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June 12, 2009


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they are so lovely and look nice as a set, can you make them into postcards and sell them as well...................quickly before they all go!! wishing I was a LOT richer and could buy them all!! Well done on your new venture, how exciting to make money rather than spend money on craft!

Nell Ward

Thank you so much! I have been having a very grey nothing-going-right kind of day and stumbled apon your blog while I was hiding from the mess that our house is perpetually in - those bright little stitcheries and your cheery crochet and flowers have cheered me no end!


Lucy, they are beautiful! I wish I could buy one, but can't swing it right now (they have probably sold out, anyway, by now!). I'm looking forward to your shop opening and making a little purchase in the future. You are very talented.


I wanted a colour fix and thought of you. Your little pictures certainly hit the mark! They are beautiful. It was a lovely welcome back - my computer has been broke - boo hoo!! Thank you Lucy.


they are all lovely and i'm sure they will not be around for long.



The love the vase of daisies is my favorite!
Love them all though.

Jessica M.

Hello Lucy,

I'm Jessica from the US, and while I'm not in a position to purchase one of your lovely creations, I did want to say that I think they're beautiful. I've been visiting your blog for a few months now and always come away inspired. I love, love, LOVE crochet and have especially enjoyed purusing your posts on the subject. In fact, I'm making a baby blanket for my month-old son using your ripples pattern. The colors you use are gorgeous. Keep up the good work!




Lucy, these textile pics are very lovely, I am sure they would sell well on Etsy but also many sellers on there make a range of cards to go with the original art work and sell both lots. Also I am sure you could sell prints of these lovelies, mounted on cards. That is a quicker way to make the original art work stretch further for you while you're making the next lot - let me know if you need any Etsy pointers ;) CCB. x

Shelley in SC

Stunning!! I can't imagine the patience that could create this kind of tiny artwork . . . out of fabric that ravels no less!! Your color choices, precision, and design are fabulous!!

Sharon Sunday

The cat ones are my favorite and would make a nice group for my cat-loving friends.

Sharon Sunday

The pictures are really beautiful! Good luck. I am sure you will be successful. Yours was the first blog I ever followed and I enjoy it very much!


Really lovely work. If they were mine, I would not be able to part with them. They will soon all be snapped up.


Amazing work.


lovely pics x

The Coffee Lady

are you going to sell any crochet?

Rachel L

They are stunning, I especially love the seasidey ones! Like many others I unfortunately don't have the pennies at the moment, but have you thought about reproducing them as a series of prints? Just an idea.


im sure that you will do really well on etsy...have you had a look at folksy too? i LOVE the 2 pictures with the flowers on!! im sure they will sell really well!x


Gorgeous! They are so lovely....please do more :-)
Andi xxx


I am so glad to hear you are going to be doing the etsy thing - your work is sooo pretty! I want to live in the little white house by the sea!


I'll just have to stare longingly at the screen.......


stunning just beautiful well done : )

Fruitful Fusion

They're lovely Lucy! I love the flowers in the orangey vase. Well done for getting things going with your shop!


Good Luck in your new venture. Hope everything sells well.


I love them! You are tremendously talented and I hope that you will make more, because I'm in a no-spend month and I'm sure they'll all be gone by the end of the month!

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