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June 12, 2009


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خرید بخاری کارگاهی

بخاری های کارگاهی که گاهی به آن ها کوره های هوای گرم هم گفته می شود نوع خاصی از بخاری هستند که بر خلاف بخاری های معمولی اندازه ی خیلی بزرگی دارند و معمولا در محیط های خیلی بزرگ مثل کارگاه ها و محیط های صنعتی مثل کارخانجات و مرغداری ها استفاده می شوند.


بخاری های کارگاهی که گاهی به آن ها کوره های هوای گرم هم گفته می شود نوع خاصی از بخاری هستند که بر خلاف بخاری های معمولی اندازه ی خیلی بزرگی دارند خرید بخاری کارگاهی و معمولا در محیط های خیلی بزرگ مثل کارگاه ها و محیط های صنعتی مثل کارخانجات و مرغداری ها استفاده می شوند.

مسمومیت با سرب تریاک

توسعه تجارت مواد اعتیاد آور که هرساله زندگی تعداد زیادی از مصرف کنندگان را به ورطه نابودی میکشاند میتواند بزرگترین و ترسناک ترین تهدید برای تمام جوامع بشری باشد، تریاک قدیمی ترین و مشهورترین مخدری است که بسیار اعتیاد آور بوده و اکثریت از عوارض کشیدن تریاک با سیخ و یا تزریق آن بی اطلاع هستند


Amai, I can't get enough of your things... I think you're a very special person, because all your works are so bright and colorful and I can't think of an ordinary person being able to do the same.
You have a delicate way to put in reality all this "thing" that lives inside you, and I really apreciate that.
Thank you very much for sharing your creations and inspirations.


wow - found your blog for the first time yesterday - pretty pictures, crochet, cakes - all yummy - I wondered 'does she sew?' and I find this on the clicky link! Mind blowing art! I'm amazed - I nearly cried in fact LOL I too suffer from overexciteability and wanting to do EVERYTHING (been awake since 4.30am as usual too!) I'm a wee bit older than you and 47 has been DECISION TIME for me - shall I do lots of things, or really go for it doing one thing? Very hard decision - much scribbling of thoughts in notebooks at all hours. How to choose when I love all crafts?!
Well should you ever want to focus on just one creative thing, trust me - choose these little piccies as they are uniquely yours - nobody else could have made them. They are sooo special - I love them!!


What beautiful creations, love the cats! I'm not surprised they sold so quickly.
You are a very talented young lady.
Carol xx


the work is fab, i am hoping to try this type of craft and have just got my self a kit but it looks hard! I am not suprissed they was snapped up so soon, well done!


You are missing in my little daily routine. Imiss your blog hugely. Really hope you are alright.

lyn mills

hello Lucy, I am missing your blog this week, I hope everything is ok and you and your family are well. Lyn x


They are soo gorgeous! I love love love the bright colors! Congratulations with the sales and keep up the great work!


dammit, just when I don't check out posts for a couple of days I go an miss a golden opportunity like this!! Hope there'll be more on the way as they are fabulous. xx


Sadly, my funds are, well non-existent at this time, which means that I was unable to be one of the many voices clamoring to own a piece of your lovely textile art. Believe me, if I had even the tiniest bit of coin to spare I would have been all over it. But I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think they are. You have such talent and always use it to make this world a little brighter. So wonderful and thanks for sharing.

Susana Alves (mundoacores)

Lucy!!!!!!!!! It´s beautiful! I wish I could sew!... Really great! Love the colors! Good job!


Susana Alves


How cute! I would love to hear about your process -- do you draw them out by hand before creating them with fabric? They are so lovely :)


I adore your little pictures! I want one, I can't tell you how badly I want one, but alas it will have to wait until either me or the hubby has a job, then I will gladly pay you to send one to this US peep :o)

All of your work is so happy, cheerful and bright, that's why I love to visit here. Thank you for sharing.


Oh my, oh my... Lucy, how beautiful are those!! Love, love, love!
And why weren't you on etsy before?? You would definitly be the top seller there!


Your blog is fantastic and I so enjoy reading it and visiting the attic. As for these little pieces of creative genius- just beautiful!


I think they are lovely and you will sell them all in a snap! they are very well priced for such good quality hand made art :-) Good luck!

Kelly Bassett

You are such an utterly amazing artist!! My jaw drops every time I see a piece of your work..whether it be crocheting, stitching, or picture taking. BTW...Are you perhaps a Pisces??? Just curious. I would love to snatch up one of your stitch delicacies. I will email you!!
You are a very inspirational and artistic woman:)

eilen tanaan huomenna

Greetings from Finland!

These are lovely, I enjoy your colourful blog!


They are all beautiful Lucy but I particularly like the second one with the little cottage and boat. If only I was in the position to buy one.... But after a disastrous craft fair yesterday the purse is almost empty. I really hope you do sell them all though as you so deserve to. They are all gorgeous. And if you don't sell them, it is clear from all these comments that the only reason would be because people are struggling so much financially at the moment. Dratted recession, that's what I say! Anyway, back to the point, your work is lovely and I wish you lots of sales. x


Lucie, you are seriously, seriously talented. Period, no exclamation mark because it's serious. !!!!!

Kate Wells

Ohhhh, Lucy, I just love the sailboat with the little cottage, the first one! It's too beautiful.
I'd buy it in a heartbeat if you had a "lay-a-way" plan. Well, that's what we call it in the USA. Where you pay some money down and then weekly until the item is payed for. What is your etsy shop address? Kate~


Hi Luce! Come and have a look on my blog, there is a surprise waiting for you.


I am very new to your blog and i feel like i have entered this little world of people who think like me, i thought i was all alone in the world! It is so lovely to listen to others who find such pleasure in simple things like flowers and pictures. I have found myself thinking if i can sneak my camera into the local supermarket to photograph the flowers!!Thank you for allowing me in i have not been so inspired in ages.

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