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June 23, 2009


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Ankita Vj (India)

I can completely understand the feeling "i love everything about this lady"... Coz i could say exactly same thing for u...

Jamie Salcedo

I completely understand your old stool obssession. I'm the same way with any weathered upholstery Philadelphia people sell on craigslist. My son has to stop me from you compulsively buying it, lol! Great post.

Oak Furniture Bromley, Kent

Lovely!! Just a little more paint on the stool and viola it's a whole new stool again... Thanks for sharing this cool tips... It's worth the read!

 dining room tables

This is very nice! You did a great job on this one! The colors are so cheerful!


Its really magic Lucy!!You covered an old stool with very sensible way and clearity.your talent is really apreciated.

home theater seating

that is soo psychedelic yet beautiful ! Just love it.


This type of chair really brightness a room...real inspiring. Thanks Lucy!


this is so cute :) I'm getting ready to cover some midcentury modern chairs I found in the garbage yesterday... I've been searching around for inspiration :)


There's my link if you wanna check them out


Hello Lucy,
Just stumbled on your blog and love your pictures.
I am a novice crocheter (competent knitter) but love this stool cover. Just moved house and have the identical stool (with lots of hammer marks) in the shed. Planning to paint it but would love this cover. Can you give an inkling of the pattern or a link?
Kind regards


Lucy - you're an inspiration again! I've had an old stool in my kitchen for years and have been thinking about giving it a new lease of life for some time. The idea was for a new fabric top - maybe patchwork - but I could never quite decide what to do until I saw this. I'm so pleased with the results - picture on my blog if you want to see. Thanks for brightening my day again!



That is beautiful!!!!!!!

K Low

Just stumbled across your blog (due to searching and finding your hexagonal how-to). Love, love, love the colors you choose for your projects. What a fun place to hang out! Thanks for sharing all.


Lovely :)


Hello Lucy, thanks for that, I really needed a colour lift!! Love the covered stools idea. Visited Ingrid for a quick peek. Great! Will be back from time to time but not as often as I would like. Take care.


I just popped in for the first time and I like all the hooky goodness. Love the colours you use in all your projects, yes I have been here for a while checking out some of your stitchy posts as well. Thanks for sharing.

joe currey

Fantastic!!! :)

Lori Anderson

That is FANTASTIC! All those colors waiting to be played with, and look what you did! I love it!


I love love love this! Now I want to go out and find a cute stool like yours! What a fun and great idea! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Lucy
I've finally finished my Lucy bag!! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern with us all, I think people everywhere must be smiling because of you! I've posted some photos here


if you fancy looking,
I have an old stool I wanted to cover too, might have to have a bash at that next! thanks again, Felicity xx


Your blog makes me happy! Thanks:)


You are such an inspiration to me - the colors, different variations of grannies, and glimpses into your home! I look for your post every day and it always makes me smile . I am working on a hexagonal blanket and can only get 2-3 done a night -- I need more time and can't wait to finish it!

lyn mills

oh Lucy, how lovely, I NEED to rush out and find a stool to make a cosy for!! I am making a croched peg bag at the mo, making it up as I go along....quite a challenge for me ! lovely to have you back. Lyn x


Love it! what a cool stool lol!!!


Another wonderful colourful creation, I am off to have a look at your source of inspiration...


I just love your weblog! I love to see all those colours and flowers and all that beautiful crochet work, love it! I was wondering about the stool cover: did it need extra fastening to the bottom of the seat, or something like that? (to keep it in place, I mean?). It looks great!

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