got your cherries from the same place as me?


So glad you are feeling better Lucy. I am having an overwhelming day today, when everything is getting on top of me. I have been to work (p/t), I am trying to decorate the bathroom, keep up with the household chores, decide what to do for dinner and I am a little anxious as my son wants to walk home on his own from school - he's is nearly 11 so he has got to start sometime!On top of that I have been volunteered to buy anniversary flowers for parents and put a photo and message in the local paper and all by Thursday! Still I just gave in to a Kit Kat and a cup of tea - so I have a little more energy now! Take care Luce. Sally x x.


hi lucy
hope this week is better, i had a pants week last week too, your bottle cover is perfect funny enough i was looking at patterns for them on the internet last night!! i fancy making one for a drink bottle,
take care
felicity xx

Shelley in SC

Good to see you back, Lucy. I wanted to tell you that I held out as long as I could. I was determined that I was going to be a "knitter" and NOT a "crocheter," although I loved LOOKING at your lovely work. Well, this last week I caved and crocheted the most beautiful pair of ecru silk baby booties, and I am most definitely "hooked." It was SO much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I just knew if I hung around here too long this would happen. Next thing you know, I'll be rippling!!


nothing like a bunch of flowers to cheer the place up! look forward to seeing your blanket progress.

Margaret Bouwmeester

It's so nice to hear the "happy" back in your post!!! It is such a hard thing to keep a family running, and men in general think that a woman can just get it all together. Most of the time we can but I have off moments when I feel overwhelmed.... like now when I look at the chaos in my sewing room.......
I love your jug cover!!!! There is something about the way you put your colors together, they just look HAppY!!!! I think I'll try one!!!
Thank you for sharing a little piece of your world!!!!
Big Hugs!!!
Margaret B


Glad you're feeling more cheery, Luce. I did something a bit similar, using your jar jacket idea, but on a tall jar with a slightly slimmer neck; like you, just winged it and decreased a bit on each row.
Thought you might like to see this; a gigantic granny square used to cover a stool- LOVE! (On the blog below, found via flickr.)
Hen xxx



Hi Lucy ~ I have recently found your blog and love everything about it. I think most Mums have days when they struggle to find the right balance between all the yucky domestic chores. I have lots of those piles too, but so long as my family is healthy and happy then those piles and all other domesticalities can jolly well wait until I'm ready to tackle them! I'd much rather be sitting down with a nice cup of tea doing something creative :O)


I'm one of your lurkers and I always love to read you blog because I love your sense of color and design. And, you have interesting adventures--even close to home. You're a shot in the arm of color medicine!


Lucy, this is my first post although I have been reading your blog for a wee while now... (you inspired me to start my own you know). Anyway, please could you remind us what your Etsy shop is called because I'd love to see it! xxx


You are an amazing person Lucy!! Is your etsy shop open?? If not, can't wait for it.


I get like that sometimes. The piles bug me, i notice the dust on the windows, the cat hair on the stairs, i have to resist temptation to scoop all the piles into a box and get rid of them and worst of all i forget about the simple pleasures. It doesn't happen too often but i regognise the signs and realise it won't last. The thing i always tell myself (although a bit morbid!)is that i'm not going lay on my death bed wishng my house had have been cleaner/tidier/more organised, but i KNOW i'd regret not taking the time to do the things i love. Welcome back! B.x.


Isnt the country homes mag a great edition this month!


I love the bottle holder. You have given me some lovely ideas!

Jaki Flegg

Hi Lucy :)
I've not long stumbled across your blog while I was surfing around looking for crochet inspiration...I've only just learnt to crochet and I want to make one of everything in all the beautiful colours, now!!
I love all your creations and I also love the insight you give us into your very normal life.
I hope you don't mind that I will keep dropping in to share a little of your everyday :)


Hi Lucy, good to see you again. I really missed you during your week off. When I see those colours on your vase jacket, I really feel the need to add extra Rowan colours to my stash too :-)


I love your bottle holder, I always feel happy when I read your cheerful blog. xxxx

Wendy Wager

Thank you for today's post and wonderful pictures. Haven't left comments recently, because I had no answers and I did not want you to feel guilty for putting all your fans into a gloomy place. However, I'm sure the collective invisible good vibes wafted your way. Think of your network of fans as a big trampoline; fall on it when you feel down and we shall bounce you up again, or is that just too weird? Think I'll slip quietly away.....


Glad to hear you are back on track Lucy. I'm still struggling with the feeling of overwhelmingness with regards the house, but I blame the weather! ;-)


That's better!!
So glad you're back on track.
I've always lived by the skin on my teeth, domestically. Always got something to do that's far more interesting.Never hurt anybody, in fact my kids loved it.

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