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June 15, 2009


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Congratulations on all the sales, I had a similar boost on Friday when I took my work to a fair and had the most wonderful response from customers who bought and ordered so much, it made me wonder if I had dreamt the credit crunch!
Louise x


Wow, Lucy. Congratulations on selling all of your brilliant textile art pieces. They are so beautiful and bright.


Many congrats on your fabulous news!!
Lisa x


Oh I like to see the process you go through to make them, thanks for sharing!


Way to go Luce!! I can only think how much fun you are going to have spending the proceeds. Those pictures were truely works of art. Well done!

Sona Jacob


So happy for you.

Look forward to more stitchy goodness.



Love your trusty sewing machine. I learnt to sew on an old Bernina back in high school. I remember they were very patient machines for us rowdy teenage girls to learn on. Can't wait till your shop is stocked and I've saved enough pennies for one of your fab pictures.


Well done, Lucy!! Very, very pleased for you!! Love the photos....your spools of thread and bright-colored fabrics look beautiful. Especially when I think of all the future lovely stitchy pictures you will be creating from them. Do you think you will be stepping down from that cloud nine anytime soon? Just teasing you, I am just really happy you are feeling much better about life.


She's a beauty! Those old sewing machines are the best. And so are your mini quilts, they are beautiful too.


While at high school we learned free motion embroidery, it was amazing fun. One young girl had black velvet and did this amazing flower picture. Wild flowers using metallic threads, it looked like an old English cottage garden. She was a natural and is now a florist, go figure. I love the name "Cloud Nine", have you considered that as a business name? Your work is very good Lucy, you too are a natural, it's going to become a very successful cottage business.

Alice C

Err..I am late to the party but if there is a waiting list I would LOVE to have a stitchy picture...specifically a lighthouse...I don't mind waiting...


Can't wait to see the new creations!!!
You're awesome!


Oh my! All that stitchy goodness scooped up so quickly! Wow, so nice! Fantastic! I wish you much happiness stitching these awesome works of art...truly beautiful, from conception thru finish quiltlet. I can't wait to see some more. I love your sewing machine and story...so much more than merely a sewing machine when it came to you that way. I have a great fondness for mine too...given to me by my sweet Dad...always, always in my heart.

BeBe Edwards

I am so happy you sold all your pictures..they are gorgeous!!! You could make lots of those and keep yourself in yarn for life!!! I love the colors! Have a great week. BeBe in Florida


well Lucy - your work is just beautiful so don't be surprised and definately don' undersell yourself. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness as you stitch away...


im soo happy for you that the gorgeous pictures flew off...it is the best pick you up isn't it? i love your old bernina...its that lovely cream colour...i have an old neechi which will be moving into a shop im about to open...i'll do any home sewing on my more modern basic brother one i reckons...anyways
well done again!




So so pleased for you. I knew you would sell, sell, sell!


When things are a little difficult it is good to be able to come and look at such beautiful vibrant work! Thank you Lucy.


I love your sewing machine! I also have a Bernina and have used it for 20 yrs now. Love it.


I understand your love of your "solid old metal thing". I have a solid old metal Necchi machine that I love. In fact, when I was faced with a scare that it may have a problem that couldn't be fixed (thankfully a false alarm), I went searching on ebay for an identical replacement. I have three now! I use two and one is my daughter's. You can never have enough of a thing you love!


that's fantastic, lucy! i was given my great grandmother's sewing machine the other day and i could burst from excitement. the antique metal ones are amazing, aren't they?

glad things are so sunny in the attic : )


you know, I think that fishy one you have pictured there is my absolute favourite :)


lately im not able to respond much to your posts, june and july is super peak for me at work. wanna congrats u and so happy that u found something to indulge yourself besides crochet. also glad that you found yourself back again at the attic24. and by the way, u do own an antique!!! its was such a blessings.


Hello Lucy
I love your designs and colours, and would love to own one of your fab pictures! Are there any plans for any more of Robin Hoods Bay - (it's one of our favourite places), I loved the earlier one you did?
A bit late perhaps (!) but I have at last (in response to one of your posts a while ago) posted my photos of my granny squares on my blog, so would love you to take a look.
Best wishes
Sally x

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