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June 23, 2009


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I love your stool cover. Actually I love everything you have created. The colors you use are so cherry, uplifting, and inspirational. Thanks for sharing.


Love it!! It looks so very cheerful. Hey! I just thought of something. If you want it to be cushy, you can add some foam or padding under it to make the seat more comfortable. Yes? Beautiful crochet, and I love your site.


The cushion is beautiful! I rather liked the character of the stool before the cushion, though. It's lovely either way. Thanks for the links about Ingrid. Beautiful work, as well. I wish she had a blog!


Glad to hear that the BB will be back in business. It is so funny that you mention Wood Wool Stool. A friend of mine told me to check out her pics a few weeks ago and I have been inspired by her also. the stools are wonderful but I must say that the blankies she has created grabbed me and won't let go. Too funny that we have been inspired by the same person! :)

Have a grand day Luce!


Thats just downright lovely that is! :)

Julia xxx


That stool cover looks absolutely magnificent
Julie xxxxxxxx


I just love all your bright colours, so cheerful and a treat for the eyes. Your stool looks amazing.


Lucy, hermoso. Yo ya había encontrado la página de woodwoolstool y me encantó.Mi marido me prometió que me va ha hacer un banquito con madera encontrada en la calle y yo voy a tejer la parte de arriba.
Tu taburete redondo está buenísimo. Realmente me encanta todo lo que hacés. Un abrazo enorme. Andrea desde Argentina.


O my goodness. This is gorgeous. I love it.


Fantastic links on this post, if i could crochet then i would be inspired by Ingrid too. I like your version just as much as hers.

Aqeela xx


Very inspirational Lucy. Just love the stool cover.


oh wow! well done, that looks fantastic, as do ingrid's pictures on flickr. i think you should give yourself a big pat on the back for all the inspiration you provide, everytime i pop by attic 24 i really really really wish i could crochet!


Lucy, hai sempre delle idee fantastiche!!!!


Gosh Lucy you've perked that up no end and given an old stool a real new lease of life. Crikey isn't that Dutch lady cool and glamourous! I'm inspired, in awe, and feel even shabbier than before! Lovely pictures though, thanks for sharing.

Glad to see you feeling chirpier, everyone has dodgy week every now and again. Good to here you back to your jolly old self.



I love it , thanks for the link to Ingrid's Flickr , her work is ( just like yours :) very inspiring .


It's great! -- Love it!


This is quote clever!

Nina - Tabiboo

That is absolutely beautiful Lucy - bravo!

Have a lovely, lovely day,

Nina x

Shelley in SC

Absolutely adorable! And you're right, I checked out Ingrid's Flickr . . . head over heels, heart flutters, butterflies in stomach!! Have a wonderful day!

kitschen pink

magical! such a problem - to sit on it or to sit and look at it - I think half and half - I'd keep switching over - here, there, here, there! t.xx


Hi Lucy! So nice to see how I inspired you :D
I never covered a round stool,only square ones. It looks nice, the stool is very beautiful. I love old stools! Have a nice day. Ingrid, Wood & Wool Stool

joy williams

Love your revamped stool, and great links too. Those woodwool stools are amazing.


It looks fabby, Luce. Funnily enough, I picked up a old crochet booklet at the car boot sale recently and there was a crocheted cover for a stool in there. The picture is in black and white so it doesn't look as zingy as yours! It also had spots on it. Anyway, yours is gorgeous - but will you let anyone sit on it?!
Hen x


A great idea, I would love to do that as well - just need to find an old stool. Your colours make me smile!


Oh you clever lady. Your stool cover is absolutely charming, delightful seems a pretty good word to use as well. Will you be sharing the stitchy-stitchy stuff? Oh, I do hope so.

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