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June 30, 2009


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I wish it existed in French !


Great book. Don't return it, send it my way :o)))

greedy nan

I bought this book a while ago on a complete whim - usually I agonise whether or not I should buy something and manage to talk myself out of it. I looked through and put it in the book case where it has been forgotten until I read this entry. Think I'll go and find it now and make some lovely things - I particularly like children's books - a. because they are simple to understand and b. because I was one once.
Loving this sunny weather so don't know why I'm sitting in a room with no light and a computer.

Claire Hilton

ohh love the book.. must find some old gloves after seeing that octopus (thing)....my kids are 22 & 19 but I think I can just swing it to justify getting it !! fortunatly for me we dont get fined here just a letter with the cost of replacing the book!! I have become addicted to your hexagons & have been crocheting like mad have some done about half a baby blanket I guess so still going ... thanks for your inspirational blog


Lucy ~ I love that book, it has some really great ideas in it. I must admit that I tend to bring these books home from the library too, fully intending to make lots of interesting things, but somehow never quite get around to them either ~ too much crochet, knitting etc to be getting on with instead! :O)


Your subconscious was obviously telling you that this was a good book for the summer holidays ;) Don't worry - we all get like this in the end!! I love your selection of flowers - I'll blame you if I end up at the garden centre again this week! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, best wishes, Pj x


What a fantastic book, I might have to get my grubby little hands on a copy of that book. Brilliant projects for little people (and big LOL)


Catastrophically overdue library books are a mark of honourable citizenship. How else would libraries survive without us 'late returners' to rely on?! Console yourself that even if you haven't actually made any of the projects you will certainly have done the 'collecting together of stuff' to make them if you ever get round to it. I have a roll of brightly coloured felt just waiting (and waiting, and waiting...) to be transformed into beautiful jewellery!
Enjoy the sun


That looks just my sort of book, thanks for sharing! I'm glad its not just me that got a library fine (again) this week! Life was soooo organised before children, now it is CHAOS!! But it's fun, so what the heck! Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather in your beautiful colourful garden!
Sally x
Ps I still haven't made the bunting! I was very annoyed to have everything ready to start this weekend - except the right coloured thread! aaahh! So hoping to purchase that later this week and have a go at it this weekend. How did yours go?!


Ahhh Lucy, you have convinced me.

That book is full of inspiration. Even if not one of the projects ever gets tried, much less completed, just to be energized by the color or idea in a photo is grand.

Keeps those juices flowing. Keeps your own inventive imagination percolating.

Well worth any fine. xo

Building home

i just love to place them on my cabinet..

Bonnie Slager

I have that book as well :) I love crafting and my kids as well. I am happy to announce I have finished my babette, and am on to a BB of some sort ;)
If you check out my flickr site, you can see my babette here
and if you look at my monster set, you will see the sock monsters / sweater monsters I make, love them :)


What a treat! I'm in total agreement about the beatifully put together shots.

While my six month old isn't quite ready for such things, maybe mummy could make some anyway...



Well, I think your photos are always equally beautiful! By the way, I went to the library at the weekend to return my overdue books and pay a fine of.....NINE POUNDS!!!!


What a lovely book and such good ideas for children to make. I think it would be worth buying, as it is the sort of book to go back to again and again.


We've sold quite a few copies of that very book in the shop - I like to have a flip through in a quiet moment too. It strikes a great balance between achievable and yet still aspirational.


OOOh, lovely lovely book. Another one to add to my wish list. Unfortunately it will be a while. My brain is even worse than yours or anyone else's I fear as left buggy on pavement yesterday and drove away. Needless to say buggy no longer there! No books for me today or tomorrow..... Lxx

Cara @ Turvys

Stuff it being a book for children - I think it appeals to lots of us big children too!

Must see if my library has a copy now!
NB - my last visit was to pay off a hefty fine too!


Un piccolo saluto!!


Totally agree Lucy it's all very gorgeous. It has made me want to take a trip to the library and have myself a little drool.

Nina - Tabiboo

Hiya Lucy,

that book looks fab - I can see why you hung onto it!

take care,

Nina x


The book looks like such fun and my youngest is 17. I checked with my library and they don't have it yet. Sometimes it's hard to find English books here in the states. Thank goodness for The Book Depository.

My favorite are the paper flowers.


What a lovely book, you are so right about the photography, am thinking about new ways to photograph my houses and beach huts!! lovely post again X x x noelle


Hi Lucy, I bought that lovely book from Amazon and even though there are lots of girly things in it my youngest son and I have made the noughts and crosses from beach finds and 2 old glove people. Its a wonderful book. I also have her book Sewing In No Time which has lovely designs.
Hope the gorgeous weather is in Yorkshire too. Karenx


A wonderful book and well worth the fines I would say! I will have to try to find a copy for my kids. Thank you for introducing me. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

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