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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 23, 2009


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What a lovely blog you have! It is my first time visiting but it wont be my last - I will be back often!
I just love the happy colors you use for your creations - you are very talented!
Thank you for sharing your art :) Have a great week!
Greetings from Mexico ~

Maria Amélia

Wow! This is so gorgeous. Good idea to recycle the wood stool. ;)

Rebecca Woods

That stool is sooooooo cute. I am one of the people you inspire. I have always dabbled a little with crochet. I have made 2 big crochet blankets going round and round and round in my 28 years of dabbling (my Nana taught me when I was about 7 but there are years of none). But since finding your blog I am now working on my second blanket of granny squares and they are pretty colours not just what I had lying around (maybe a bit of that too) but they are pretty. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Maybe one day I too will make a cute stool cover.


Love your little stool and especially love your choice of colours for the cover...nice job.


What a brilliant idea Luce!! I love it sooo much. I actually got my crochet out last night before it started gathering dust. Had a good read of your joining instructions and got on with my cushion. Thanks for the know how. Love to you xxx


Oooh! thanks Lucy, I have some oddments of Phildar cotton and an old Victorian footstool (rectangular) with a tatty green cover.I'll crochet a square and then pick up and do the sides. You've inspired me again.

b.t.w. we had your satay noodle recipe yet again this eve. Delicious!

Melissa Stramel

I was out blog surfing again and I found you. It's too addictive. I love your site. I haven't crocheted for years, but you make me want to get out my hook. Now sewing is a different story; that's a daily addiction. Take care!


that is such a brilliant idea and looks fantastic!



Hi Lucy! Now I HAVE TO find an old stool, it looks fantastic! I oove your colourful world!


That is really sweet!

Ann-Charlotte Karlsson

Hi Lucy! You make so beautiful things and you are very inspirational! I have a question to you; I looked at "books" and you had a book called "mosaic fun colouring book". I have been searching for this book here in Sweden but I can not find it. Can you remember where you bought it? Maybe I could order it from there?

Ann-Charlotte in Sweden

Marianne McCament

What a great idea, Lucy - love your bright colors and the lovely worn-ness of the stool, as is! You have gotten me inspired so am taking a crochet hook and some bright yarn with me to the beach for a few days!! Thanks so much...


how cool is that more inspiration now I just need to find me a stool:)


A great idea ;-)


I found Ingrid's page just yesterday, and today I'm just stunned by your interpretation of her ideas! As written above I also really would like to thank you for your generousity to share your inspiration with all of us!

Now, the summerholiday has started, which means more time to chrochet, so I'm planning to finish my cushion soon. I'm just about half way.

Thanks, thanks and thanks!



Ahh, that's such a fun project to do! It is perfectly Attic24.

And, you *are* inspirational. After someone sent me a link to your blog, I couldn't NOT start crocheting. And now as a result, I have made a snuggly circles-to-squares blanket for my sister's birthday (things aren't going too well back at home and so the more comforting things I can give her the better, especially as she's away off to university soon), and I have the beginnings of a Big Blankie sat right next to me on my sofa that is bringing me so much joy, I look forward to coming home after work to do some more every day. I was a bit worried that you'd mind me making a blanket the same as yours, I didn't want to "steal" your idea, so I'm glad (and relieved!) to hear that you like inspiring people!


Kate Wells

ohhhh, Lucy...the stool cover is gorgeous! I Have an old 100 year old plus piano stool that could use a cover like that. Once again you have inspired me, dear Lucy. Though I must say I was a bit shocked at your taking up with this "stranger" while waiting on yarn for BB... ;) But now I understand...what was a girl to do!

I love to come here for breaks from my dull political blogging... and writing. It's just what I need to spur me on! Kate~


Hi Lucy, love, love, love the cute stool cover, now THAT is truly something I've never seen before....so unbelieveably wonderful...and you can still set things on it! BRILLIANT!!!!! Now, you must give up your secret for handling the space at the end of the rounds...yours are nice and tight and closed up, while mine are not (I'm making your brilliantly cute tote bag..)!!!! Pretty please!!!! :D


What a very clever girl you are. Tick, VG!


Oh, what a stool, I love it!


Thank you Lucy for sharing that, what a talented, stylish lady she is, very much like yourself.


Oh! I could faint dead away from the cuteness!! I have to find a stool to cover....




Fabulous Lucy!! yet another beautiful hooky creation.So glad your back to your cheerful, creative self because we all miss you when you aren't there. July x.

Samantha Moss

As usual, such beautiful colours :o) Just wanted to tell you about an online shop that I've recently come across. It's called Lana Pura www.lanapura.com and they sell lots of yarn. The best thing about them is they do not charge for postage in the UK. They are very quick with delivery also. I've had yarn arrive the day after I've ordered it! Anyway, just thought you might be interested.
Sam x

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